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Training, Teaching and Learning Materials - Drug Prevention

Global Youth Network / UNODC Tools for Drug Prevention Among Youth
Global Youth Network / UNODC Tools (external link) include:

  • A Participatory Handbook For Youth Drug Prevention Programs.
  • PERFORMANCE: Using Performance for Substance Abuse Prevention.
  • EQUAL PARTNERS: Organising "For Youth, By Youth" Events.
  • SPORT: Using Sport for Drug Abuse Prevention.
  • INTERNET: Using The Internet for Drug Abuse Prevention.
  • School Children and Drugs: A Manual for Teachers.
  • WORKING WITH STREET CHILDREN: A Training Package on Substance Use, Sexual and Reproductive Health including HIV/AIDS and STDs (WHO).

Life Skills-Based Education for Drug Prevention: Training Manual. UNICEF.
Developed by UNICEF to introduce teachers and others who work with young people to a skills-based approach to drug education, balancing knowledge, values and skills. It is not a drug education programme, but introduces ideas and skills for building programmes that can lead to better health and drug education outcomes that may ultimately influence student drug use.

LifeSkills Training: Promoting Health and Personal Development
A substance abuse prevention / competency enhancement programme designed to focus primarily on the major social and psychological factors promoting substance use. Developed in the USA for middle or junior high school students (grades 3-9). It consists of 15 classes.  Can be purchased online from http://www.lifeskillstraining.com (external link).

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