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Portraits de l'UNICEF

UNICEF Ireland Patron flies high!

World-class Irish actor, Liam Neeson, became a UNICEF Ireland Special Patron in 1997, and has championed the UNICEF cause in numerous ways.

"Being a Special Patron for UNICEF is a badge I wear with pride. Seeing the positive effect of UNICEF’s work on the lives of children is truly inspiring," Mr. Neeson said, summing up his role as a Special Patron.

Mr. Neeson has championed the UNICEF Ireland ‘Change for Good®’ Campaign with airline Aer Lingus, which has raised over £1 million to date.

“Seeing how the loose foreign change that people often throw away make such a dramatic difference to the lives of children suffering under intolerable conditions, makes my involvement with the Change for Good® campaign incredibly rewarding” he said.