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UNICEF External Compendium of Lessons Learned 2008

The document Selected innovations and lessons learned from UNICEF Programme Cooperation 2008 features 14 innovations, lessons learned and good practices from UNICEF's 2008 programme reporting, incorporating updated information as of late 2010. These examples represent a few of the numerous activities UNICEF supports in over 150 countries and territories around the world.

MDG Good Practice (UNDG, 2010)

In July 2010 UN Development Group published "MDG Good Practice 2010" which takes stock of evidence and experiences at country, regional and global level to overcome challenges to and achieve the MDGs. UNICEF participated in this exercise and 31 examples of its work were included in the publication.

UNDG recently launched the MDG Good Practice Database that includes all the good practices included in the publication. You can now search cases by key word, MDG target, country, region or constraint.   

Field Note Series: UNICEF Policy and Programming in Practice (2010) 

A Field Note is an in-depth write-up of cases from different countries where a similar programmatic strategy or approach has been implemented. Case studies featured through a Field Note discuss Innovations, Lessons Learned, and Good Practices as well as challenges which are specific to each country.

"Community Approaches to Total Sanitation (CATS)" discusses the evolution of sanitation programming in UNICEF and the origins of our CATS. The case studies illustrate a range of CATS strategies: Community-Led Total Sanitation in Sierra Leone and Zambia; School-Led Total Sanitation in Nepal; and the Total Sanitation Campaign in India.

"Education in Conflict and Transition Contexts" outlines UNICEF's roles in providing education in conflict-affected contexts. It highlights the challenges faced and good practices identified, drawing on the country case studies from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nepal and Southern Sudan.