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Focus Area 1: Young Child Survival and Development

Cote d'Ivoire - Reactivation of the health system of the northern half of the country

Swaziland - National Deworming Campaign for Enhancing Education and Improving Nutrition

Tanzaina - Immunisation Plus Campaign - Quick wins for improving child survival in Tanzania

Focus Area 2 - Basic Education and Gender Equality

Chile - Effective Schools in Poor Sectors (coming soon)

Moldova - Increasing access to early learning programmes and parent education

Nepal - Welcome to School - enrolment and retention in the "Education for All" initiative

Focus Area 4 - Child Protection from Violence and Abuse

Indonesia - Emergency protection of children separated from parents in the tsunami

Focus Area 5 - Policy Advocacy and Partnerships for Children's Rights

Bosnia & Herzegovina - Advocating for a human rights approach to child trafficking in Southeastern Europe (SEE)

India - Community-based disaster preparedness: A life-saving strategy

Mozambique - Analysing child poverty in Mozambique

Turkey - Partnerships and policy change for children




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