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Base de données d'évaluation

Evaluation report

2009 Mozambique: Evaluation of Child and Youth Participation Initiatives in UNICEF Mozambique

Author: Cecilio Adorna (Principal), Henry Ruiz, Zuber Ahmed

Executive summary


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UNICEF Mozambique’s efforts to promote meaningful and sustainable participation have met with both successes and challenges. There are no doubt both strengths and weaknesses within the various participation interventions under way that will benefit from evaluation, particularly as the agency examines the opportunities and limitations that will define its work in the next Country Programme.


The purpose of this exercise is to evaluate UNICEF-supported participation interventions in Mozambique with a view to informing further programming.


Qualitative evaluation involving document review, focus group discussions, in-depth interviews, and observation.

Findings and Conclusions:

The findings of the evaluation support the continuation of the CYP projects and the redesign of the C4D projects to better integrate the CYP component and generate meaningful child and youth participation.


(1) address the child protection issues identified in the evaluation as soon as possible; (2) promote a buy-in of CYP concepts, principles and practice starting with orientation of all involved adults on the subject; (3) review the logistics, administrative, and financial issues affecting the projects and identify measures for immediate implementation; (4) identifying measures to help leaders and members gain capacities for evidence-based advocacy of youth concerns; (5) review the design of the mobile units and GTO for guidance on effective integration of CYP; (6) integrate the progress on the five roles of children, impact, equity and protection in the monitoring system of CYP projects; and (7) revisit the prospects for sustainability of the projects as an aid to long-term-planning and for setting realistic expectations.

Lessons Learned (Optional):

For genuine and meaningful participation to occur in initiatives and projects, certain conditions must be present, notably: a project design that consciously and deliberately open up spaces for child and youth participation; participation spaces that are appropriate to the age and/or evolving capacities of participants; and buy-in of implementers of CYP concepts, principles and practice, including attention to equity and protections risks for children.

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