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Base de données d'évaluation

Reports by date


2002 AFG: Assessment of Services and Human Resource Needs for the Development of the Safe Motherhood Initiative in Afghanistan

2002 AZE: An External Review of the UNICEF-ANAMA Mine Risk Education Project in Azerbaijan

2002 AZE: Formative Evaluation: Active Learning School Leadership Project, Azerbaijan

2002 AZE: Voices and Images of Hope - Building Partnerships for ECCD in Azerbaijan

2002 BAN: Non-formal Education Project 3 (Hard to Reach): Mid-term Evaluation Report

2002 BHG: Evaluation of the UNICEF School-Based Psychosocial Program for War-Exposed Adolescents as Implemented During the 2000-2001 School Year

2002 CBD: External Evaluation of the Pilot Project of Community Based Mine Risk Reduction

2002 CBD: Report on the Qualitative Assessment of Community Action for Child Rights (Seth Koma) Programme and an Assessment of the Collaboration between Seth Koma and Seila

2002 CBD: The New Deal in Cambodia: The Second Year - Confirmed Results, Confirmed Challenges

2002 CEE/CIS: Anaemia Prevention and Control: Mid-Term Evaluation for UNICEF CARK Regional Office

2002 EGY: Protection of the Girl Child and Eradication of Malpractices

2002 EGY: Support to National Communication Polio Plan: Baseline Survey

2002 GAM: Evaluation of the Water, Environment and Sanitation Program: UNICEF - the Government of Gambia Programme of Cooperation

2002 GEO: Monitoring and Categorization of Street Children and Creation of their Registration System

2002 GHA: Impact Assessment of the Girls' Education Programme in Ghana: Summary Report

2002 Global: A Review of Evaluations of UNICEF's Education Activities 1994 - 2000

2002 Global: Capacity Building for UNICEF Humanitarian Response in Review

2002 Global: End Decade Review of Strategic Lessons Learned from UNICEF's Experience

2002 Global: End-Decade Review Key Issues, Lessons Learned and Challenges for the Future

2002 Global: Lessons and Implications from Girls Education Activities

2002 IDS: Evaluation Report Program Pendidikan Damai (Peace Education Program)

2002 IDS: Evaluation of Posyandu Revitalization

2002 IRN: Area-Based Development Project

2002 IRN: Assessment of UNICEF-supported HMIS Software Programs in Health Sector in Iran

2002 IRN: Report on Measures to Meet a Refugee Influx as a Result of Crisis Condition in Iraq

2002 JAM: Evaluation of the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative and the Breastfeeding Programme

2002 JAM: Strategic Review of Coalition for Better Parenting

2002 MCD: Assessment of Irregular School Attendance and Dropout Among Refugee Children in Macedonia

2002 MTS: Evaluation of 1996-2000 GOM/ UNICEF Country Programme of Cooperation

2002 MTS: Summative Evaluation of the Certificate in Proficiency in Early Childhood Education -- Pre-primary - (CPECE)

2002 MYN: Evaluation of Training Activities Supported by the Myanmar-UNICEF Country Programme

2002 NAM: Youth Health and Development Program "My Future is My Choice" Life Skills Intervention Assessment

2002 NMB: AGEI/Namibia Mid-Term Evaluation: Kavango Girls' Education Project and Omaheke San Education Project

2002 NMB: Girls' Education in Rundu Educational Region

2002 NMB: Youth Health and Development Program "My Future is My Choice" Life Skills Intervention Implementation Assessment

2002 PAK: Evaluation of the Government of Pakistan-UNICEF Advocacy and Social Mobilization Strategy (January 1999-June 2001): Final Report

2002 PIC: Fast Track Evaluation of the Pacific Programme of Cooperation in the Pacific Island Countries 1997 - 2001

2002 RWA: A Profile of Children in Rwanda's Unaccompanied Children Centres: A Report Based on Statistical Indicators for 24 UAC Centres in 2000

2002 RWA: Baseline Study of Basic Education for Girls and Other Vulnerable Groups in Rwanda

2002 SEN: Impacts Socio-Economiques du VIH/SIDA sur les Enfants: Le Cas du Sénégal

2002 SER: Civic Education in Primary and Secondary Schools in the Republic of Serbia

2002 SOM: Evaluation of UNICEF's Country Programme in Somalia

2002 TIM: An Investigation on Child Abuse and Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in East Timor

2002 TIM: Report of the Rapid Assessment on Salt Situation in the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, 18-25 June 2002

2002 TNZ: Evaluation of the UNICEF-sponsored Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission (PMTCT) Pilot Project in Tanzania

2002 UGD: Technical Evaluation of Breakthrough to Literacy in Uganda

2002 UKR: Evaluation of Project "HIV Prevention Among Youth of the Southern Region of Ukraine" (Three Cities) Plus KAP Results

2002 UKR: Evaluation of Project HIV Prevention Among Young IDUs (10 regions of Ukraine) Plus KAP Results

2002 ZAM: Mid-Year Review of School Sanitation and Hygiene Education Project

2002 ZAM: Report on the Evaluation of UNICEF-Supported Chikankata CBOSP & OVC Training Projects

2002 ZAM: Report on the Rapid Assessment of the UN-Supported PMTCT Pilot Program in Zambia

2002 ZIM: Evaluation of the National Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV Pilot Project of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

2002: A Roadmap to Change Management in Support of UNICEF's Medium Term Strategic Plan

AZE 2002/007: Assessment of Young People's Health and Development Programme with Focus on Capacity and Effectiveness of Youth Resource Centers

AZE 2002/010: Evaluation of Information and Program Communication Components of the Program of Cooperation, Azerbaijan

EGY 1998/001: Impact Assessment Study of the Family Development Fund, Egypt & Management Plan 1998-2000

EGY 2002/003: Impact Assessment Evaluation: Family Development Fund Program

IRN 2002/002: Evaluation of UNICEF Iran Country Office Performance from the Viewpoints of its Partners

IRN 2002/013: Assessment of Affectivity of Life Skills' Training Project Among Women & Children

PAK 2000/027: Process Evaluation of Early Implementation Phase of IMCI in Two Pilot Districts of Pakistan

SEN 2002/001: Impacts Socio-Economiques du VIH/SIDA sur les Enfants: Le Cas du Sénégal




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