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Base de données d'évaluation

Reports by date


2001 AFG: Enhancing the Role of UNICEF in LandMine Awareness Education in Afghanistan

2001 AFG: Review of the Former Soviet Embassy Compound IDP Camp Psychosocial Support Activities

2001 AZE: Reaching the Last Few: Girls' Education in Azerbaijan

2001 BAN: Background Paper on Good Practices and Priorities to Combat Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Children in Bangladesh

2001 BHG: Analysis of Drug Use at Paediatric Clinic, Clinical Hospital Banja Luka

2001 BHG: Evaluation of Psychosocial Project in Primary and Secondary Schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1992-1998

2001 BHG: Post-War Intervention Program for Adolescents: Results of Psychodiagnostic Screening

2001 BSR: Early Childhood Development in The Republic of Belarus

2001 BTN: Tracking Progress Towards Sustainable Elimination of Iodine Deficiency Disorders in Bhutan

2001 BTW: The Sexual Behavior of Young People in Botswana

2001 BZE: Evaluation: Youth at Risk Pilot Program

2001 BZE: Examination of Discriminatory Behaviors and Practices within the Education System

2001 BZE: School Health and Physical Education Services (SHAPES) Program: An Impact Assessment

2001 CAB: Impact Assessment of the Child Minders' Initiative - Suriname

2001 CEE/CIS: Walking on Two Legs: A Developmental and Emergency Response to HIV/AIDS Among Young Drug Users in the CEE/CIS Region

2001 CHN: Children in Institutions and Other Forms of Alternative Care in China

2001 CHN: Second Chance Education for Out-of-School Adolescents in China: Project Impact Assessment Report

2001 CHN: The Socioeconomic Impact of HIV/AIDS in China

2001 EAPRO: Adult Wars, Child Soldiers: Voices of Children Involved in Armed Conflict in the East Asia and Pacific Region

2001 EGY: Evaluation Report of the UNICEF-NGO Coalition on the Rights of the Child: Institutional Building and Capacity Strengthening Project

2001 EGY: Rapid Situation Assessment of Street Children in Cairo and Alexandria

2001 ETH: An Assessment of HIV/AIDS Youth Participation

2001 ETH: Study on Factors Affecting Accessibility and Acceptabilty of Voluntary Counseling and Testing Services for HIV/AIDS in Bahir Dar Town, Northwest Ethiopia

2001 GAM: Institutional Water and Sanitary Facility Assessment

2001 GAM: Review of The Gambia Expanded Programme on Immunization

2001 GHA: Evaluation Report of HIV/AIDS Prevention Projects Supported by UNICEF through funding of Ireland Aid

2001 GHA: Rights and Equity in the Classroom: A Case Study of Classroom Interactions in Basic Schools in Ghana

2001 GUY: Results of the Escuela Nueva Baseline Survey for 5 Schools in Region 1 and 7 Schools in Region 9

2001 Global: An Evaluation of UNICEF's Policy Response to HIV/AIDS in the Nineties: The Use of Carrots, Sticks and Sermons

2001 Global: Country Program Evaluations in Selected UN Organizations and International Banks

2001 Global: Desk Review on UNICEF Humanitarian Response Capacity

2001 Global: Stigma, HIV/AIDS and Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission: A Pilot Study in Zambia, India, Ukraine and Burkina Faso

2001 IRN: CRC Quantitative Study in Iran

2001 IRN: Evaluation of the Client Oriented Monitoring Tool (Self-Evaluation Method) in Semnan Urban Health Centers

2001 IRQ: Nutritional Status of Children Under Five, Northern Iraq

2001 JAM: Adolescence and Violence in Jamaica

2001 JAM: Factors that Shape the Initiation of Early Sexual Activity Among Adolescent Boys and Girls: A Study in Three Communities in Jamaica

2001 JAM: Promoting Adolescent Participation in Jamaica

2001 JAM: The Living Environment of and Social Supports for Adolescents in Jamaica

2001 JDN: Youth Centers Review: Promoting Life Opportunities for Adolescents in Jordan Project

2001 MGL: Survey on Mortality in Children Under Five: Causes and Influencing Factors

2001 MLW: Review of the Functions and Purposes of the Reformatory Schools in Malawi

2001 MLW: The Role of Health Surveillance Assistants (HSAs) in the Delivery of Health Services and Immunization in Malawi

2001 MOZ: Cost-Benefit Analysis of a Programme to Prevent Mother-To-Child HIV Transmission in Mozambique

2001 MOZ: The Gender and Education in Mozambique: Analysis of Results, Lessons and Recommendations

2001 NEP: A Survey of Teenagers in Nepal

2001 NEP: Immunization Financing in Nepal

2001 NMB: Evaluation of Early Childhood Development Projects in Namibia

2001 NMB: Report on Rapid Assessment Related to HIV/AIDS and Condom Use

2001 OCT: Evaluation of Psycho-social Interventions Supported by UNICEF in West Bank and Gaza October 2000 - October 2001

2001 PAK: Evaluation and Documentation of Universal Primary Education Project Sialkot

2001 PAK: Girl Child Project: Assessment Report 2001

2001 PAK: The Girl Child Shield Project: Assessment Report

2001 PIC: Building on the Foundation: What are the Next Steps for Early Childhood Education in Tuvalu? - A Review of Tuvalu’s National Early Childhood Care and Education Programme

2001 PIC: The State of Health Behaviour and Lifestyle of Pacific Youth - Kingdom of Tonga Report

2001 PIC: The State of Health Behaviour and Lifestyle of Pacific Youth - Pohnpei State, Federated States of Micronesia

2001 PIC: The State of Health Behaviour and Lifestyle of Pacific Youth - Vanuatu Report

2001 RWA: Struggling to Survive: Orphans and Community Dependent Children in Rwanda

2001 SAF: Approaches to Caring for Children Orphaned by AIDS and Other Vulnerable Children: Essential Elements of Quality Service

2001 SAF: The Cost-effectiveness of Six Models of Care for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children in South Africa

2001 SCG: Economic Sanctions, Health, and Welfare in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 1990-2000

2001 SOM: UNICEF Health and Nutrition Programmes in Somalia

2001 SUD: The ECHO/UNICEF Drought Emergency Response Project - Kordofan Region

2001 TGO: Evaluation Report of the Community Capacity Building Programme: "A Key to Sustainable Human Development"

2001 THL: The Long-term Socio-Economic Impact of AIDS on Children and Policy Response

2001 TIM: Assessment of the Situation of Separated Children and Orphans in East Timor

2001 TNZ: A Rapid Assessment of Child Rearing Practices Likely to Affect Child's Emotional, Psychosocial and Psychomotor Development: A Case Study of Kibaha District, Coast Region - Tanzania

2001 TNZ: Equality: Girls' and Boys' Basic Education in Masasi and Kisarawe Districts

2001 TNZ: Evaluating the Efficacy of Foster Parenting Practice in Refugee Camps at Kigoma and Kagera Regions

2001 UGD: Assessing the Capacity-Building Process in Uganda

2001 UGD: Evaluation of CBMIS and Behavioral Change Initiatives Under Component One of Coordination, Communication and Advocacy Programme

2001 UKR: Children and Young People Affected by HIV/AIDS in Ukraine

2001 UKR: Young People's Health and Development Programme Evaluation 1997-2001

2001 VTN: Report on Investigated Results for Arsenic Groundwater Level in Ha Noi City

2001 YEM: Community Schools Project in Hodeidah, Ibb and Abyan Supervision Evaluation

2001 ZAM: A Review of UNICEF's Borehole Drilling Programme from 1995-2000

2001 ZAM: Educating Children Out of the System: The Community Schools Movement in Zambia

2001 ZAM: Evaluation of the Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS and STDs in Women Through the Integration of STD/HIV/AIDS Services into Maternal Child Health/Family Planning Facilities in 5 Urban Districts

2001 ZAM: Rapid Assessment of Street Children in Lusaka

2001 ZAM: Rapid Assessment of the Incidence of Child Abuse in Zambia

2001 ZAM: Report on Essential Obstetric Care Needs Assessment 2001 in Chadiza, Katete and Lundazi Districts

2001 ZAM: Report on Local Salt Iodation Activites in Kasempa and Kaputa Districts of Zambia

2001 ZAM: Report on the Assessment of the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative

2001 ZIM: A Study on Children Affected by AIDS in Zimbabwe

2001 ZIM: A Study on Children and Adolescents with Disabilities in Zimbabwe

2001 ZIM: A Study on Street Children in Zimbabwe

2001 ZIM: Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children and Adolescents in Zimbabwe

2001 ZIM: Report on the Evaluation of Child Supplementary Feeding Programme Implemented from October 1999 to June 2000 in Three Districts in Zimbabwe

2001 ZIM: Study on Socio-Economic Status of Children and Women on Commercial Farms, Mining and Peri-Urban Areas

ALB 2001/801: National Measles-Rubella Vaccination Campaign, November 1-15, 2000

BAN 2001/800: An Evaluation of the Integrated Nonformal Education Program in Bangladesh (Final Report)

BHG 2001/007: Evaluation of Health Workers' Education in the Federation BIH: Nutritive Anaemia Among Children Under the Age of 6 Years

BTW 2001/800: Botswana MTCT Pilot Project

CAB 2001/004: Assessments of the Health and Family Life Education Training

JDN 2001/018: Media Habits & "The Say Yes Campaign" Evaluation

MAL 2001/002: Report on Integrated Water Resources Management and Sustainable Sanitation for Four Islands, Republic of Maldives

MAL 2001/003: Small Bore Sewerage System Monitoring: 1) Rakheedhoo, Vaavu Atoll; 2)Komandoo, Shaviyani Atoll

PAK 2001/008: Performance Evaluation of the IDD Control Program (2000-2001)

TNZ 2001/020: Half Way Through the First COBET Cycle: The Progress of COBET in Masasi and Kisarawe Districts

YEM 2001/801: Textbook Distribution and Storage in the Republic of Yemen




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