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Base de données d'évaluation

Reports by date


2000 AFG: EPI and Polio Eradication Initiative Rapid Assessment

2000 AFG: Safe Motherhood Initiative in Afghanistan

2000 ALB: Household Health Behaviour Attitudes Toward Paid Health Care and Health Care Expenditures

2000 ALB: Knowledge, Attitude, Practices and Behaviours Survey on Reproductive Health

2000 AZE: ECCD in Azerbaijan: Looking into the Future (Fact-Findings Mission Report)

2000 BAN: Evaluation of Social Mobilization Programme

2000 BAN: The IDEAL Project: A Summary of the Results of Formative Evaluations

2000 BHG: Breastfeeding in Republika Srpska

2000 BHG: Evaluation of Program Efficacy: UNICEF School-based Psychosocial Program for War Exposed Adolescents as Implemented During the 1999-2000 School Year

2000 BHG: Expanded Programme on Immunization UNICEF/WHO Assessment Report

2000 BHG: External Evaluation of the Project "Special Classrooms for Children with Disabilities" 1997-2000

2000 BHG: Intervention programme for Prevention of Nutritive Anaemia in Children Aged 0-6 in Federation Bosnia and Herzegovina

2000 BHG: Progress Report of the "In Service Teachers Training Using Active Learning Methodologies" in Two Experimental Primary Schools in Republika Srpska

2000 BTW: A Consultancy Report on the Analysis of the Provision and Impact of Five Non-Formal Basic Education Programs in Botswana

2000 CAB: Mid-Cycle Evaluation UNICEF 1998-2002 Amazon Programme: Suriname

2000 CAB: Quality of Early Childhood Provisions: Survey of 33 Early childhood centres in Grenada

2000 CAB: Survey Report on Gender Socialization in Two Selected Communities: Palissadeweg and Munderbuiten

2000 CBD: Capacity Building of People with Disability in the Community (CABDIC) in Cambodia

2000 CBD: Immunisation Services Assessment Report: Cambodia National Immunization Program

2000 CBD: Introducing User Fees at Public Sector Health Facilities in Cambodia: An Overview (Briefing Paper)

2000 CBD: UNICEF External Evaluation of Supported Mine Action Projects

2000 CBD: UNICEF Follow-Up Survey of Households in CASD Villages (May-June 2000)

2000 CEE/CIS: Trafficking in Human Beings in Southeastern Europe

2000 CHN : An External Evaluation Report on the Health Management Pilot County Project (1999-2000)

2000 CHN : Impact Assessment Report of Social Development Programme for Poor Areas

2000 CHN: UNICEF-Government of China Education Programme (1996-2000): End-Of-Cycle Evaluation

2000 EGY: Gender Audit

2000 ERT: Eritrea EPI Review

2000 ESARO: Evaluation of the Financial Implications of HIV/AIDS for Africa

2000 ESARO: UNICEF's Education Response to Emergencies in Four African Countries

2000 ETH: Children Working on the Streets of Ethiopia

2000 GAM: Disabled Children in Mainstream Schools

2000 GHA: An Evaluation of Community-Based Surveillance in the Northern Region of Ghana

2000 GUY: Effecting A Smooth Transition from Nursery to Primary

2000 Global: Absorbing Social Shocks - Protecting children and reducing poverty, the role of basic social services

2000 Global: Evaluation of the Capacity Building Programme on Child Labour

2000 Global: Managing Knowledge A Review of the UNICEF Evaluation Database

2000 Global: Urban Poor Pay for Water: Evidence and Implications for Going to Scale

2000 IDS: External Assessment of Canadian CIDA-supported Safe Motherhood Programme

2000 IDS: Improving Reproductive Health Through School-based Interventions Among Adolescents in East Java, Indonesia (1996-1999)

2000 IND: Learning from Experience: Evaluation of the UNICEF Water and Evnironmental Programme in India 1996 - 1998

2000 IRN: Evaluation of the Education of Rural Working Girls Project

2000 IRQ: Joint Government of Iraq-UNICEF Programme Review 1990-2000

2000 JDN: Assessment of Iodine Deficiency Status Among Jordanian Children After Introduction of Iodized Salt

2000 JDN: Evaluation of the Better Parenting Project

2000 KEN: Summative Evaluation of the 1994-1998 GOK/UNICEF Programme

2000 KEN: The Impact of HIV/AIDS on Education in Kenya and the Potential for Using Education in the Widest Sense for the Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS

2000 KOS: UNICEF Preparedness and Response in the 1999 Kosovo Refugee Emergency

2000 LAO: Evaluation Report for the Teacher Upgrading Program

2000 MAD: Qualitative Evaluation of the Impact of Partner's Activities on the UNICEF Project for the Prevention of HIV/AIDS/STIs Among Youth

2000 MCD: Evaluation of the "Lifestart in Emergencies" ECCD Project

2000 MDV: Baseline Survey Report: Early Childhood Care and Development

2000 MGL: Care Practices for Young Children in Mongolia

2000 MGL: Care Practices for Young Children in Mongolia

2000 MLW: Classroom, School and Home Factors that Negatively Affect Girls' Education in Malawi

2000 MLW: Community IMCI Baseline Survey - Household Baseline Survey on Key Community Child Care Practices in Selected Districts of Malawi

2000 MLW: Going to Scale: Sustained Risk Reduction Behaviour for Youth Evaluation Report

2000 MLW: UNICEF Malawi End Review Report: Norwegian Agency For Development Aid Supported Vonder Shallow Wells Borehole Project

2000 MOZ: Assessment of the Impact of HIV/AIDS on the Education Sector in Mozambique

2000 MOZ: Community Capacity Development: Formative Research on Identification of Mobilisers, Facilitators and Local Level Administrative Systems

2000 MOZ: Mozambique Flood Relief

2000 MTS: Early Childhood Care and Development Programme in Mauritius (A Summative Evaluation)

2000 MYN: An Assessment / Evaluation Report of the Iodized Salt Consumer Education Campaign

2000 NEP: Assessment of the Health System in Nepal with a Special Focus on Immunization - Programme implementation

2000 NMB: Herero and Owambo Collective Decision-Making Mechanisms and the Implications for Children's Rights Realization in Namibia

2000 NMB: Inception Report: A Situation Analysis of Orphan Children in Namibia

2000 NMB: The Impact of HIV/AIDS on Education in Namibia

2000 OMN: National Study on the Role of Care in the Nutritional Status of Children Under 2 Years Old in Oman

2000 OPT: A Survey on the Students' Social, Family, and Academic Status through Student, A Parent, and Teacher Report

2000 OPT: Vulnerability & Capacity Assessment: A Participatory Action Research Study of the Vulnerabilities and Capacities of the Palestinian Society in Disaster Preparedness

2000 PAK: Expanded Programme on Immunization Logistics Inventory

2000 PAK: Third Party Evaluation of Expanded Programme on Immunization, Punjab

2000 RWA: Evaluation of the Government of Rwanda - UNICEF Water and Environmental Sanitation Programme

2000 SOM: A Situation Analysis on HIV/AIDS Program in Somalia

2000 SOM: Landmines and UXO in Somaliland, Puntland and Central & Southern Somalia: A Feasibility Study

2000 SOM: Report of Qualitative Research on the Communication Channels in Use in Somalia

2000 TACRO: Supporting the Change of National Frameworks to Meet the Demands of the CRC: The Role of UNICEF: A Study of UNICEF Programming with a Rights-Based Approach - The Case of Brazil, Costa Rica and Venezuela

2000 TNZ: Evaluation of COBET Materials and Learners' Achievement in Masasi and Kisarawe COBET Centres

2000 TNZ: The Review of UNICEF-supported Women Economic Activities (WEA) Project

2000 UGD: An Economic Analysis of the COPE Program in Uganda: Current Costs and Recommendations for Meeting the Educational Needs of Disadvantaged Children

2000 UGD: An Economic Analysis of the COPE Program in Uganda: Current Costs and Recommendations for Meeting the Educational Needs of Disadvantaged Children

2000 UGD: Armed Conflict, HIV/AIDS and Child Labour in Uganda

2000 UGD: Documentation of the Community Capacity Building Experience in Uganda

2000 UGD: Primary School Sanitation Research

2000 VTN: Early Childhood Care Project Assessment Report: i) Phieng Luong Commune, Moc Chau District, Son La Province; ii) Suoi Giang Commune, Van Chan District, Yen Bai Province

2000 VTN: Evaluation of the Linking Bank Credit Model Implemented by the Vietnam Bank for the Poor and Women’s Union in Lai Chau Province

2000 VTN: Report on Baseline Survey on Trachoma Situation in Endemic Districts

2000 VTN: Report on IDD Control Activities 2000

2000 VTN: Vietnam Child Disability Survey 1998

2000 ZAM: Baseline Survey and Needs Assessment for a Model Community School in the Kabwata Community

2000 ZAM: Child Domestic Labour in Lusaka, A Gender Perspective: The Case of Kamwala, Kabwata, Libala, Chilenje, Woodlands Extension, Nyumba-Yanga

2000 ZAM: Report of the Summative Evaluation of the Essential Obstetric Care Project in Mpongwe, Masaiti and Lufwanyama

2000 ZAM: Report on Conducted Surveys to Establish WASHE Behaviours in 15 Districts of Eastern and Southern Provinces

2000 ZAM: Report on Malaria Consultancy: Support to the Zambian National Roll Back Malaria Campaign

2000 ZAM: Review of UNICEF Support to Malaria Control in Zambia

2000 ZAM: Review of UNICEF Support to Malaria Control in Zambia

2000 ZIM: An Evaluation of the Managerial Skills Training Programme for Primary School Heads in Zimbabwe

2000 ZIM: Gwanda Integrated Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project Evaluation

2000 ZIM: The Chitungwiza HIV/AIDS Peer Education Project Evaluation

AZE 2000/002: National Immunization Programme Evaluation (Azerbaijan, 1999)

BHG 2000/006: External Evaluation of the Project "Psychosocial Care in Paediatric Wards" of Hospitals in Bosnia and Herzegovina July 1998-September 2000

BHG 2000/011: External Evaluation of the Project 'Schools for Pregnant Women'

BHG 2000/013: Progress Report Creating Active Schools 1998-2000

BHG 2000/014: Progress Report on Mine Awareness Activities Sponsored by UNICEF

BZE 2000/001: COMPAR Evaluation (Community and Parent Empowerment Program)

CAB 2000/015: Measuring the Impact: An Assessment of Progress in ECECD in the Caribbean

CEE/CIS 2000: Aral Sea Project for Environmental and Regional Assistance (ASPERA) Evaluation

CHN 2000/005: End-of-Cycle Evaluation of Water Supply Project

CHN 2000/006: End-of-Cycle Evaluation Report of the Environmental Sanitation and Hygiene Education Projects

CHN 2000/009: Children in Need of Special Protection Programme ( End-of-Cycle Report)

CRO 2000/004: External and Internal Evaluations of the Project "Active/Efficient School"

MAL 2000/002: A Study of Media For and About Children in the Maldive Islands

OMN 2000: The Mortality and Health Transition in Oman: Patterns and Processes

ROM 2000/001: Evaluation Report: UNICEF'S Family Education Programme Romania

TUR 2000/800: Rapid Assessment of Turkey Country Programme (1997-2000)

UGD 2000/014: School Sanitation, Hygiene Promotion in Uganda: The Challenge

VTN 2000/002: KAP Survey on ARI/CDD Care for Children at Household Level

VTN 2000/008: Final Report on Evaluation of Small Piping System and Rain Water Jar as Rural Water Supply Solutions in the Provinces of Lai Chau, Phu Tho, Khanh Hoa and Vinh Long




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