Base de données d'évaluation

Reports by theme

Program Review

TUR 2000/800: Rapid Assessment of Turkey Country Programme (1997-2000)

IRN 2002/002: Evaluation of UNICEF Iran Country Office Performance from the Viewpoints of its Partners

Global 1997: Sustainability of the World Summit for Children Goals

2012 Global : Évaluation globale de l'application aux programmes de l'UNICEF d'une approche basée sur les droits humains (ABDHP)

2011 India: Evaluation of UNICEF Strategic Positioning in India

2008 PRU: Evaluation of the ‘JUNTOS’ Conditional Cash Transfer Program: A Case Study in Six Rural Districts in Peru

2008 Maldives: Limited Program Review and Evaluability Assessment -- UNICEF Post Tsunami Recovery Response

2008 MOR: Rapport relatif à l’Evaluation du renforcement des capacités et des formations dans le cadre du programme de Coopération Gouvernement/UNICEF 2002-2006

2008 Ecuador: Evaluación del Programa de Cooperación (EPC)

2005 TIM: Assessment of Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste and UNICEF Water and Environmental Sanitation Project 2003-2005

2005 Global: UNICEF's Use of the United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security (2000-2004) - An internal Assessment

2005 Global: Country Programme Evaluation in an Era of Change

2005 CBD: Country Programme Evaluation Royal Government of Cambodia / UNICEF 2001-2005

2005 AFG: Country Programme Evaluation Government of the Transitional Islamic State of Afghanistan

2004 ZIM: Report on the Zimbabwe Country Programme End of Cycle Review 2000-2004

2004 TNZ: Country Programme Funding and Fundraising

2004 PRU: Peru-UNICEF Country Programme Evaluation

2004 MOZ: Mid Term Evaluation of the Application of the Human Rights Based Approach to Programming in the HIV/AIDS Priority of the Mozambique

2004 MOR: Morocco-UNICEF Country Programme Evaluation

2004 Global: UNICEF's Strengths and Weaknesses - A summary of key internal and external evaluations conducted from 1992-2004

2004 Global: UNICEF's Contribution to UN Reform and Its Impact on UNICEF

2004 Global: Strengthening Management in UNICEF

2004 Global: Assessment of UNICEF's Contribution to UN Reform and Its Impact on UNICEF in the Humanitarian Sector

2004 Global: Assessment of UNICEF Contribution to UN Reform and Its Impact on UNICEF: UN Reform Under the UN Development Group

2004 BTN: Country Programme Evaluation (1997-2001) & (2002-2006)

2003 BOL: Evaluation of Sida-Funded Projects Through UNICEF - Bolivia 1989 - 2002

2002: A Roadmap to Change Management in Support of UNICEF's Medium Term Strategic Plan

2002 SOM: Evaluation of UNICEF's Country Programme in Somalia

2002 PIC: Fast Track Evaluation of the Pacific Programme of Cooperation in the Pacific Island Countries 1997 - 2001

2002 MTS: Evaluation of 1996-2000 GOM/ UNICEF Country Programme of Cooperation

2002 Global: End-Decade Review Key Issues, Lessons Learned and Challenges for the Future

2002 Global: End Decade Review of Strategic Lessons Learned from UNICEF's Experience

2000 KEN: Summative Evaluation of the 1994-1998 GOK/UNICEF Programme

2000 IRQ: Joint Government of Iraq-UNICEF Programme Review 1990-2000

2000 CAB: Mid-Cycle Evaluation UNICEF 1998-2002 Amazon Programme: Suriname




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