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2000 Global: Managing Knowledge A Review of the UNICEF Evaluation Database

2001 Global: Country Program Evaluations in Selected UN Organizations and International Banks

2004 Global: The Quality of Evaluations Supported by UNICEF Country Offices 2000-2001

2005 Comoros: Evaluation des Services d'Ecoute et de Prise en Charge des Enfants Victimes d'Abus de Ngazidja et d'Anjouan

2006 Global: Peer review of evaluation function at UNICEF

2006 Global: UNICEF Evaluation Report Quality Review 2006


2007 Global: Evaluation Of UNICEF's Supply Fucntion

2007 Global: Gender Mainstreaming Self-Assessment- Synthesis Report

2007 Global: Strategic Review of Human Resource Management in UNICEF

2007 MAU: Evaluation Projet Conjoint : Eduquer les adolescentes pour soutenir le Développement communautaire

2008 DRC: A Mid-term Evaluation of Programme for Extended Assistance to Returnees (PEAR) in the Democratic Republic of Congo

2008 Global: Evaluation of Gender Policy Implementation in UNICEF

2008 India: Third Party Assessment of GOI-UNICEF Evaluation of the Quality Package for Primary Education

2008 Maldives: Limited Program Review and Evaluability Assessment -- UNICEF Post Tsunami Recovery Response

2009 Armenia: Evaluation of Inclusive Education Policies and Programmes in Armenia

2009 Armenia: Evaluation of Inclusive Education Policies and Programmes in Armenia

2009 Azerbaijan: Evaluation of the United Nations Development Assistance Framework 2005-2010

2009 Bangladesh: Evaluation of PRECISE -- A Comprehensive Child (First Three Years 2006-2008)

2009 Bosnia & Herzegovina: External Evaluation of the “Child-Friendly Schools” Project 2002-2007

2009 Burkina Faso: Evaluation des investissements en infrastructures réalisée par l’UNICEF au Burkina Faso (2006-2008)

2009 Cambodia: Evaluation of Community-Led Total Sanitation

2009 Colombia: Educación en el Riesgo de Minas (ERM) y Asistencia a Víctimas en los departamentos de Cauca, Chocó, Nariño y la región de La Mojana /Sur de Bolívar

2009 Colombia: La Garantia y la Proteccion de Derechos de la Infancia, la Adolescencia y la Juventud en los Planes de Desarrollo de los Departamentos y los Municipios de Colombia, 2008-2011

2009 Georgia: UNICEF's Response to Georgia Crisis (Real Time Evaluation)

2009 Georgia: UNICEF’s Response to Georgia Crisis: Real Time Evaluation

2009 Global: Child Friendly Schools Programming -- Global Evaluation Report

2009 Global: Children and the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami - Evaluation of UNICEF's Response in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Maldives (2005-2008) Overall Synthesis Report

2009 Guinea-Bissau: Evaluation of the WASH activities undertaken to prevent and control cholera outbreaks in Guinea-Conakry & Guinea-Bissau - Systematic Literature Review (June 2009 – December 2009)

2009 Indonesia: EFA Mid-Decade Assessment Indonesia

2009 Jordan: Evaluation Report of the Better Parenting Project

2009 Jordan: Evaluation of the Better Parenting Program

2009 Mozambique: Evaluation of Child and Youth Participation Initiatives in UNICEF Mozambique

2009 Namibia: My Future is My Choice

2009 Nepal: Evaluation of the Partnership for Quality Education through Parental Participation (January – May 2009)

2009 Nepal: Joint Evaluation of Nepal´s Education for All 2004-2009 Sector Programme


2009 OPT: Evaluation of UNICEF-Supported Training Activities in Occupied Palestinian Territory

2009 Philippines: CHILD FRIENDLY SCHOOLS EVALUATION -- Country Report

2009 Romania: Report From the Evaluation of Education Projects in Osterode

2009 South Africa: CHILD FRIENDLY SCHOOLS EVALUATION - Country Report

2009 Swaziland: Evaluation of Tinkhundla Fit for Children (TFFC) Project

2009 Sénégal : Mise en place du paquet de services intégrés -- Dans les écoles élémentaires des régions de Ziguinchor, Kolda et Tambacounda


2009 Thailand: CHILDREN AND THE 2004 INDIAN OCEAN TSUNAMI - Evaluation of UNICEF's Response in Thailand (2005-2008)

2009 Timor-Leste: Evaluation of the UNICEF Education Programme in Timor-Leste (2003-2009)


2009 Uganda: Final Review of UNICEF-supported Programmes for Children Affected by Conflict in Kitgum, Northern Uganda

2009 Uzbekistan: Evaluation of Family and Child Support Services Project

2009 Uzbekistan: Summative Evaluation of the Family Education Project for the period January 2005-July 2009

2009 Vietnam: Evaluation of the Pilot Project on Non-custodial Measures, Reintegration and Support Services to Juveniles in Conflict with the Law in Haiphong, Vietnam

2010 Caribbean Area Office: Assessment of Use of H1N1 materials in Dominica & St. Lucia

2010 Colombia: Evaluación multi-proyecto para la prevención de la vinculación deniños, niñas y adolescentes a grupos armados ilegales y la atención de niños, niñas y adolescentes desvinculados de los grupos armados ilegales

2010 Egypt: Reaching the Unreached Forward looking assessment of the 'Community Schools Project' in Egypt

2010 Ethiopia: Mid-Term Evaluation of EU/UNICEF Supported WASH Programme

2010 Ghana: Review of Second Performance Monitoring of the IWASH Project

2010 Global : Rapport du système mondial de contrôle des évaluations (GEROS) de l'UNICEF : revue de la qualité des rapports d'évaluation 2010

2010 Global: Inter Agency real time evaluation of the humanitarian response to Pakistan's 2009 displacement crisis

2010 Global: Inter-agency real-time evaluation in Haiti: 3 months after the earthquake

2010 Iraq: Evaluation of Water Quality Control and Surveillance in Iraq

2010 Kenya: Evaluation of the Emergency Blanket Supplementary Feeding Programme (BSFP) in five districts of Northern Kenya

2010 Liberia: Assessing of WASH package interventions in 5 counties of Liberia

2010 Mali: Evaluation du Programme Protection de l'Enfant au Mali

2010 Mexico: Design and results evaluation of the education programme CREA Tu espacio

2010 Mexico: Impact and process evaluation of the UNDP-UNESCO-UNICEF and Secretary of Education Joint Programme Construye – T

2010 Montenegro: External Evaluation of the Juvenile Justice System Reform Project

2010 Morocco: Evaluation du Projet Accès Equitable des Jeunes aux Nouvelles Technologies de l’Information – Grand Casablanca (Maroc)

2010 Niger: Evaluation of Cash Transfer for Protection of Blanket Feeding: UNICEF Emergency Project Niger

2010 Pakistan: Inter-Agency Real Time Evaluation of the Humanitarian Response to Pakistan's 2010 Flood Crisis

2010 Pakistan: Inter-Agency Real Time Evaluation of the Humanitarian Response to Pakistan's 2010 Flood crisis

2010 Philippines: UNICEF Philippines Country Program Evaluation

2010 Sri Lanka: Qualitative Evaluation of Child Friendly Schools (CFS) in Badulla & Batticaloa

2010 Sudan: Go To School Evaluation

2010 Togo: Evaluation of "Allo 111" free helpline for children

2010 WCARO Regional: Roll Out Evaluation of Community Led Total Sanitation in West & Central Africa

2010 Yemen: Evaluation of Getting ready for school : A Child-to-Child Approach

2010 Zambia: Evaluation of Sensitisation of Traditional Leaders on the Importance of Girls’ Education

2010 Zimbabwe: Evaluation of Programme of Support for National Action Plan for Orphans and Vulnerable Children Impact/ Outcome Assessment

2011 Afghanistan: Evaluation of the Social Work Coaching

2011 Albania: Institutional mechanisms for the implementation of the rights of the child in Albania in 2005-2011

2011 Azerbaijan: Mid-Term review of the State Programme on Deinstitutionalization and Alternative Care in Azerbaijan 2011

2011 Bangladesh: Evaluation of UNICEF Bangladesh Education and Child Protection Programmes

2011 Bangladesh: Evaluation of the Integrated Community Development Project (ICDP)

2011 Bangladesh: Report on assessment of the efficacy of the different media being used by the Department of Mass Communication (DMC) in the field and monitoring of ongoing project activities

2011 Bangladesh: UNICEF’s Disaster Risk Reduction and Preparedness at School: A Report on Evaluation of Approaches and Capturing the Lessons

2011 Bosnia and Herzegovina: MDGF Evaluation: Mid-term evaluation “Securing Access to Water through Institutional Development and Infrastructure” joint UNDP and UNICEF project in Bosnia and Herzegovina

2011 CEECIS: Evaluation of UNICEF-DIPECHO Programme Supporting Disaster Risk Reduction Amongst Vulnerable Communities and Institutions in Central Asia and South Caucasus

2011 Cambodia: Evaluation of Adolescent and Youth Participation in UNICEF Cambodia

2011 Cambodia: Evaluation of UNICEF's Early Childhood Development Programme with Focus on Government of Netherlands Funding (2008-2010) - Cambodia Country Case Study Report

2011 Cambodia: Evaluation of the UNICEF’s Early Childhood Development Programme with Focus on the Government of Netherlands Funding (2008-2010): Cambodia Country Case Study Report

2011 Djibouti: Evaluation externe du Programme communautaire de promotion des droits humains (PCPD) à Djibouti

2011 ESARO Regional: Children and AIDS Regional Initiative Programme Completion Report

2011 ESARO Regional: Monitoring & Evaluation of Child Health Days in Madagascar and Ethiopia

2011 Egyp: Formative Evaluation of United Nations Girls Initiative

2011 Eritrea: Evaluation Report on the Donkey for School Project in Eritrea July 2009 - December 2010

2011 Ghana: Evaluation of UNICEF's Early Childhood Development Programme with Focus on Government of Netherlands Funding (2008-2010) - Ghana Country Case Study Report

2011 Global : Rapport d'évaluation globale de l'UNICEF Système de Surveillance (GEROS) : revue de la qualité des rapports d'évaluation 2011

2011 Global: 5-Year Evaluation of the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) - Synthesis Report

2011 Global: Evaluation of UNICEF's Early Childhood Development Programme with Focus on Government of Netherlands Funding (2008-2010) - Global Synthesis Report

2011 Global: Formative Evaluation of the United Nations Girls' Education Initiative (UNGEI)

2011 Haiti: The Use and Impact of ECD Kits - Post Earthquake Haiti 2010

2011 Independent Assessment of the Deinstitutionalization Process in Georgia

2011 India: Evaluation of AwaazDo Digital Campaign for Promoting Right to Education

2011 India: Evaluation of Gender Sensitization Training for Karnataka State Police

2011 India: Evaluation of UNICEF Strategic Positioning in India

2011 Indonesia: Evaluation of Sustained Outreach Services for Immunization & Vitamin A Supplementation in Indonesia

2011 Kosovo: Improving Health of Women and Children of Kosovo, 2007-2010

2011 Moldova: Evaluation of Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses Initiative in the Republic of Moldova, Years 2000-2010

2011 Nepal: Evaluation of UNICEF's Early Childhood Development Programme with Focus on Government of Netherlands Funding (2008-2010) - Nepal Country Case Study Report

2011 Tanzania: Evaluation of UNICEF's Early Childhood Development Programme with Focus on Government of Netherlands Funding (2008-2010) - Tanzania Country Case Study Report

2012 Global : Évaluation globale de l'application aux programmes de l'UNICEF d'une approche basée sur les droits humains (ABDHP)

2012 Global : évaluation interorganisations en temps réel de la réponse humanitaire au séisme en Haïti (20 mois après)

2012 Global: UNICEF Global Evaluation Report Oversight System (GEROS) 2012: Quality Review of 2011 Evaluation Reports

2012 Global: UNICEF's Response to the Emergency in the Horn of Africa, 2011-2012: Lesson-Learning Exercise - Final Report -- Executive Summary

CRO 2000/004: External and Internal Evaluations of the Project "Active/Efficient School"

Conseil d'administration - Rapports d'évaluation

Global 1999: Evaluation of UNICEF Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys




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