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Base de données d'évaluation


ZAM 1998/800: Advancing Girls' Education in Zambia: A Report on the Pilot Phase of the Programme for the Advancement of Girls' Education (PAGE)

SUD 1998/800: Girls' Education in Displaced Camps in Khartoum State

PAK 1999/800: Gender Equity in Education in Pakistan: Evaluation of the Education Component of Social Action Program Project I (SAPP I)

2011 Egyp: Formative Evaluation of United Nations Girls Initiative

2010 Zambia: Evaluation of Sensitisation of Traditional Leaders on the Importance of Girls’ Education

2010 Sudan: Go To School Evaluation

2010 Myanmar: Evaluation of UNICEF Education Programme - Improving Access to Quality Basic Education in Myanmar (2006-2010)

2010 Madagascar: Evaluation on girl-to-girl mentorship strategy

2010 Egypt: Reaching the Unreached Forward looking assessment of the 'Community Schools Project' in Egypt

2004 ZIM: Comprehensive Review of Gender Issues in the Education Sector

2004 MLW: Mid-Term Evaluation of Girl Child Education Interventions

2004 Global: Changing Lives of Girls: Evaluation of the African Girls' Education Initiative

2003 UGD: Mid-Term Review Study on School Sanitation, Hygiene and Water in Primary Schools in Uganda

2002 RWA: Baseline Study of Basic Education for Girls and Other Vulnerable Groups in Rwanda

2002 NMB: Girls' Education in Rundu Educational Region

2002 NMB: AGEI/Namibia Mid-Term Evaluation: Kavango Girls' Education Project and Omaheke San Education Project

2002 Global: Lessons and Implications from Girls Education Activities

2002 GHA: Impact Assessment of the Girls' Education Programme in Ghana: Summary Report

2001 TNZ: Equality: Girls' and Boys' Basic Education in Masasi and Kisarawe Districts

2001 MOZ: The Gender and Education in Mozambique: Analysis of Results, Lessons and Recommendations

2001 GHA: Rights and Equity in the Classroom: A Case Study of Classroom Interactions in Basic Schools in Ghana

2001 BZE: Examination of Discriminatory Behaviors and Practices within the Education System

2001 AZE: Reaching the Last Few: Girls' Education in Azerbaijan

2000 MLW: Classroom, School and Home Factors that Negatively Affect Girls' Education in Malawi




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