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Base de données d'évaluation

Reports by theme

Advocacy and Communication

VTN 1999/001: The Evaluation on the Effectiveness of the Impact of Programs Kaleidoscope - VTV2 on the Awareness, Attitude and Behavior of Children Aged Between 13-15 in Implementing the Rights of the Child

MAL 2000/002: A Study of Media For and About Children in the Maldive Islands

JDN 2001/018: Media Habits & "The Say Yes Campaign" Evaluation

Global 1998: Finding the Right Frequency: UNICEF and Radio in the Twenty-First Century

AZE 2002/010: Evaluation of Information and Program Communication Components of the Program of Cooperation, Azerbaijan

2011 India: Evaluation of AwaazDo Digital Campaign for Promoting Right to Education

2011 Bangladesh: Report on assessment of the efficacy of the different media being used by the Department of Mass Communication (DMC) in the field and monitoring of ongoing project activities

2010 Global: Final Report: Evaluation of UNICEF’s Programme and Work in Relation to Adolescents and the Participation of Children and Young People

2009 Mozambique: Evaluation of Child and Youth Participation Initiatives in UNICEF Mozambique

2002 PAK: Evaluation of the Government of Pakistan-UNICEF Advocacy and Social Mobilization Strategy (January 1999-June 2001): Final Report

2001 EGY: Evaluation Report of the UNICEF-NGO Coalition on the Rights of the Child: Institutional Building and Capacity Strengthening Project

2000 SOM: Report of Qualitative Research on the Communication Channels in Use in Somalia




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