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Base de données d'évaluation

Reports by region

LACR - Latin America and Caribbean Region

JAM 1999/802: Review: Roving Caregivers Programme of the Rural Family Support Organization

JAM 1998/801: Report on Study of the Transition from Pre-School to Primary

JAM 1998/800: The 1998/99 Jamaican National Budget: What's In It for the Children?

CAB 2001/004: Assessments of the Health and Family Life Education Training

CAB 2000/015: Measuring the Impact: An Assessment of Progress in ECECD in the Caribbean

BZE 2000/001: COMPAR Evaluation (Community and Parent Empowerment Program)

2012 Global : évaluation interorganisations en temps réel de la réponse humanitaire au séisme en Haïti (20 mois après)

2011 Haiti: The Use and Impact of ECD Kits - Post Earthquake Haiti 2010

2011 Global: Independent Review of UNICEF's Operational Response to the January 2010 Earthquake in Haiti

2010 Mexico: Impact and process evaluation of the UNDP-UNESCO-UNICEF and Secretary of Education Joint Programme Construye – T

2010 Mexico: Design and results evaluation of the education programme CREA Tu espacio

2010 Global: IASC - Haiti Earthquake Response, Six Months Review

2010 Colombia: Evaluación multi-proyecto para la prevención de la vinculación deniños, niñas y adolescentes a grupos armados ilegales y la atención de niños, niñas y adolescentes desvinculados de los grupos armados ilegales

2010 Caribbean Area Office: Assessment of Use of H1N1 materials in Dominica & St. Lucia


2009 Colombia: La Garantia y la Proteccion de Derechos de la Infancia, la Adolescencia y la Juventud en los Planes de Desarrollo de los Departamentos y los Municipios de Colombia, 2008-2011

2009 Colombia: Educación en el Riesgo de Minas (ERM) y Asistencia a Víctimas en los departamentos de Cauca, Chocó, Nariño y la región de La Mojana /Sur de Bolívar

2008 Peru: Programa de Cooperación Perú-UNICEF 2006-2010: Revisión de Medio Término

2008 Peru: Evaluation of the EIBAMAZ project for Intercultural Bilingual Education in the Andean

2008 PRU: Evaluation of the ‘JUNTOS’ Conditional Cash Transfer Program: A Case Study in Six Rural Districts in Peru

2008 Jamaica: Assessment of the Child Abuse Mitigation Project at the Bustamante Hospital for Children (C.A.M.P. Bustamante)

2008 Ecuador: Evaluation of the EIBAMAZ project for Intercultural Bilingual Education in the Andean

2008 Ecuador: Evaluación del Programa de Cooperación (EPC)

2008 Costa Rica: Evaluacion del proceso de reforma institucional del PANI y de la cooperacion de UNICEF al mismo (Evaluation of PANI reform and related UNICEF cooperation)

2008 Colombia: Evaluación del Proyecto “La Educación en Riesgo de Minas protege su vida”

2008 CHI: Evaluation of Implementation of the Norms Regarding Vertical Transmission of HIV in Pregnant Women in Chile

2008 Bolivia: Evaluation of the EIBAMAZ project for Intercultural Bilingual Education in the Andean

2007 Chile: Evaluación del Acceso y Calidad de la Aplicación del Protocolo de Prevención de la Transmisión Vertical del VIH en las Mujeres Embarazadas en Chile


2004 PRU: Peru-UNICEF Country Programme Evaluation

2004 PRU: Amazon Project: Promotion of Sustainable Human Development Along the Santiago River

2003 BOL: Evaluation of Sida-Funded Projects Through UNICEF - Bolivia 1989 - 2002

2002 JAM: Strategic Review of Coalition for Better Parenting

2002 JAM: Evaluation of the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative and the Breastfeeding Programme

2001 JAM: The Living Environment of and Social Supports for Adolescents in Jamaica

2001 JAM: Promoting Adolescent Participation in Jamaica

2001 JAM: Factors that Shape the Initiation of Early Sexual Activity Among Adolescent Boys and Girls: A Study in Three Communities in Jamaica

2001 JAM: Adolescence and Violence in Jamaica

2001 GUY: Results of the Escuela Nueva Baseline Survey for 5 Schools in Region 1 and 7 Schools in Region 9

2001 CAB: Impact Assessment of the Child Minders' Initiative - Suriname

2001 BZE: School Health and Physical Education Services (SHAPES) Program: An Impact Assessment

2001 BZE: Examination of Discriminatory Behaviors and Practices within the Education System

2001 BZE: Evaluation: Youth at Risk Pilot Program

2000 TACRO: Supporting the Change of National Frameworks to Meet the Demands of the CRC: The Role of UNICEF: A Study of UNICEF Programming with a Rights-Based Approach - The Case of Brazil, Costa Rica and Venezuela

2000 GUY: Effecting A Smooth Transition from Nursery to Primary

2000 CAB: Survey Report on Gender Socialization in Two Selected Communities: Palissadeweg and Munderbuiten

2000 CAB: Quality of Early Childhood Provisions: Survey of 33 Early childhood centres in Grenada

2000 CAB: Mid-Cycle Evaluation UNICEF 1998-2002 Amazon Programme: Suriname




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