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Base de données d'évaluation

Reports by region

ROSA - Region of South Asia

SRI 1999/003: Mid-Term Evaluation of the Participatory Nutrition Improvement Project

ROSA 1999: UNICEF South Asia Regional Evaluation of Progress Towards Universal Salt Iodization, 1993-1998

PAK 2001/008: Performance Evaluation of the IDD Control Program (2000-2001)

PAK 2000/027: Process Evaluation of Early Implementation Phase of IMCI in Two Pilot Districts of Pakistan

PAK 1999/800: Gender Equity in Education in Pakistan: Evaluation of the Education Component of Social Action Program Project I (SAPP I)

PAK 1999/011: The Bond of Care: Mardan District 1998

PAK 1999/010: The Bond of Care: Dera Ismail Khan District 1998

PAK 1999/009: The Bond of Care: Kohat District 1998

MAL 2001/003: Small Bore Sewerage System Monitoring: 1) Rakheedhoo, Vaavu Atoll; 2)Komandoo, Shaviyani Atoll

MAL 2001/002: Report on Integrated Water Resources Management and Sustainable Sanitation for Four Islands, Republic of Maldives

MAL 2000/002: A Study of Media For and About Children in the Maldive Islands

IND 1999/801: Evaluation Study to Assess the Efficiency and Effectiveness of the National Programme for Nutritional Support to Primary Education in Ten States of India

BTN 1999/002: Full-scale Evaluation of Non-Formal Education in Bhutan

BAN 2001/800: An Evaluation of the Integrated Nonformal Education Program in Bangladesh (Final Report)

BAN 1999/801: Evaluation of the Urban Basic Services Delivery Project (UBSDP)

BAN 1999/800: Rapid Assessment on the Operational Status of the Para Centres in the Hill Districts

2011 Nepal: Evaluation of UNICEF's Early Childhood Development Programme with Focus on Government of Netherlands Funding (2008-2010) - Nepal Country Case Study Report

2011 India: Evaluation of UNICEF Strategic Positioning in India

2011 India: Evaluation of Gender Sensitization Training for Karnataka State Police

2011 India: Evaluation of AwaazDo Digital Campaign for Promoting Right to Education

2011 Bangladesh: UNICEF’s Disaster Risk Reduction and Preparedness at School: A Report on Evaluation of Approaches and Capturing the Lessons

2011 Bangladesh: Report on assessment of the efficacy of the different media being used by the Department of Mass Communication (DMC) in the field and monitoring of ongoing project activities

2011 Bangladesh: Evaluation of the Integrated Community Development Project (ICDP)

2011 Bangladesh: Evaluation of UNICEF Bangladesh Education and Child Protection Programmes

2011 Afghanistan: Evaluation of the Social Work Coaching

2010 Sri Lanka: Qualitative Evaluation of Child Friendly Schools (CFS) in Badulla & Batticaloa

2010 Pakistan: Inter-Agency Real Time Evaluation of the Humanitarian Response to Pakistan's 2010 Flood crisis

2010 Pakistan: Inter-Agency Real Time Evaluation of the Humanitarian Response to Pakistan's 2010 Flood Crisis

2010 Global: Inter Agency real time evaluation of the humanitarian response to Pakistan's 2009 displacement crisis

2009 Sri-Lanka: CHILDREN AND THE 2004 INDIAN OCEAN TSUNAMI: Evaluation of UNICEF’s Response in Sri Lanka (2005-2008) COUNTRY SYNTHESIS REPORT

2009 Nepal: Joint Evaluation of Nepal´s Education for All 2004-2009 Sector Programme

2009 Nepal: Evaluation of the Partnership for Quality Education through Parental Participation (January – May 2009)

2009 Maldives: CHILDREN AND THE 2004 INDIAN OCEAN TSUNAMI: Evaluation of UNICEF’s Response in Maldives (2005-2008) COUNTRY SYNTHESIS REPORT

2009 Indonesia, Sri-Lanka, & the Maldives: CHILDREN AND THE 2004 INDIAN OCEAN TSUNAMI: Evaluation of UNICEF’s Response in Indonesia, Sri Lanka & the Maldives (2005-2008) Overall Synthesis Report

2009 Bangladesh: Evaluation of PRECISE -- A Comprehensive Child (First Three Years 2006-2008)

2008 Maldives: Limited Program Review and Evaluability Assessment -- UNICEF Post Tsunami Recovery Response

2008 India: Third Party Assessment of GOI-UNICEF Evaluation of the Quality Package for Primary Education

2008 India: Evaluation of UNICEF's Flood Emergency Response in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh

2006 Nepal: Assessment of the Protecting Livelihoods in Crisis (PLIC) Programme

2006 MDV : Evaluation of UNICEF's Response to the Tsunami Disaster (Maldives)

2006 IDS: Evaluation of UNICEF's Response to the Tsunami Disaster (Indonesia)

2005 IND: Evaluation of UNICEF’s Drought Mitigation Project in Madhya Pradesh, 2001-2003

2005 AFG: Country Programme Evaluation Government of the Transitional Islamic State of Afghanistan

2004 SRI: Mine Risk Education Project of UNICEF: A Formative Evaluation

2004 ROSA: Evaluation of the Meena Communication Initiative

2004 BTN: Country Programme Evaluation (1997-2001) & (2002-2006)

2003 NEP: What's the difference? An ECD Impact Study from Nepal

2003 NEP: A Review of the Use of Child Info

2003 BAN: Multi-Donor Evaluation of the Acid Survivors Foundation

2002 PAK: Evaluation of the Government of Pakistan-UNICEF Advocacy and Social Mobilization Strategy (January 1999-June 2001): Final Report

2002 BAN: Non-formal Education Project 3 (Hard to Reach): Mid-term Evaluation Report

2002 AFG: Assessment of Services and Human Resource Needs for the Development of the Safe Motherhood Initiative in Afghanistan

2001 PAK: The Girl Child Shield Project: Assessment Report

2001 PAK: Girl Child Project: Assessment Report 2001

2001 PAK: Evaluation and Documentation of Universal Primary Education Project Sialkot

2001 NEP: Immunization Financing in Nepal

2001 NEP: A Survey of Teenagers in Nepal

2001 BTN: Tracking Progress Towards Sustainable Elimination of Iodine Deficiency Disorders in Bhutan

2001 BAN: Background Paper on Good Practices and Priorities to Combat Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Children in Bangladesh

2001 AFG: Review of the Former Soviet Embassy Compound IDP Camp Psychosocial Support Activities

2001 AFG: Enhancing the Role of UNICEF in LandMine Awareness Education in Afghanistan

2000 PAK: Third Party Evaluation of Expanded Programme on Immunization, Punjab

2000 PAK: Expanded Programme on Immunization Logistics Inventory

2000 NEP: Assessment of the Health System in Nepal with a Special Focus on Immunization - Programme implementation

2000 MDV: Baseline Survey Report: Early Childhood Care and Development

2000 IND: Learning from Experience: Evaluation of the UNICEF Water and Evnironmental Programme in India 1996 - 1998

2000 BAN: The IDEAL Project: A Summary of the Results of Formative Evaluations

2000 BAN: Evaluation of Social Mobilization Programme

2000 AFG: Safe Motherhood Initiative in Afghanistan

2000 AFG: EPI and Polio Eradication Initiative Rapid Assessment




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