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Base de données d'évaluation

Rapports par pays


Global 1999: Strengthening Organizational Learning Through Accelerated Programming UNICEF's Technical Support Group on HIV/AIDS and Youth Health and Development

Global 1999: Implementing Health Sector Reforms in Africa: A Review of Eight Country Experiences

Global 1999: Evaluation of UNICEF Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys

Global 1998: Social Funds in Developing Countries: Recent Experiences and Lessons

Global 1998: Managing Teacher Costs for Access and Qualtiy

Global 1998: Finding the Right Frequency: UNICEF and Radio in the Twenty-First Century

Global 1997: Vitamin K Deficiency and Haemorrhagic Disease of the New born

Global 1997: Sustainability of the World Summit for Children Goals

Global 1997: Role of Men in the Lives of Children: A Study on How Improving Knowledge About Men in Families Helps Strengthen Programming for Children and Women

Global 1997: Cost and Financing of Primary Education

Global 1997: A Global Review of Diarrhoeal Disease Control

2006 Global: The 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami Disaster: Evaluation of UNICEF's Response (Synthesis Report)

2006 Global: Peer review of evaluation function at UNICEF

2005 Global: UNICEF's Use of the United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security (2000-2004) - An internal Assessment

2005 Global: Review of UNICEF's Evaluation of Humanitarian Action

2005 Global: Evaluation of the Innocenti Research Centre

2005 Global: Evaluation of UNICEF learning strategy to strengthen staff competencies for humanitarian response 2000-2004

2005 Global: Evaluation of DFID-UNICEF Programme of Cooperation to Strengthen UNICEF Programming as it Applies to Humanitarian Response 2000-2005

2004 Global: UNICEF’s Immunization Plus Organizational Priority — An evaluation of the Policy and Enabling Environments

2004 Global: UNICEF's Strengths and Weaknesses - A summary of key internal and external evaluations conducted from 1992-2004

2004 Global: UNICEF's Contribution to UN Reform and Its Impact on UNICEF

2004 Global: The Quality of Evaluations Supported by UNICEF Country Offices 2000-2001

2004 Global: Strengthening Management in UNICEF

2004 Global: Fighting HIV/AIDS: A Strategic Review

2004 Global: Changing Lives of Girls: Evaluation of the African Girls' Education Initiative

2004 Global: Assessment of UNICEF's Contribution to UN Reform and Its Impact on UNICEF in the Humanitarian Sector

2004 Global: Assessment of UNICEF Contribution to UN Reform and Its Impact on UNICEF: UN Reform Under the UN Development Group

2003 Global: Martigny II -- Where are We Now? A Review of UNICEF Humanitarian Response Capacity

2003 Global: Local Solutions to Local Challenges: Towards Effective Partnership in Basic Education - Joint Evaluation of External Support to Basic Education in Developing Countries

2003 Global: Evaluation of United Nations-supported pilot projects for the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV

2003 Global: Education as a Preventive Strategy Against Child Labour: Evaluation of the Cornerstone Programme of UNICEF's Global Child Labour Programme

2003 Global: Desk Review of Real-time Evaluation Experience

2003 Global: ChildInfo — Consolidated Assessment Report

2003 CEE/CIS: Study of the Northern Caucaus Emergency Programme, Nov 1999 to Dec 2002

2002: A Roadmap to Change Management in Support of UNICEF's Medium Term Strategic Plan

2002 Global: Lessons and Implications from Girls Education Activities

2002 Global: End-Decade Review Key Issues, Lessons Learned and Challenges for the Future

2002 Global: End Decade Review of Strategic Lessons Learned from UNICEF's Experience

2002 Global: Capacity Building for UNICEF Humanitarian Response in Review

2002 Global: A Review of Evaluations of UNICEF's Education Activities 1994 - 2000

2001 Global: Stigma, HIV/AIDS and Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission: A Pilot Study in Zambia, India, Ukraine and Burkina Faso

2001 Global: Desk Review on UNICEF Humanitarian Response Capacity

2001 Global: Country Program Evaluations in Selected UN Organizations and International Banks

2001 Global: An Evaluation of UNICEF's Policy Response to HIV/AIDS in the Nineties: The Use of Carrots, Sticks and Sermons

2000 Global: Urban Poor Pay for Water: Evidence and Implications for Going to Scale

2000 Global: Managing Knowledge A Review of the UNICEF Evaluation Database

2000 Global: Evaluation of the Capacity Building Programme on Child Labour

2000 Global: Absorbing Social Shocks - Protecting children and reducing poverty, the role of basic social services

1998 Global: Financing of Fresh Water for All: A rights based approach

1998 Global: Education for All: Policy Lessons from High-Achieving Countries




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