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Iran - Pays en crise


During her recent visit to Bam, UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy (centre) met with Arazo, an 11-year-old girl whose house was destroyed in the earthquake.

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UNICEF is leading efforts to provide survivors of the earthquake in the ancient Iranian city of Bam with safe drinking water and sanitation, to re-establish schooling and to ensure that child survivors are protected from harm.

In order to help the thousands of displaced children in Bam, UNICEF has created a tracing system (using a digital camera, computer and scanner) to help document missing children and reunite them with family members. The organization is also assisting with psycho-social activities and counselling services to aid traumatized children and women.

A lack of clean drinking water has been a problem in Bam and its surrounding villages, so UNICEF has provided many temporary community water tanks to these areas, in addition to the water purification tablets distributed earlier this week.

The earthquake not only destroyed parts of the city's water system but a majority of homes, government buildings and schools. UNICEF is seeking spaces for temporary schools and school supplies – 416 school-in-a-box kits have arrived via a Belgian government flight.

UNICEF sprang into action as soon as news of the earthquake filtered out. Two major shipments of emergency supplies (one arriving from Afghanistan, the other from Copenhagen) arrived in Bam within 48 hours of the earthquake.

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