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L'UNICEF dans les situations d'urgence

Appels d’urgence aux donateurs et rapports de mission

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Donor Alerts/Updates are information documents produced about all emergencies worldwide. In 2002, Alerts/Updates were issued for over 30 individual emergency situations.

These ongoing reports keep interested parties abreast of UNICEF’s global humanitarian actions. The concise and specific layout of these documents make them reader-friendly and give a quick but comprehensive overview of our activities for a specific emergency. The Donor Alerts/Updates are also available at

Situation reports (Sitreps) give a general overview of UNICEF activities in an emergency or a developing situation. Their purpose is to strengthen and accelerate UNICEF humanitarian response in crisis situations. The reports can be issued on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or ad hoc basis and cover developments since the release of the previous Sitrep. The Sitreps serve all parts of UNICEF, including the Country Office itself, the Regional Office, all divisions in Headquarters, the Geneva Regional Office and National Committees.  While Sitreps are internal documents, certain information may be used in press releases, fund raising activities and briefings.

Global End-Year Funding Update for Countries in Crisis - 1 December 2003

The Global End-year Funding Update provides a brief overview of urgent humanitarian needs in countries in crisis. In the light of funding shortfalls and in order for UNICEF to continue providing essential humanitarian assistance to the children and women in need, we have identified at least one priority for children in each of the countries in humanitarian crisis.