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Image de l'UNICEF: Women and men at a community water meeting in Nigeria
© UNICEF/2007/Tuladhar
AFGANISTAN: Children enjoy a rare moment of fun during a Peace Day celebration in Nangarhar Province.

At UNICEF, advocacy is defined as the continuous and adaptive process of gathering, organizing and formulating information and data into argument, which is then communicated to policy-makers through various interpersonal and mass media communication channels. Through advocacy, UNICEF seeks to influence policy-makers, political and social leaders, to create an enabling policy and legislative environment and allocate resources equitably.

A prime example of advocacy in action has been efforts by UNICEF and its global partners to assist various governments in the creation of 'Days of Tranquility', wherein agreements are brokered to temporarily cease hostilities in order to allow children access to healthcare. Working closely with local religious groups and NGOs, UNICEF helped President Duarte to create the very first of these in 1985, when civil war was raging in El Salvador. The idea of Days of Tranquility (also called Corridors of Peace) has since been applied in civil wars and armed conflicts in Lebanon (1987), Sudan (1989 and 2004), Iraq (1991), Burundi (2002), Philippines (2007), as well as in a number of other countries.

In November 2007, UNICEF joined the World Health Organization to advocate for an International Day of Peace, wherein warring factions in Afghanistan came together to fully support the right of some 1.3 million Afghan children to be safely immunized against polio.

When the high cost of school fees and uniforms prohibited otherwise-willing parents in Nigeria from sending their daughters to school, the Girls' Education Initiative used advocacy at national and subnational levels to help abolish school fees and provide uniforms to students.



Days of Peace in Afghanistan

UNICEF Afghanistan Communication Officer Roshan Khadivi speaks with UNICEF Radio about the Days of Peace underway in the country, and the impact they will have on the lives of children, 1.3 of whom will now be immunized (2007)