ASAP - Avian and Pandemic Influenza Strategic Communication Action Planner (prototype), an interactive tool and guide that enables users to create communications plans.

Behaviour Change Communication In Emergencies:  A Toolkit  - This toolkit is a resource for everyone working in emergency situations caused by natural disasters. It helps programme managers prepare, plan, implement and monitor behaviour change communication initiatives supporting health, hygiene and child protection efforts in emergencies. It was developed by the UNICEF Regional Office for South Asia.

Essentials for Excellence - A tool for research, monitoring and evaluation of strategic communication to prevent and control avian and pandemic influenza, UNICEF (2008).

Creative Resources

CREATE! - A creative resource tool to speed up emergency response.

Meena Comic Books - A mass communication effort aimed at changing perceptions and behaviours that hamper survival, protection and development of girls in South Asia.  Materials are available in 5 languages.

Online Resource Databases

Avian and Pandemic Influenza Communication Resources -  A resource centre that provides strategic communication products, information, and tools to prevent, contain, and respond to outbreaks of the highly pathogenic influenza virus.

UNICEF IEC Warehouse - Information, Education and Communication materials produced by UNICEF India.






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