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Young people discuss the prevention of HIV/ AIDS through UNICEF Voices of Youth online forum

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Wearing a T-shirt with "I have been tested and I am moving on" written on it, Philip smiles during a training session for HIV/AIDS peer educators in Epworth, Zimbabwe

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NEW YORK, 23 November 2004 - Young people from around the world have come to UNICEF’s Voice of Youth online forum to talk about how children and young people can help stop the spread of HIV and AIDS.

The two week discussion, starting on 15 November, is hosted by policy makers and professionals of international organizations from around the world. Among the moderators for the e-discussion is Ryan Clarke, 18, of Nova Scotia, Canada.

“Being involved in raising HIV and AIDS awareness has changed my life. It gave me my first look at what is really happening in the world and now I truly believe that one person really can make a difference,” says Ryan.

During the first week, the young people recognized the importance of education on issues relating to HIV and AIDS. They believe only education can break the myth and stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS, thus better protecting young people from this deadly disease. They also suggest that the government, media, and teachers could play a larger role in helping raise awareness on HIV and AIDS among young people.

The e-discussion is just one of the many events leading up to the Global Movement for Children’s World AIDS Day - ‘Lesson for Life’. On 1 December, more than two million children and young people around the world will take part in a ‘lesson’ on HIV, AIDS and the effects of the crisis on children.

An estimated 11.8 million young people, aged 15–24, are living with HIV today. Each day, nearly 6,000 more are infected. The UNICEF Voices of Youth e-discussion invites you to join us and share your ideas on how to end this global crisis.




HIV and AIDS is a global crisis, and UNICEF is working to be part of the solution. Listen to UNICEF Radio’s special programme on HIV and AIDS