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Partenariats avec la société civile

Intégrer les partenariats dans les programmes

The processes needed to build strong partnerships are not separate from those of programme development and implementation. Partnership should be seen as a strategy to enhance programmatic success by learning from religious communities to shape programme priorities as well as by sharing and building on each partner’s assets.

  • Effective partnerships are the result of long-term and deliberate efforts that need to be integrated into work planning and funding cycles. 
  • Strategies for engagement with religious communities should be made explicit in country programme action plans as well as annual work plans for programme sections, ensuring that religious communities are involved in national policy and planning forums, especially when they play a major service delivery role in that sector.
  • Efforts should also contribute to national development plans, ensuring the participation of religious communities in national processes.
  • The hard work, time and resources needed to foster effective engagement need to be built into the design, budget, management and monitoring of any programme. 
  • As part of the on-going learning process around defining and creating effective partnerships with religious communities, it is important to systematically document and evaluate experiences (especially the value-added of joint partnership). This can help in the development of new methodologies for increasingly effective and sustained collaboration.