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Partenariats avec la société civile

Le bénéfice des partenariats OSC/UNICEF

The benefits deriving from UNICEF/ CSO partnerships include:

Stronger advocacy for children’s rights – Partnerships can mobilize people and public opinion to build greater momentum for policy change locally, nationally and globally. Together, UNICEF and CSOs have successfully advocated for governments to lift general reservations to the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Transformative potential – Partnerships provide opportunities to combine the strengths of each partner to transform societies. In southern Mexico, for example, NGOs and local businesses worked with UNICEF to identify and carry out solutions to under-enrolment of indigenous children in primary school.

Greater aid effectiveness – As expressed in the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness and the Accra Agenda for Action, partnerships for development can greatly enhance the effectiveness of aid. Given the challenging global economic environment, partnerships are essential to ensure that aid targets the most vulnerable and marginalized children.

Innovations for children – Partnerships create opportunities to strengthen innovative approaches and programming for children. For example, creative methods used by NGOs to encourage abandonment of female genital mutilation/cutting in certain African countries have been supported by UNICEF and adopted as a model by other UN agencies.

Strengthened knowledge base – Knowledge and expertise form the basis of solid programming for children’s rights. Partnerships allow for a greater exchange and transfer of knowledge across organizations in different fields of expertise. Universities and think tanks are valued partners of UNICEF for this reason, but community-based organizations with strong knowledge of a child’s environment are just as important.

Additional resources for children and UNICEF-supported programmes – Through partnerships, financial resources can be mobilized from governments, foundations and the corporate sector for children’s programming and services.