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Partenariats avec la société civile

Contribution de l'UNICEF aux partenariats

As an international, intergovernmental child rights agency, UNICEF holds a unique position at national and international levels. Some of the contributions that UNICEF can make to a partnership with a CSO include:

  • Convening power – UNICEF works closely with a number of stakeholders, including governments, private actors and civil society. UNICEF uses this unique position to convene both public and non-public stakeholders around children’s rights issues at the local, national and global levels. 
  • Global reach and country presence – With a strong presence in 190 countries, UNICEF is an influential actor both globally and nationally. Using its capacity on the ground, UNICEF can foster greater alignment between global initiatives and national development strategies, acting as a conduit between local and national actors and global policymaking processes.
  • Technical expertise and efficient procurement – UNICEF has the capacity to leverage the strategic funding priorities of global programme funds, donors and governments in favour of child-related outcomes. Through partnering with UNICEF, many CSOs have benefited from its technical expertise in matching local work to international priorities, preparing high-quality funding proposals and procuring resources.
  • Capacity development – Many CSOs have found that their partnership with UNICEF has increased their capacity to advocate for children’s rights and achieve results. UNICEF helps to strengthen CSO capacity to carry out work for children, which contributes to the sustainability of progress for children over time and broadens ownership of the development process. UNICEF capacity development work that pertains to CSOs includes (1) enhancing the knowledge and technical skills needed to deliver results for children; (2) introducing new technologies for effective service delivery and supporting the strengthening of delivery approaches and organizational and management systems; and (3) enhancing the knowledge and skills of children and women themselves.
  • Making innovations accessible – UNICEF seeks to identify and scale up delivery of innovative life-saving interventions, including through the use of new technologies.
  • Catalysing behaviour and policy change – Civil society partners have stressed that UNICEF makes a crucial difference by advocating for the development of policies and mechanisms that protect child rights and by raising public awareness around children’s issues.
  • Financial support – Through project cooperation agreements and small-scale funding agreements with CSOs, UNICEF can provide financial support for programme-related costs of the partnership.