Collaboration avec le siège de l'UNICEF

UNICEF headquarters, located in New York, provides technical and administrative support and coordination for the organization as a whole. A 36-member Executive Board guides and monitors UNICEF activities in areas such as policy and programme development and administrative and financial management. As UNICEF is an intergovernmental organization, Executive Board members are government representatives elected by the UN Economic and Social Council, usually for three-year terms. CSO representatives can attend UNICEF Executive Board meetings, which provide an opportunity for further exchange around issues of mutual interest. The NGO Committee on UNICEF provides input to the Executive Board during annual meetings.


Knowledge-based collaboration

UNICEF maintains relationships with a number of universities, research and policy institutes, and other knowledge-based organizations in order to share technical expertise. In addition to collaboration at UNICEF headquarters or field offices, the UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre in Florence regularly conducts research in collaboration with knowledge-based institutions. These relationships typically form in the context of specific areas of shared work and may be either formal or informal.



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