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Conseil d'administration

Première session régulière 2008

29 janvier- 1er février 2008

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Agenda item 2:  Provisional annotated agenda, timetable, organization of work and list of documents

E/ICEF/2008/1 - [pdf]

Agenda item 3:  UNICEF child protection strategy (draft)

E/ICEF/2008/5 - [pdf] 

Child Protection Strategy Reference Document - (forthcoming)

Agenda item 4: Update on children in armed conflict: oral report - [pdf]

Agenda item 5:  Biennial support budget for 2008-2009

E/ICEF/2008/AB/L.1 - [pdf]

United Nations Children's Fund support budget for the biennium 2008-2009 - Report of the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions

E/ICEF/2008/AB/L.2 - [pdf]

Agenda item 6: Private Fundraising and Partnerships: 2008 work plan and budget for private fundraising

E/ICEF/2008/AB/L.3 - [pdf]

Agenda item 7:  UNICEF evaluation policy

E/ICEF/2008/4 - [pdf]

Agenda item 8:  Proposals for UNICEF programme cooperation:

(a) Approval of revised country programme documents

     At the second regular session of 2007, the Executive Board commented on a total of 14 draft CPDs and approved the aggregate indicative budgets for the country programmes. In accordance with decision 2002/4 (E/ICEF/2002/8) and 2006/19 (E/ICEF/2006/5/Rev.1), the draft CPDs were revised, taking into account, as appropriate, comments made by delegations during those sessions. The revised CPDs, posted on the UNICEF internet site by 19 October 2007, will be approved by the Board at the first regular session of 2008 on a no-objection basis, unless at least five members inform the secretariat in writing of their wish to bring a country programme before the Board.

Eastern and Southern Africa

Lesotho - E/ICEF/2007/P/L.36 [pdf]
  matrix - [pdf]

Madagascar - E/ICEF/2007/P/L.37 [pdf]
  matrix - [pdf]

Rwanda - E/ICEF/2007/P/L.38 [pdf]
  matrix - [pdf]

Somalia - E/ICEF/2007/P/L.39 [pdf]
  matrix - [pdf]

West and Central Africa

Democratic Republic of the Congo - E/ICEF/2007/P/L.41 [pdf] - (French)
  matrix - [pdf] - (French)

Equatorial Guinea - E/ICEF/2007/P/L.6 [pdf] - (French)
  matrix - results matrix is in the document

Liberia - E/ICEF/2007/P/L.42 [pdf]
  matrix - [pdf]

Togo - E/ICEF/2007/P/L.43 - [pdf]
  matrix - [pdf] - (French)

Americas and the Caribbean

Colombia - E/ICEF/2007/P/L.44 [pdf] and Corrigendum [pdf]
  Spanish  version - [pdf]  and  Corrigendum [pdf]
  matrix - [pdf]   (Spanish)  [pdf]

Costa Rica - E/ICEF/2007/P/L.45 [pdf]
  matrix - [pdf]

Mexico - E/ICEF/2007/P/L.46 [pdf]
  matrix - [pdf]

Nicaragua - E/ICEF/2007/P/L.47 [pdf]
   matrix - [pdf]

East Asia and the Pacific

Pacific Island multi-country programme - E/ICEF/2007/P/L.51 [pdf]
  matrix - [pdf]

South Asia

Nepal - E/ICEF/2007/P/L.52 [pdf]
  matrix - [pdf]

(b) Recommendation for additional regular resources for approved country programmes
      E/ICEF/2008/P/L.2 - [pdf]

(c)  Recommendation for additional other resources for approved country programmes
      E/ICEF/2003/P/L.3 - [pdf]

(d)   Intercountry programmes 

        E/ICEF/2008/P/L.1 - [pdf] and Corr.1 [pdf]


Agenda item 9: Pledging event

Pledges for 2008 [pdf]

Agenda item 10: Annual report to the Economic and Social Council

E/ICEF/2008/3 - [pdf] and Corr.1 [pdf]

Reports of the Joint Inspection Unit of relevance to UNICEF - Note to the secretariat

E/ICEF/2008/6 - [pdf]