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Conseil d'administration

Première session régulière 2006

16-20 & 23 janvier 2006

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Agenda item 2 - Provisional agenda

E/ICEF/2006/1 [pdf]

Agenda item 3 - Annual report of the Executive Director to ECOSOC

E/ICEF/2006/3 [pdf]

Agenda item 4 - Approval of revised CPDs

At the annual and second regular sessions of 2005, the Executive Board commented on a total of 27 draft country programme documents (CPDs) and approved the aggregate indicative budgets for the county programmes. In accordance with decision 2002/4, the draft CPDs were revised, taking into account, as appropriate, comments made by delegations during that session, and summary results matrices added. The revised CPDs presented here will be approved by the Board at the January session on a no objection basis, unless at least five members informed the secretariat in writing by 9 December 2005 of their wish to bring a country programme before the Board.

Any documents not posted will be added as soon as they are received from the respective country offices.

Any changes made to the CPD are indicated in red in the text.

Revised CPDs

Afghanistan [pdf]

   UNDAF [pdf]

Albania [pdf]

   UNDAF [pdf]

Bangladesh [pdf]

   UNDAF [pdf]

Belarus [pdf, english] [pdf, russian]

Bulgaria [pdf]

Burkina Faso [pdf] (French)

   UNDAF [pdf] (French)

Cambodia [pdf]

   UNDAF [pdf]

Cape Verde [pdf] (English)  [pdf] (French)

   UNDAF [pdf]

Chad [pdf] (French)

   UNDAF [pdf]

China [pdf]

   UNDAF [pdf]

Democratic Republic of the Congo [pdf] (French)

Georgia [pdf]

   UNDAF [pdf]

Ghana [pdf]

   UNDAF [pdf]

Guyana [pdf]

   UNDAF [pdf]

Indonesia [pdf]

   UNDAF [pdf]

Liberia [pdf]

Myanmar [pdf]

   UNDAF [pdf]

Namibia [pdf]

   UNDAF [pdf]

Peru - English version [pdf]
          Spanish version [pdf]

   UNDAF [pdf] (Spanish)

Swaziland [pdf]

   UNDAF [pdf]

Timor-Leste [pdf]

Turkey [pdf]

   UNDAF [pdf]

Uganda [pdf]

   UNDAF [pdf]

Ukraine - English version [pdf]
              Russian version [pdf]

   UNDAF [pdf]

Viet Nam [pdf]

   UNDAF [pdf]

Russian Federation [pdf] (English)  [pdf] (Russian)

Palestinian children and women in Jordan, Lebanon, the Occupied Palestinian Territority and Syrian Arab Republic [pdf]

Agenda item 5 - Biennial support budget for 2006-2007

E/ICEF/2006/AB/L.1 [pdf]

Agenda item 6 - Intercountry programmes

E/ICEF/2006/P/L.1 [pdf]

Agenda item 7 - Report on thematic funding in support of the medium-term strategic plan

E/ICEF/2006/9 [pdf]

Agenda item 8 - UNICEF health and nutrition strategy

E/ICEF/2006/8 [pdf]

Agenda item 9 - UNICEF post-crisis transition strategy

E/ICEF/2006/7 (document not issued)

Agenda item 10 - UNICEF water, sanitation and hygiene strategy

E/ICEF/2006/6 [pdf]

Agenda item 11  - UNICEF education strategy: oral report


Agenda item 12 - Private Sector Division work plan and proposed budget for 2006

E/ICEF/2006/AB/L.2 [pdf]

Agenda item 13 - Pledging event

E/ICEF/2006/CRP.2 [pdf]

Joint meeting of the Executive Boards of UNICEF, UNDP/UNFPA and WFP

Provisional annotated agenda and timetable [pdf]

Background documents

Agenda item 1: The United Nations System and Capacity Development [pdf]

Agenda item 2: Transition from relief to development, focusing on natural disasters [pdf]

Agenda item 3: HIV/AIDS: Follow-up to the recommendations of the Global Task Team [pdf]

Agenda item 4: Simplification and harmonization, with a special focus on the programming process [pdf]