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36%: The proportion of out-of-school children with uneducated mothers compared to 16% with educated mothers

Millennium Development Goal 2: Achieve universal primary education
Target: Ensure that all boys and girls complete a full course of primary education

The figure provides a profile of the global out-of-school population for the 80 survey countries by sex, mother’s education, household wealth, and place of residence. It shows that in these countries:

  • A greater share of girls is out of school – 28% compared to 24% of boys.
  • More than twice as many children whose mothers have no education are out of school – 36% compared to 16% for children of mothers with some education.
  • More than three times as many children from the poorest 20% of households are out of school compared to those from the richest 20% of households – 38% compared to 12%.
  • A much greater share of children who live in rural areas are out of school than those who live in urban areas – 30% compared to 18%.

 Source: UNICEF & UNESCO, Children Out Of School: Measuring Exclusion From Primary Education, Montreal, Quebec, 2005.



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