Rights and declaration

Points of action: Life empowerment (4-6)

4. Eliminate discrimination against girls in education, skills development and training.

  • Ensure equal access of all girls and boy to all levels of education – primary, secondary and higher education
  • Integrate functional literacy and numeracy programmes for out-of-school girls in development programmes
  • Promote human rights education emphasizing that women’s and girls’ rights are human rights
  • Increase enrolment and improve retention rates of girls
  • Provide training to teachers to ensure gender-sensitive teaching
  • Ensure that female teachers and professors have the same opportunities for career advancement as their male counterparts

5. Eliminate discrimination against girls in health and nutrition.

  • Raise awareness towards the removal of discriminatory practices against girls in food allocation, nutrition and access to health services and regarding the dangers and other problems connected with early pregnancies
  • Education
    o Include sexual and reproductive health and other issues addressing the physical and mental needs of girls in health education and services and provide related services and counseling
    o Include health and nutritional training as an integral part of school curricula starting at the primary level and of literacy programmes
    o Establish peer education and outreach programmes to reduce the vulnerability of girls to HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases

6. Eliminate the economic exploitation of child labour and protect young girls at work.

  • Protect children, including young girls, from economic exploitation and any work that it likely to be hazardous or harmful to a child’s health and development or to interfere with the child’s education and formulate/strengthen related legislation
  • Define a minimum age for a child’s admission to employment

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