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Nadino, Jessica and Lourdes presented their national Agenda to the UN General Assembly

Native delegates speak up in world forum
Three young people from Ecuador presented their agenda on securing the rights of indigenous children during the Sixth Session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, which ended on 25 May. The presenters – Nadino Calapucha, 16; Jessica Penafiel, 13; and Lourdes Yamberla, 18 – outlined ideas that had come out of meetings with a larger group of youths in Ecuador.

Construction of the agenda
Since 2003 and up to 2005, 4,200 children and adolescents and more than 2,900 indigenous leaders have participated in workshops for the promotion of children’s rights within the diverse ethnic groups. Promoted by ECUARUNARI, the Indigenous Parliament of America, the National Direction of Bilingual Education, and FENOCIN, with UNICEF’s technical assistance and funding, the objective was to collectively construct an agenda oriented towards the respect of children’s rights. In the provinces where the majority of the population is indigenous, the respect for children’s rights is most precarious. In 2005 the Indigenous Children Agenda was handed to the authorities, and now efforts are conducted to fulfill many of its points.