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World Summit on Sustainable Development


UNICEF in action

In India

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Say Yes for children!

Stop the cycle of poverty

Protect the environment

Provide health care to all children

Work for a World without HIV/AIDS

Provide education for all

End exploitation, abuse, violence and war


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Invest in children: Advance sustainable development

Build a Global Movement: Say Yes for children!

Say Yes for children
Find out more about the Say Yes for Children campaign and add your pledge.

More than 94 million people have said "Yes" to the 10 critical actions needed to improve the lives of children and adolescents everywhere.

A young boy in Honduras wears a T-shirt with the Honduran version of the Say Yes slogan and logo.  

1. Leave No Child Out
All forms of discrimination and exclusion against children must end.

2. Put Children First
It is the responsibility of everyone - governments, individuals, non-governmental organizations, religious groups, the private sector and children and adolescents themselves - to ensure that children's rights are respected.

3. Care for Every Child
Ensure all children the best possible start in life.

4. Fight HIV/AIDS
Protect children and adolescents and their families.

A girl in the Philippines holds a balloon with 'Say Yes for Children' printed on it at the campaign launch on the grounds of the Malacañang Palace.

5. Stop Harming and Exploiting Children
Violence and abuse must be stopped now. And the sexual and economic exploitation of children must end.

6. Listen to Children
Respect the rights of children and young people to express themselves and to participate in making the decisions that affect them.

7. Educate Every Child
Every child - all girls and boys - must be allowed to learn.

8. Protect Children from War
No child should experience the horrors of armed conflict.

9. Protect the Earth for Children
Safeguard the environment at global, national and local levels.

10. Fight Poverty
Invest in Children. Invest in services that benefit the poorest children and their families, such as basic health care and primary education. Make the well-being of children a priority objective of debt relief programmes, development assistance and government spending.

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