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World Summit on Sustainable Development


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Say Yes for children!

Stop the cycle of poverty

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Invest in children: Advance sustainable development

Stop the cycle of poverty

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"We think that 3rd world countries are people who try their best to improve there lives but cannot succeed because of poverty!"
- Becky & Susan, 15, Yemen on Voices of Youth

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Trays of food in front of them, three boys sit at a table at a soup kitchen.  

Poverty Reduction Begins with Children

Fact: A child born today has a 4 out of 10 chance of living in extreme poverty on less than $1 a day. Poverty is the underlying cause of under-five and maternal mortality.


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A woman from the Ashaninka indigenous group holds her infant daughter at a parade in the community of Cutivireni, in central Peru.

Early Childhood Care in Peru

An investment of $1 in young children brings a $7 return in future cost savings. Wawa Wasi, a low-cost, day-care programme supported by UNICEF, the Inter-American Development Bank, local grass-roots organizations and Peru's Ministry of Education, is paying dividends by providing comprehensive care for the under-three children of low-income families. The early childhood stimulation and basic nutrition programme is boosting the physical development and social and cognitive skills of children, allowing their parents to enter the job market, and is also creating jobs for 19,000 caregivers.

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