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World Summit on Sustainable Development


UNICEF in action

In India

In Zimbabwe

Say Yes for children!

Stop the cycle of poverty

Protect the environment

Provide health care to all children

Work for a World without HIV/AIDS

Provide education for all

End exploitation, abuse, violence and war


In Southern Africa


Invest in children: Advance sustainable development

End exploitation, abuse, violence and war

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Wars and civil conflicts are taking a massive toll on children. Read more about Children in war
See what UNICEF is doing to curb the sexual exploitation of children.
Read about UNICEF's programmes to protect children.
Access publications on Child Protection.
Protect Children from All Forms of Violence

A boy looks out from a tent at a refugee camp in the city of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina.  

Fact: In the past decade, 2 million children were killed and 6 million children seriously injured as a result of armed conflict.


Children Helping Children in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Seven years after the war, Bosnia and Herzegovina has 520,000 internally displaced people, 213,000 refugees abroad and innumerable people suffering the psychosocial consequences of war.
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A young boy works with an electronics instructor as part of a project to provide shelter, basic education and vocational training to children living on the streets and war orphans in Rwanda.

Young people from the Banja Luka youth center, supported by UNICEF, government agencies and NGOs, are helping pick up the pieces of children's shattered lives by conducting peer-led workshops on children's rights and raising money support to orphans and refugee children.

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