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In response to the request by the UNICEF Executive Board to enhance the quality and use of evaluations managed by UNICEF, and in line with the Evaluation Policy, the Evaluation Office in 2010 established the Global Evaluation Reports Oversight System (GEROS). A major component of the system is the review of the quality of final evaluation reports by an independent external company.

The Evaluation Office is pleased to announce the 2017 best evaluations. Congratulations to all UNICEF Offices who are on this list of the 13 best of UNICEF 2017 evaluations!

2017 Best Evaluation Reports

 The 2017 best evaluations list contains 13 evaluation reports that have been rated Highly Satisfactory. The reports are from ECAR (7), ROSA (2) and one each from EAPR, ESAR, LACR and MENA. Congratulations to all UNICEF Offices who are on this list of the 13 best of UNICEF 2017 evaluation.

Please find below the evaluation reports that have been rated as "HIGHLY SATISFACTORY".





 Evaluation Title 



  Republic of Montenegro


Evaluation of the Programme “Montenegro – Investment case on Early Childhood Development”





 Formative Evaluation of Angola Country Programme (2015-2019)




 Evaluation of the Government of Moldova - UNICEF 2013-2017 Country Programme of Cooperation


  Bosnia Herzegovina


Evaluation of the UNICEF-supported Component of the Project “Support for Durable Solutions of the Revised Strategy for Implementation of Annex VII of the Dayton Peace Agreement in Bosnia and Herzegovina





Evaluation of UNICEF support to the National Strategy on the Protection of Human Rights of Girls and Boys 2014-2016

   4   Indonesia    EAPR  Support to community sanitation in eastern Indonesia    3.7
   7   Azerbaijan    ECAR   Summative Evaluation of the Access to Justice for Children project    3.6
   7    Bosnia Herzegovina    ECAR  Final Evaluation of the Justice for Every Child Project, December 2013-November 2017, Bosnia and Herzegovina    3.6
   7   India    ROSA  Evaluation of UNICEF’s Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction and School Safety Programme, Bihar, India (2011-2016)    3.6
   7   Jordan    MENA  Evaluation of the Ma’an (Together) towards a Safe School Environment Programme 2009-2016 - Jordan    3.6
   7    Macedonia    ECAR  Evaluation of UNICEF Roma Health Mediators Programme    3.6
   7    Ukraine    ECAR  Evaluation of the Country Programme of Cooperation between the Government of Ukraine and UNICEF 2012-2016    3.6
  13    Bangladesh    ROSA  Programme Evaluation of UNICEF Bangladesh Communication for Development (C4D) Programme from 2012 to 2016    3.55    


Please remember that you can also access all the evaluations supported by UNICEF via the Global Evaluation Database. You can search for a specific evaluation by country, region, year, and theme.


Best evaluation reports from previous years (2009-2016) can be accessed below. 2018 evaluations are currently underway, therefore, the list of 2018 best evaluations will be published next year in 2019.

2009-2016 Best Evaluation Reports



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