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Evaluation and good practices

2012 Best Reports

CEE/CIS: Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States

BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA: Joint Evaluation of Social Protection and Inclusion [PDF]
Final Evaluation of MDG-F Culture for Development Programme [PDF]
BULGARIA: Evaluation of the project "Expansion of foster care model in Bulgaria" [PDF]
CEECIS REGIONAL: Evaluation of the Roma Good Start Initiative [PDF]
CROATIA: External evaluation of the "For Safe and Enabling School Environment" [PDF]
MACEDONIA: Strengthening National Capacities to Prevent Domestic Violence [PDF]
Enhancing Inter-Ethnic Community Dialogue and Collaboration [PDF]
MOLDOVA: Final Evaluation of the “Reform of Juvenile Justice System in Moldova” Project [PDF]
External Evaluation of the “Child-Friendly School” Initiative (2007-2011) in the Republic of Moldova (Rom) [PDF]
Evaluation of Implementation of the National Strategy & Action Plan for the Reform of the Residential Childcare System in Moldova 2007-2012 [PDF]

EAPRO: East Asia and the Pacific

CAMBODIA: Buddhist Leadership Initiative Evaluation 2008-2012 [PDF]

ESARO: Eastern and Southern Africa

BOTSWANA: Iplegeng Evaluation [PDF]
ETHIOPIA: Evaluation of Adolescent Development Programme [PDF]
ESARO, KENYA: Building a culture of resilience [PDF]
SOMALIA: Final Evaluation of UNICEF’s Programme “Making PPP Work for Rural Water Supply in Somalia” [PDF]
Developing a Local Model for The Delivery of Primary Education in Karkaar Region, Puntland [PDF]
TANZANIA: Evaluation of Government of Tanzania/UNICEF 7 Learning Districts Strategy (2007-2011) [PDF]
UGANDA: WASH Initiative for the Rural Poor in 21 Districts in Uganda: End of Term Evaluation [PDF]
ZAMBIA: Evaluation of the UN Joint Programme on Human Trafficking [PDF]
ZIMBABWE: Evaluation of the Use of Point of Care PIMA CD4 Cell Count Machines for HIV Positive Women and their Families in Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (MNCH) Settings in Seven Districts in Zimbabwe [PDF]


IASC Real-Time Evaluation of the Humanitarian Response to the Horn of Africa Drought Crisis - Regional Mechanisms and Support during the Response [PDF]
IASC Real-Time Evaluation of the Humanitarian Response to the Horn of Africa Drought Crisis – Ethiopia [PDF]
IASC Real-Time Evaluation of the Humanitarian Response to the Horn of Africa Drought Crisis – Kenya [PDF]
IASC Real-Time Evaluation of the Humanitarian Response to the Horn of Africa Drought Crisis – Somalia [PDF]
Review of the Fast Track Recruitment Process [PDF]
Global Evaluation of Life Skills Education Programmes (GLSEE Evaluation Summary) [PDF]
Protecting Children from Violence: A Synthesis of Evaluation Findings [PDF]
Global Evaluation of the Application of the Human Rights-Based Approach to UNICEF Programming (HRBAP) (HRBAP Vol.2) (HRBAP Executive Summary) (HRBAP Evaluation Summary of Findings) [PDF]
The Global Evaluation of Emergency Response Funds (ERFs) (ERFs Vol.2) (ERFs Executive Summary) [PDF]

MENARO: Middle East and North Africa

LEBANON: Evaluation of Child Friendly Community Initiative [PDF]
OPT: Evaluation of the Child-Friendly Schools [PDF]
SUDAN: Programme Evaluation [PDF]

ROSA: South Asia

INDIA: Evaluation of Knowledge Community on Children in India Internship Programme [PDF]
Evaluation of District Planning and Monitoring Unit (DPMU Annexes) [PDF]
NEPAL: Evaluation of Conflict-Related Sexual Violence Project [PDF]
Evaluation of Community Management of Acute Malnutrition Community (CMAM): Nepal Case Studies [PDF]
PAKISTAN: Evaluation of Community Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM): Pakistan Country Case Study [PDF]

TACRO: Latin America and the Caribbean

HONDURAS: Municipal Programs on Children, Adolescents and Youth. PMIAJ COMVIDA in Honduras [PDF]

WCARO: West and Central Africa

BENIN: Evaluation finale du projet de formation diplômante des enseignants ex-communautaires reverses contractuels de l’etat [PDF]
BURKINA FASO: Evaluation finale du projet « Approvisionnement en Eau Potable, Assainissement de base et Hygiène dans les provinces du Ganzourgou et de la Gnagna, Burkina Faso – 2007-2010» [PDF]
CHAD: Evaluation de la prise en charge communautaire de la malnutrition aiguë (PCMA) : étude de cas du Tchad [PDF]
DRC: Evaluation du programme 2007-2011 pour les Enfants Associés aux Forces et aux Groupes Armés en RDC [PDF]
Evaluation du Programme Education de  base 2008-2012 [PDF]
GHANA: Evaluation of the  Government of Ghana - UNICEF  Integrated Approach to Guinea Worm  eradication through Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene in Northern Region, Ghana (I-WASH) [PDF]
LIBERIA: Evaluation of MoHSW & Bomi CHT Performance based contracting [PDF]
SENEGAL: Evaluation des systèmes statistiques de routine de la région de Kolda [PDF]
SIERRA LEONE: Evaluation of UNICEF role as a Lead Partner in Education [PDF]
WCARO, SENEGAL: Real-Time Independent Assessment (RTIA) of UNICEF’s Response to the Sahel Food and Nutrition Crisis, 2011–2012 [PDF]




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