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Evaluation and good practices

2011 Best Reports


CEE/CIS: Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States

AZERBAIJAN: Mid-Term review of the State Programme on Deinstitutionalization and Alternative Care in Azerbaijan 2011 [PDF]
CEE/CIS Regional: Evaluation of UNICEF-DIPECHO Programme Supporting Disaster Risk Reduction Amongst Vulnerable Communities and Institutions in Central Asia and South Caucasus [PDF]
KOSOVO: Improving Health of Women and Children of Kosovo, 2007-2010 [PDF]
MOLDOVA: Evaluation of Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses Initiative in the Republic of Moldova, Years 2000-2010 [PDF] (in Romanian)
SERBIA: Transforming Residential Institutions for Children and Developing Sustainable Alternatives [PDF]
UZBEKISTAN: Formative Evaluation of Improvement of Mother and Child Health Services in Uzbekistan [PDF]

EAPRO: East Asia and the Pacific

CAMBODIA: Evaluation of UNICEF's Early Childhood Development Programme with Focus on Government of Netherlands FUnding (2008-2010): Cambodia Country Case Study Report [PDF]
Evaluation of Adolescent and Youth Participation in UNICEF Cambodia [PDF]
PACIFIC ISLANDS: External Evaluation of the UN Pacific Region's Advocacy to Protect Children and the Most Vulnerable during the Global Economic Crisis [PDF]
TIMOR-LESTE: Mid-Term evaluation of the Joint Programme on Promoting Sustainable Food and Nutrition Security in Timor-Leste [PDF]

ESARO: Eastern and Southern Africa

ESARO Regional: Children and AIDS Regional Initiative (CARI) Programme Completion Report [PDF]
Monitoring and Evaluation of Child Health Days in Madagascar [PDF]
MOZAMBIQUE: Child and Youth Participation Initiatives in UNICEF Mozambique [PDF]
SOMALIA: Impact Evaluation of the Community Education Committee (CEC) Mobiliser Programme in Somaliland, Puntland and South/Central Somalia [PDF]
The Integrated Quranic Schools Pilot Project - The Strategic Partnership for Recovery and Development of Education in Somalia [PDF]
Impact Evaluation of the Child to Child Clubs Project, Somaliland, Puntland and South Central Zones [PDF]
SOUTH AFRICA: Evaluation of the Safe and Caring Child-Friendly Schools (SCCFS) Programme 2007-2010 [PDF]
UNICEF South Africa OVC Programme Component Evaluation [PDF]
TANZANIA: Evaluation of the UNICEF Early Childhood Development Programme with Focus on the Government of Netherlands Funding (2008-2010): United Republic of Tanzania Country Case Study Report [PDF]
UGANDA: Formative Evaluation of United Nations Girls Education Initiative (UNGEI): Country Report Uganda [PDF]
ZIMBABWE: Zimwash Project End-Term Evaluation Report: ACP EU Water Facility Project 2006-2011: Addressing Water and Sanitation Needs of the Rural Poor in the Context of HIV and AIDS in Zimbabwe [PDF]

Impact Evaluation of Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Interventions in Mozambique [PDF]
Independent Review of UNICEF's Operational Response to the January 2010 Earthquake in Haiti [PDF]
Evaluation of UNICEF's Early Childhood Development Programme with ocus on Government of Netherlands Funding (2008-2010): Global Synthesis Report [PDF]
Formative Evaluation of the United Nations Girls' Education Initiative (UNGEI) [PDF]

MENA: Middle East and North Africa

MENARO Regional: Evaluation of Adolescents: Agents of Positive Change Programme (2005-2011): Phase 1 and 2 [PDF]

ROSA: South Asia

BANGLADESH: Evaluation of UNICEF Bangladesh Education and Child Protection Programmes [PDF]
INDIA: Evaluation of UNICEF's Strategic Positioning in India [PDF]
Evaluation of Awaaz Do Campaign on Right to Education (RTE) [PDF]
Evaluation of Gender Sensitization and People Friendly Police Initiative, Karnataka [PDF]
NEPAL: Evaluation of UNICEF's Early Childhood Development Programme with Focus on the Government of Netherlands Funding (2008-2010): Nepal Country Case Study Report [PDF]

TACRO: Latin America and the Caribbean

MEXICO: Mid-Term evaluation of the Joint Programme "Conflict Prevention and Peace Building Window" [PDF]
PERU: Evaluación intermedia del programa "Mejorando la nutrición y seguridad alimentaria de la niñez en el Perú: un enfoque de fortalecimiento de capacidades" del programa conjunto Infancia, Nutrición y Seguridad Alimentaria [PDF]

WCARO: West and Central Africa

BURKINA FASO: Evaluation of the Impact of Educational Innovations (IECD) on Burkina Faso's educational development system [PDF]
GHANA: Evaluatio of UNICEF's Early Childhood Development Programme with Focus on Government of Netherlands Funding (2008-2010): Ghana Country Case Study Report [PDF]
TOGO: Evaluation of the project "Support to Child-Friendly Environments through Community Participation in the Savanes, Kara and Maritime Regions" by the Government of Japan [PDF]




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