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Evaluation and good practices

Evaluation in the UN context

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UNICEF Evaluation Function & UN Coherence

The United Nations Evaluation Group (UNEG) is a professional network that brings together all the units responsible for evaluation in the UN system and UNICEF evaluation office is a member of UNEG.  UNEG was established in 1984 and currently has 43 members.  Membership is institutional with the units responsible for evaluation in the UN system.

UNEG's Work Programme is defined by members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and implemented by Task Forces and Working Groups made of members able to contribute time and resources to produce deliverables.  The UNEG Noms seeks to facilitate system-wide collaboration on evaluation by ensuring that evaluation entities within the UN follow agreed basic principles.  They provide a reference for strengthening, professionalizing and improving the quality of evaluation in all entities of the United Nations system.  The UNEG standards build upon the Norms for evaluation for the UN system and are drawn from best practice of UNEG members.  They are intended to guide the establishment of the institutional framework, management of the evaluation function, conduct and use of evaluations and are also a reference for the competencies of evaluation practitioners and work ethics.  Read the UNEG Norms (2005) [PDF] and UNEG Standards (2005) [PDF].

In 2016, UNEG adopted updated Norms and Standards for Evaluation. Please see the updated document at http://www.unevaluation.org/2016-Norms-and-Standards.

The UNICEF-Adapted UNEG Evaluation Reports Standards is based on the approved UNEG AGM 2010 quality checklist for evaluation reports that serves as a guideline for the UNICEF in the preparation and assessment of an evaluation report.

You can also view the original approved UNEG AGM 2010 quality checklist for evaluation reports here.

Approved at the UNEG AGM 2010 is the UNICEF-Adapted UNEG Quality Checklist for Evaluation Terms of Reference which serves as a guideline for UNEG members in the design and conduction of evaluations.

The original UNEG checklist is available at UNEG Quality Checklist for Evaluation Reports [http://www.uneval.org/].

The UNEG Coordination Committee supports the Chair of UNEG, vice-Chair and Executive Coordinator in facilitating and coordinating the ongoing work of UNEG in line with decisions taken at the AGM.  It is presided over by the Chair of UNEG and is representative of the diversity of the UNEG membership.

The UNICEF Evaluation Office is involved in the following UNEG Task Forces:

  • Human Rights and Gender Equality Task Force
  • Impact Evaluation Task Force
  • Joint Evaluation Task Force
  • National Evaluation Capacity Task Force
  • Norms and Standards Task Force
  • Strengthening the Evaluation Function Task Force

For more information on UNEG, its work and Task Forces, please visit their website.  For information on UNICEF's role as a member of UNEG, please contact us.



UNEG Norms and Standards (2005)

UNEG Norms (2005)

In English [PDF]

En français [PDF]

En español [PDF]

在中国 [PDF]

В русском [PDF]

بالعربية [PDF]

UNEG Standards (2005)

In English [PDF]

En français [PDF]

En español [PDF]

В русском [PDF]

بالعربية [PDF]

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