Evaluation and lessons learned

Executive Board Evaluation Reports

United Nations Children's Fund
Executive Board
Second regular session 2011
12-15 September 2011
Item 5 of the provisional agenda*

Annual report on the evaluation function and major evaluations in UNICEF [E/ICEF/2011/15]



This annual report has been prepared in accordance with the Evaluation Policy (E/ICEF/2008/4) and the relevant Executive Board decisions (2008/4, 2008/22, 2009/18 and 2010/16).  The report provides information on global developments in evaluation, the current state of the evaluation function in UNICEF at country, regional and global levels and outlines progress in strengthening the decentralized evaluation function. It also contains a summary of selected major evaluations conducted at country, regional and global levels within focus area 2 (basic education and gender equality) of the medium-term strategic plan. A draft decision is included in final section of this report.



Major Evaluations

Completed Evaluations listed in the 2010-2011 MTSP Integrated M&E Framework


BEGE Country Level Evaluations in Executive Board Report


Pre-2011 Evaluations


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