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Evaluation database


2016 Afghanistan: Summative Evaluation of Child-centered Disaster Risk Reduction Project

2016 Algeria: Evaluation du projet sur la santé des mères et des nouveau-nés dans les camps de réfugiés sahraouis de Tindouf

2016 Argentina: Evaluation of the GEMA Programme School Management for Learning Improvement

2016 Argentina: Evaluation of the Programme ICTmediated secondary rural schools

2016 Bangladesh: C4D Evaluation - Bangladesh Case Study

2016 Bangladesh: Evaluation of the UNICEF Child Protection Programme 2012-16

2016 Belize: Impact Evaluation of Belize's Cash Transfer Programme

2016 Bolivia: Evaluación de impacto de la estrategia de gestión educativa integral para el ámbito municipal

2016 Botswana: Assessment of the Orphan Care Programme Botswana

2016 Brazil: Fique Sabendo Jovem: Evaluation Report

2016 Bulgaria: Evaluation of the Family for every child project in Bulgaria

2016 Burkina Faso: Evaluation du projet de renforcement du contrôle citoyen et de la redevabilité sociale dans 49 communes au Burkina Faso

2016 Burkina Faso: Evaluation finale du projet de « renforcement des services d’hygiène et d’assainissement de base et amélioration des pratiques d’hygiène nutritionnelle en milieu familial dans 8 régions du Burkina Faso

2016 Burkina Faso: Évaluation externe du centre de laye pour mineurs en conflit avec la loi

2016 Cambodia: Evaluation of Child-Friendly School Policy Implementation in Cambodia

2016 Cambodia: Evaluation of Community Preschool Modality in Cambodia

2016 Cape Verde: Final Evaluation of the Common Country Programme Document from UNDP, UNFPA and UNICEF Cabo Verde

2016 Colombia: Auto-evaluación de la implementación del modelo de Educación en el Riesgo de Minas en situaciones de emergencia de DAICMA-UNICEF (2014-2015)

2016 Comoros: Evaluation du système de protection de l’enfant dans l’Union des Comores : Rapport des principaux résultats

2016 Cote d'Ivoire: Formative Evaluation of the OHTA project

2016 Croatia: Evaluation of Parenting Support Programmes

2016 DPR Korea: Formative Evaluation of UNICEF-supported Gravity Fed Water Supply Systems (GFS) in DPRK

2016 DR: Evaluación de la Iniciativa de Registro Oportuno de Nacimientos en Hospitales Priorizados en República Dominicana

2016 ESARO/WCARO: Evaluation of the EU/UNICEF Partnership on Nutrition Security

2016 ESARO: Multi-Country Independent Review OF Technological Innovations in ESAR

2016 Ethiopia: Evaluation of Mobile health teams in Afar and Somali Regions

2016 Ethiopia: Evaluation of UNICEF’s C4D Capacity and Action: Ethiopia

2016 Ethiopia: Joint Action Plan implementation in eight water insecure woredas in Afar regional state

2016 Ethiopia: Outcome evaluation of community-led total sanitation and hygiene (CLTSH)

2016 Evaluation Office: C4D Evaluation - Viet Nam Case Study

2016 Fiji: Evaluation of Capacity Development for Police on Child Protection in Fiji, Kiribati and Vanuatu

2016 Global: Communication for Development (C4D): An Evaluation of UNICEF’s Capacity and Action

2016 Global: Equity, scalability and sustainability in UNICEF WASH programming: Evidence from UNICEF evaluations 2007-2015 (synthesis report for the Executive Board)

2016 Global: Evaluation of UNICEF's response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, 2014-2015

2016 Global: Evaluation of UNICEF’s PMTCT/Paediatric HIV Care and Treatment Programme

2016 Global: Evaluation of UNICEF’s humanitarian response to the Syria crisis

2016 Global: Evaluation of the UNICEF Response to the Crisis in the Central African Republic

2016 Global: Inter-Agency Humanitarian Evaluation (IAHE) of the Response to the Crisis in the Central African Republic

2016 Global: Report of the Inter-agency Humanitarian Evaluation (IAHE) of the Response to the Crisis in South Sudan

2016 Global: UNICEF GEROS Meta-Analysis 2015

2016 Global: United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF): Review of Development Effectiveness, 2012-2015

2016 Guatemala: C4D Nutrition Evaluation: Evaluación de la Estrategia de Comunicación para el Desarrollo en Seguridad Alimentaria y Nutricional

2016 Guinea Bissau: Evaluation of the UNICEF Supported Adult Literacy Programme in Guinea-Bissau

2016 Guinea: Evaluation à mi-parcours du projet d'accélération de l'Education des filles dans la Préfecture de Télimélé

2016 Haiti: Evaluation de Kore Fanmi

2016 Haiti: Evaluation à mi-parcours du projet WASH en Artibonite

2016 India: Energising Panchayats for Better Child Governance in Tamil Nadu

2016 India: Evaluation of Pilot DHaAL Interventions for Group Handwashing with Soap Before Mid-Day Meals in Rural Elementary Schools of Assam 2013-14

2016 India: Summative Evaluation of UNICEF India’s Cotton Corridors Project: ‘Preventing Exploitation and Protecting Children’s rights in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.’

2016 Jordan: Evaluation of Infant and Young Child Feeding Programme

2016 Kenya: End of Programme Evaluation - UNICEF Kenya WASH programme 2008- 2014

2016 Kenya: Evaluation of the Integrated Intervention within the CFS framework

2016 Kosovo: Evaluation of the Child Rights Monitoring Systems in Kosovo (UNSCR 1244) 2009-2015

2016 Lao: My Village (ECD TV) Programme Evaluation Report UNICEF Lao PDR Country Office

2016 Lebanon: Evaluation of the Winter Cash Programme for Lebanese Poor Children and their Families

2016 Macedonia: Evaluation of UNICEF Child Protection Programme

2016 Malawi: District Health Performance Improvement Evaluation

2016 Malawi: Evaluation of Community Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) in Malawi

2016 Malawi: Evaluation of the Water and Sanitation (WASH) Programme in Malawi (2007-2013)

2016 Malawi: Malawi Social Cash Transfer Programme Endline Impact Evaluation Report

2016 Malaysia: Evaluation of Capacity Development Initiatives Implemented by UNICEF Malaysia

2016 Mauritania: Evaluation de la réponse humanitaire de l’UNICEF Mauritanie 2012-2015

2016 Moldova: Evaluation of Modelling of Services for Children under three

2016 Myanmar: Evaluation of QBEP's School-based In-service Teacher Education Pilot Programme

2016 Myanmar: Evaluation of QBEPs Township Education Improvement Plan Activities

2016 Myanmar: Evaluation of the Project ‘Seven Things This Year Initiative’

2016 Myanmar: Formative Evaluation of UNICEF’s Strategy and Approach to Child Protection Systems Building

2016 Namibia: Evaluation of Namibia’s PMTCT Programme

2016 Nepal: Evaluation of UNICEF Nepal Country Programme Action Plan (2013-17)

2016 Nepal: Evaluation of UNICEF’s Response and Recovery Efforts to the Gorkha Earthquake in Nepal (25 April 2015-31 January 2016)

2016 Nepal: Final Evaluation of the UNICEF Project for the Reintegration and Rehabilitation of Children Affected by Armed Conflict (CAAC) in Nepal

2016 Nepal: The Nepal National Plan of Action for Children, 2004-15, Final Evaluation

2016 Nicaragua: Evaluation of the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of UNICEF Zone Offices in Nicaragua’s Caribbean Coast region

2016 Niger: Evaluation du programme d’Appui au Système d'Etat Civil au Niger

2016 Nigeria: Communication for development: an evaluation of UNICEF’s capacity and action

2016 Nigeria: Evaluation of the Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Week in Nigeria

2016 Oman: Evaluation report on the Govt of Oman- UNICEF Child Friendly School Initiative

2016 PD: DFATD: Improving Treatment of Childhood Diarrhoea and Pneumonia: A proposal to scale up coverage of ORS, Zinc and Amoxicillin External Evaluation Report

2016 PD: UNICEF Multi-country Gender-based Violence in Emergencies Programme Evaluation

2016 PNG: Independent Formative Evaluation of Family Support Centres in Papua New Guinea

2016 Pakistan: Evaluation of Humanitarian Actions - Nutrition Emergency Response in District Tharparkar, Sindh, Pakistan

2016 Panama: Evaluación de los Programas de Premedia Multigrado y Telebásica en Panamá

2016 ROSA/EAPRO: Maternal and Young Child Nutrition Security Initiative in Asia [MYCNSIA]: External Evaluation of the EU-UNICEF Partnership 2011-2015

2016 ROSA: Formative regional evaluation of UNICEF’s contribution to the empowerment and rights fulfilment of adolescents in South Asia

2016 Rep. of Kyrgyzstan: Communication for Development: An Evaluation of UNICEF’s Capacity and Action - Case study report for Kyrgyzstan

2016 Rep. of Kyrgyzstan: Evaluation of the Multilingual Education Component of the Unity in Diversity Project in Kyrgyzstan

2016 Republic of Kyrgyzstan: Evaluation of UNICEF Country Program (2012-2016) and Strategic Positioning

2016 Rwanda: Comprehensive Evaluation of The Community Health Program in Rwanda

2016 Rwanda: Rwanda RapidSMS Impact Evaluation

2016 Sao Tome Principe: Avaliacao das intervencoes de comunicacao para o desenvolvimento 2012-2016

2016 Serbia: Formative evaluation of implementation of inclusive practices in the Education System in Serbia (2009 – 2014)

2016 Somalia: A Continuum of Care Approach to Sexual and Reproductive Health in Somalia

2016 Somalia: Evaluation of the Performance of Solar Powered Water Systems in Somalia

2016 Somalia: Evaluation of the Youth Education Pack (YEP) Programme in Somalia

2016 South Africa: Conducting a Rapid Assessment of MomConnect Project from September 2011 to date in eThekwini and Umgungundlovu districts, KwaZulu-Natal

2016 South Africa: RUBRICATE: Independent Evaluation Final Report

2016 South Sudan: Multi-Country Real Time Evaluation of UNICEF Gender-Based Violence in Emergencies Programmes: South Sudan Country Report

2016 Sudan: Evaluation of Humanitarian Action: Child Survival in North Darfur

2016 Suriname: Evaluation of the “I believe in you” in-service teacher training programme in the interior of Suriname

2016 Togo: Évaluation École Amie Des enfants

2016 Yemen: Evaluation of Humanitarian Assistance (EHA)

2016 Zambia: Evaluation of the United Nations Joint Project ‘Protecting Migrant Children from Trafficking and Exploitation’

2016 Zimbabwe: Independent Evaluation of the Health Transition Fund in Zimbabwe

2016 Zimbabwe: Mid Term Evaluation of the Joint Programme on Prevention of Gender Based Violence (JPGBV) Against Young Women and Adolescent Girls




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