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Evaluation database


2014 AFG: Evaluation of the Let Us Learn (LUL) Formative Evaluation – UNICEF Afghanistan Country Office

2014 Afghanistan: In-depth Evaluation of Female Literacy Program

2014 Afghanistan: UNICEF's Upstream Work in Basic Education and Gender Equality 2003-2012: AFGHANISTAN Country Case Study

2014 Algeria: Evaluation du programme élargi de vaccination dans les camps de réfugiés sahraouis de Tindouf

2014 Bangladesh: Final Evaluation of Basic Education for Hard to Reach Urban Working Children (BEHTRUWC) Project 2nd Phase 2004-2014

2014 Bangladesh: Impact evaluation of the WASH SHEWA-B programme in Bangladesh

2014 Bangladesh: Let Us Learn Formative Evaluation

2014 Barbados: Evaluation of the Pilot of the Early Childhood Health Outreach Program in St Vincent and the Grenadines

2014 Barbados: Formative Evaluation of the Highscope Curriculum Reform Program

2014 Benin: Evaluation des Espaces Enfance au Bénin

2014 Benin: Evaluation des Quatre Innovations EDUCOM au Bénin

2014 Bhutan: Evaluation of WASH in Schools

2014 Bhutan: Evaluation of the Weekly Iron and Folic Acid Supplementation (WIFS) Program-2004-2014

2014 Bosnia-Herzegovina: Increasing Early Opportunities for Children in Bosnia and Herzegovina

2014 Brazil: Evaluation of UNICEF Municipal Seal of Approval Initiative

2014 Brazil: UNICEF's Upstream Work in Basic Education and Gender Equality 2003-2012: BRAZIL Country Case Study

2014 Burkina Faso: Evaluation finale du projet "enfants dans les mines d'or et carrières artisanales dans 5 régions du Burkina Faso 2009-2013"

2014 CAR: Interagency Operational Peer Review of the Response to the Crisis in the Central African Republic

2014 CEE/CIS and Baltic States: Multi-Country Evaluation (MCE): Including All Children in Quality Learning in CEE/CIS (RKLA 4)

2014 CEE/CIS and Baltic States: RKLA 3 - Multi-Country Evaluation (MCE): Increased Access and Equity in Early Childhood Education

2014 Cambodia: UNICEF's Upstream Work in Basic Education and Gender Equality 2003-2012: CAMBODIA Country Case Study

2014 Colombia: Joint Evaluation of the Cooperation Programes of UNICEF Colombia with Canada (2009-2013) and Sweden (2011-2013)

2014 Comoros: Rapport de l’évaluation finale du cadre des Nations Unies pour l’Aide au Développement (UNDAF) et de son rôle d’appui à la stratégie de croissance et de réduction de la pauvreté (SCRP) (2008 - 2014)

2014 Djibouti: Réhabilitation du quartier 4 de la ville de Djibouti, des systèmes d’approvisionnement en eau des villages ruraux et appui institutionnel pour la mise en oeuvre d’une politique sectorielle de l’eau

2014 ESARO, Kenya: Africa's Nutrition Security Partnership (ANSP) Mid-term Evaluation

2014 Eswatini: Evaluation of Lihlombe Lekukhalela

2014 Ethiopia: An Evaluation of the Child-to-Child School Readiness Programme in Ethiopia

2014 Georgia: Evaluation of results achieved through child care system reform 2005-2012 in Georgia

2014 Global: Evaluation of the WASH Sector Strategy “Community Approaches to Total Sanitation” (CATS)

2014 Global: Formative Evaluation of UNICEF's Monitoring Results for Equity System (MoRES)

2014 Global: GEROS – Global Meta-Evaluation Report 2014 - Final Report: Quality Review of 2013 Evaluation Reports

2014 Global: IASC Inter-agency Humanitarian Evaluation of the Typhoon Haiyan Response

2014 Global: Meta-analysis of UNICEF's Nutrition Programme Evaluations

2014 Global: Real-Time Evaluation of UNICEF’s Response to the Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines

2014 Global: Syria Crisis Common Context Analysis [Study]

2014 Global: UNICEF Evaluation of the Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys (MICS) -- Parts 1 and 2

2014 Global: UNICEF's Upstream Work in Basic Education and Gender Equality 2003-2012: SYNTHESIS REPORT

2014 Guinea Bissau: Evaluation de la GEF en Guinea Bissau

2014 Guyana: Piloting Health and Family Life Education as a Timetabled Subject in Guyana

2014 India: Evaluation of Empowering Young Girls and Women in Maharashtra, India

2014 Indonesia: Education Sector Response to HIV & AIDS

2014 Indonesia: Final Evaluation of the WASH in Schools program (WISE) in Indonesia

2014 Indonesia: UNICEF’s Engagement in the Decentralization Process in Indonesia

2014 Kazakhstan: Evaluation of Norway-supported Project ”Strengthening the Ombudsman’s Child Protection System in Kazakhstan”

2014 Kyrgyzstan: Evaluation of DFID/UNICEF Equity Programme

2014 Kyrgyzstan: Evaluation of Perinatal Care Programme

2014 Lesotho: Assessment of MBP in Lesotho

2014 Lesotho: Child Grand Impact Evaluation

2014 Macedonia: Evaluation of the Early Childhood Development Programme in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

2014 Madagascar: Evaluation de l’approche "Assainissement Total Piloté par la Communauté" (ATPC)

2014 Malawi: Catalytic Initiative Evaluation of ICCM

2014 Malawi: Evaluation of Primary Health Care (PHC) Essential Medicines Project

2014 Malawi: Evaluation of the Primary Health Care Project

2014 Malawi: Malawi Impact Evaluation of the National Plan of Action for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children

2014 Maldives: An Evaluation of UNICEF Maldives Strategies in Addressing Issues Affecting Women and Children

2014 Mali: Evaluation du programme WASH à l’école de l’UNICEF Mali

2014 Mali: Impact evaluation of community-led total sanitation (CLTS) in rural Mali

2014 Mali: Summative External Evaluation of the Catalytic Initiative (CI)/ Integrated Health Systems Strengthening (IHSS) Programme in Mali

2014 Mauritania: Evaluation indépendante de la composante survie de l’enfant du programme de coopération Mauritanie-UNICEF 2012 -2016, Période 2012-2013

2014 Mongolia: REDS Strategy Evaluation Mongolia

2014 Montenegro: Evaluation Report for the Justice for Children Initiative

2014 Montenegro: Final Evaluation of the “Child Care System Reform”

2014 NEP: Evaluation of Let Us Learn Nepal: After-School Programme for Girls and Girls Access to Education Programme

2014 Namibia: School Based HIV Testing and Counselling Pilot Programme Evaluation

2014 Nigeria: Impact Evaluation of Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) within the UNICEF Country Programme of Cooperation, Government of Nigeria and UNICEF, 2009-2013

2014 Pakistan: End of Project Evaluation for Norway-Pakistan Partnership Initiative

2014 Pakistan: Evaluation of Young Champions Initiative for Girls’ Education

2014 Pakistan: Evaluation of the UNICEF Sanitation Programme at Scale in Pakistan (SPSP) – Phase 1 (2013-14)

2014 Peru: Evaluacion de Medio Termino: Mejorando la Educación Básica de Niñas y Niños en la Amazonía y el Sur Andino del Perú, 2010-2017

2014 Romania: National Intermediate Evaluation of the “School Attendance Initiative” Model

2014 Rwanda: Emergency Preparedness for the Influx of Refugees into Rwanda

2014 Senegal: Evaluation of the Joint Programme Child Nutrition and Food Security

2014 Sierra Leone: Evaluation of Journalists Training on Ethical Reporting on Child Rights Issues

2014 Sierra Leone: Evaluation of UNICEF Radio Listener Group

2014 Somalia: Regional Supply Hub Mechanism as a Strategy for WASH Emergency Response in Somalia

2014 Sudan: Child Friendly Community Initiative Evaluation

2014 Sudan: Evaluation of UNICEF Sudan Country Office Field Delivery Structure

2014 Supply Division: Evaluation of UNICEF Supply Division Emergency Supply Response

2014 Suriname: Increasing access to water, sanitation and hygiene in Suriname’s rural interior

2014 Tajikistan: Juvenile Justice Alternative Project. Evaluation report

2014 Tajikistan: Youth Friendly Health Services program in Tajikistan

2014 Tanzania: Formative Evaluation of the Children's Agenda

2014 Togo: Évaluation des Interventions à Base Communautaire (Nutrition & ATPC) dans les Régions des Savanes et de la Kara

2014 Uganda: UNICEF – Ugandan Ministry of Education and Sports BRMS Mentorship Project Evaluation

2014 Ukraine: Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission and Improving Neonatal Outcomes Among Drug-Dependent Pregnant Women and Children Born to them in Ukraine

2014 Uzbekistan: Evaluation of the Country Program of Cooperation between the Government of Uzbekistan and UNICEF 2010-2015

2014 Zimbabwe: UNICEF's Upstream Work in Basic Education and Gender Equality 2003-2012: ZIMBABWE Country Case Study




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