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2012 Iran: The Adolescent Friendly Services (AFS) project evaluation

Author: UNICEF Iran/Razi Science Research Institute

Executive summary

"With the aim to continuously improve transparency and use of evaluation, UNICEF Evaluation Office manages the "Global Evaluation Reports Oversight System". Within this system, an external independent company reviews and rates all evaluation reports. Please ensure that you check the quality of this evaluation report, whether it is "Outstanding, Best Practice", "Highly Satisfactory", "Mostly Satisfactory" or "Unsatisfactory" before using it. You will find the link to the quality rating below, labeled as 'Part 2' of the report."


The AFS pilot project evaluation is among the very critical evaluations for Iran CO because of its use for programming in the area of Adolescent Health and because of the lessons learned that can be extrapolated for UNICEF programming in similar areas. The prime goal of this evaluation was to determine the degree of relevance, efficiency, efficacy, sustainability, effectiveness, and the ultimate impact of the AFS and its approach as a proposed model of providing HIV/AIDS counseling and prevention services for adolescents and youth. A full report of the evaluation is available in Persian language while only the executive summary has been translated. The evaluation report meets the expectation of the TOR and UNICEF standards. Iran CO is developing a management response plan as well as an internal lessons learned document in order to integrate the relevant recommendations within existing HIV as well as adolescent health programmes and share lessons learned widely within UNICEF.

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Findings and Conclusions:


Lessons Learned:

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