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Evaluation report

2009 Kosovo: Better Parenting Initiative Evaluation

Executive summary


“With the aim to continuously improve transparency and use of evaluation, UNICEF Evaluation Office manages the "Global Evaluation Reports Oversight System". Within this system, an external independent company reviews and rates all evaluation reports. Please ensure that you check the quality of this evaluation report, whether it is “Outstanding”, “Good”, “Almost Satisfactory” or “Unsatisfactory” before using it. You will find the link to the quality rating below, labelled as ‘Part 2’ of the report.”


The main objective of the evaluation is to obtain information on awareness, knowledge and practices of families and parents.


The methodology consists of quantitative and qualitative
research methods, which have obtained detailed data and produced recommendation for further
implementation of the BPI program in Kosovo.

Findings and Conclusions:

Based on the definition used by UNICEF, “evaluation is a process that tries to determine as systematically
and objectively the worth and significance of an intervention. This judgment is based on common
evaluation criteria such is relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability.”
Evaluation therefore should provide information that is credible and useful so lessons learned are taken
into account in planning and decision making process. Purpose of the evaluation should aim to improve
programme relevance, methods or results – outcomes. Finally evaluation should aim to provide facts to be
used for accountability for achieved results.
In this regard conclusions of the study, aim to be critical and reflect as much as possible on the
requirements that derive from UNICEF definition and purpose of evaluation as such.
Before entering wider discussion on conclusions, UBO Consulting found the objective of evaluating BPI
quite difficult since there is no comparable data and/or information which can be used as baseline
data/information from other evaluation studies of social communication initiatives and their impact which
were implemented in Kosovo in last years.
UBO Consulting found it even difficult to assess and evaluate efficiency, impact and sustainability of the BPI
initiative since its lacking information on the cost / cost effectiveness of the initiative.
As the only comparable study that may be used as a baseline is the BPI evaluation implemented by Index
Kosovo and commissioned by UNICEF in January 2005.
Following the meeting with better parenting working group are proposed following recommendations:
Issuance of administrative directives related to the mandatory distribution of leaflets in health
2. Corporation between relevant institutions.
3. NGO’s should have a part of leaflets in order to distribute them to their target groups.
4. Materials should be managed by the National Institute of Public Health – Department for Social
5. Constant project monitoring and evaluation.
6. Group of experts should continue collaborating with relevant institutions and organizations.
7. The group should have periodic meetings.


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