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Evaluation database


2008 Bolivia: Evaluation of the EIBAMAZ project for Intercultural Bilingual Education in the Andean

2008 CEE/CIS: Regional Thematic Evaluation Of UNICEF Contribution To Child Care System Reform In Central Asia

2008 CEE/CIS: Regional Thematic Evaluation of health promotion and communication capacity

2008 CEE/CIS: Regional Thematic Evaluation of juvenile justice system reform in Albania, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Turkey.

2008 CHI: Evaluation of Implementation of the Norms Regarding Vertical Transmission of HIV in Pregnant Women in Chile

2008 Colombia: Evaluación del Proyecto “La Educación en Riesgo de Minas protege su vida”

2008 Costa Rica: Evaluacion del proceso de reforma institucional del PANI y de la cooperacion de UNICEF al mismo (Evaluation of PANI reform and related UNICEF cooperation)

2008 DJI: Assessment of Gender Institutionalization in United Nations Programmes in Djibouti

2008 DRC: A Mid-term Evaluation of Programme for Extended Assistance to Returnees (PEAR) in the Democratic Republic of Congo

2008 Djibouti: Appreciation de l'institutionnalisation du genre dans les programmes du snu a Djibouti

2008 EAPRO [Myanmar]: Evaluation of Arsenic Mitigation in Four Countries of the Greater Mekong Region

2008 EAPRO: UNICEF’s Role in Nias and Aceh: An Interim Evaluation of UNICEF’s programmes in 2006 and 2007

2008 ECU: Country Programme Evaluation UNICEF-Ecuador Cooperation Programme 2004-2008

2008 EQG: Evaluation of Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV in Equatorial Guinea

2008 Ecuador: Evaluación del Programa de Cooperación (EPC)

2008 Ecuador: Evaluation of the EIBAMAZ project for Intercultural Bilingual Education in the Andean

2008 Equatorial Guinea (Southern Gulf Area Office): Evaluation de la Stratégie de Prevention de la Transmission du VIH de la Mere a l'Enfant en Guinée Équatoriale (Evaluation of PMTCT in Equatorial Guinea)

2008 Global: Evaluation of Gender Policy Implementation in UNICEF

2008 Global: Global Review of UNICEF's Corporate Alliances

2008 Global: Limited Program Review and Evaluability Assessment -- UNICEF Post Tsunami Recovery Response

2008 Global: UNEG Evaluation of the Pilot Initiative for 'Delivering as One'

2008 Global: UNICEF Child Protection Meta-Evaluation

2008 Guatemala: Analysis of lessons learned of the Project -- Promotion of the Right to Education and Civic Education in a Multicultural Society in the Process of Building Peace and Democratic Transition

2008 India: Evaluation of UNICEF's Flood Emergency Response in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh

2008 India: Third Party Assessment of GOI-UNICEF Evaluation of the Quality Package for Primary Education

2008 Jamaica: Assessment of the Child Abuse Mitigation Project at the Bustamante Hospital for Children (C.A.M.P. Bustamante)

2008 MENA: Emergency Preparedness and Response Evaluations in MENA, 2003-2008

2008 MLW: An evaluation of diarrheal disease prevention efforts through the perinatal care system

2008 MOR: Rapport relatif à l’Evaluation du renforcement des capacités et des formations dans le cadre du programme de Coopération Gouvernement/UNICEF 2002-2006

2008 MOZ: Evaluation of the “Accelerating Birth Registration” programme in Mozambique

2008 Morocco: Evaluation du Guide d’Education Nutritionnelle

2008 Morocco: Rapport d’évaluation du projet éducation parentale 2002-2005

2008 Mozambique: Joint civil society and child rights programme data collection exercise

2008 Nigeria: Evaluation of status of implementation and progress achieved in the rural component of the water supply and sanitation sector reform progress

2008 PAC: Solomon Islands Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster: An Evaluation of UNICEF's Response in the Emergency and Initial Recovery Phases

2008 PRU: Evaluation of the ‘JUNTOS’ Conditional Cash Transfer Program: A Case Study in Six Rural Districts in Peru

2008 Peru: Evaluation of the EIBAMAZ project for Intercultural Bilingual Education in the Andean

2008 Peru: Programa de Cooperación Perú-UNICEF 2006-2010: Revisión de Medio Término

2008 Rep. of Turkmenistan: Assessment of Preschool and School Curriculum

2008 Senegal: Long-term Evaluation of the Tostan Programme in Senegal: Kolda, Thies and Fatick Regions

2008 Tajikistan: Promoting children’s rights in the juvenile justice system in the Republic of Tajikistan: Evaluation of the Juvenile Justice Alternatives Projects

2008 Tanzania: 2008 Tanzania: Evaluability Assessment of Delivering as One UN

2008 WCARO: Evaluation of the trafficking and child protection programme in West Africa




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