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Evaluation database

Reports by theme


2014 Guinea Bissau: Evaluation de la GEF en Guinea Bissau

2014 Algeria: Evaluation du programme élargi de vaccination dans les camps de réfugiés sahraouis de Tindouf

2013 India: Evaluation of Social Mobilisation Network in India for Eradication of Polio

2013 Botswana: Post Introduction Evaluation of Pneumococcal and Rotarix Vaccines in Botswana

2012 Côte d'Ivoire: Evaluation of the measles caimpaign’s best practices

2012 Comoros: Effective vaccine Managmenet (EVM) in Comoros [Evaluation de la Gestion Efficace Des Vaccins (GEV) aux Comores]

2012 Angola: Fazeres, Pensares y Sentires sobre a vacinação contra a Pólio e a doença.Estudo qualitativo com os responsáveis das crianças de 0 até 5 anos de idade não vacinadas contra a Pólio nos municípios de maior risco da Angola.

2011 Indonesia: Evaluation of Sustained Outreach Services for Immunization & Vitamin A Supplementation in Indonesia

2011 ESARO Regional: Monitoring & Evaluation of Child Health Days in Madagascar and Ethiopia

2009 Togo: Evaluation de la couverture de la campagne nationale de distribution des moustiquaires imprégnées en 2008 et de l'impact des interventions de lutte contre le paludisme au Togo/Evaluation of the impact of anti malaria interventions

2009 India: Assessment of Effectiveness of the Avian Influenza Communication Interventions in 4 Districts

2004 Global: UNICEF’s Immunization Plus Organizational Priority — An evaluation of the Policy and Enabling Environments

2003 NIG: Evaluation of the Strategies of Social Mobilization for the National Immunization Days (NIDS) in Niger

2003 EGY: Support to National Communication Polio Plan — Post Survey

2002 EGY: Support to National Communication Polio Plan: Baseline Survey

2001 NEP: Immunization Financing in Nepal

2001 MLW: The Role of Health Surveillance Assistants (HSAs) in the Delivery of Health Services and Immunization in Malawi

2001 GAM: Review of The Gambia Expanded Programme on Immunization

2001 ALB: National Measles-Rubella Vaccination Campaign, November 1-15, 2000

2000 PAK: Third Party Evaluation of Expanded Programme on Immunization, Punjab

2000 PAK: Expanded Programme on Immunization Logistics Inventory

2000 NEP: Assessment of the Health System in Nepal with a Special Focus on Immunization - Programme implementation

2000 ERT: Eritrea EPI Review

2000 CBD: Immunisation Services Assessment Report: Cambodia National Immunization Program

2000 BHG: Expanded Programme on Immunization UNICEF/WHO Assessment Report

2000 AZE: National Immunization Programme Evaluation (Azerbaijan, 1999)

2000 AFG: EPI and Polio Eradication Initiative Rapid Assessment

1999 Mozambique: Social Mobilization and Communication Support for Immunization in Mozambique: A Joint Lessons Learned Study by UNICEF, WHO/AFRO, and USAID




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