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Evaluation database

Reports by theme


1999 EAPRO: External Review: Mekong Subregion STD/HIV/AIDS Project

1999 Global: Strengthening Organizational Learning Through Accelerated Programming UNICEF's Technical Support Group on HIV/AIDS and Youth Health and Development

1999 Malawi: Mid-Term Review of the UNICEF HIV/AIDS Programme, UNICEF Malawi

1999 Tanzania: Participatory Action Research on HIV/AIDS Through Popular Theatre Approach

1999 Zimbabwe: Impact Evaluation of Student Teacher Training in HIV/AIDS Education in Zimbabwe

2001 Global: An Evaluation of UNICEF's Policy Response to HIV/AIDS in the Nineties: The Use of Carrots, Sticks and Sermons

2002 NAM: Youth Health and Development Program "My Future is My Choice" Life Skills Intervention Assessment

2002 SEN: Impacts Socio-Economiques du VIH/SIDA sur les Enfants: Le Cas du Sénégal

2004 Global: Fighting HIV/AIDS: A Strategic Review

2004 Rep. of Turkmenistan: Evaluation of Life Skills Education Implementation

2007 Chile: Evaluación del Acceso y Calidad de la Aplicación del Protocolo de Prevención de la Transmisión Vertical del VIH en las Mujeres Embarazadas en Chile

2007 Tanzania: Joint Review of the National HIV Response in Zanzibar 2004-2007

2008 CHI: Evaluation of Implementation of the Norms Regarding Vertical Transmission of HIV in Pregnant Women in Chile

2009 Cambodia: Assessment of the HIV/Reproductive Health Programme - Health for Future Work

2009 India: Effectiveness of IEC materials at Red Ribbon Clubs for HIV Prevention

2009 Philippines: Evaluation of the HIV Prevention Interventions for Most-at-Risk Adolescents


2010 Global: Unite for Children, Unite Against AIDS Campaign Evaluation

2010 Jamaica: Evaluation of the Health and Family Life Education in Jamaica

2010 Kenya: Cash Transfer Programme for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (CT-OVC), Kenya: Operational and Impact Evaluation, 2007-2009

2010 Mozambique: Assessment of UNICEF NGO -- Government Partnership Programme

2010 Zimbabwe: Evaluation of Programme of Support for National Action Plan for Orphans and Vulnerable Children Impact/ Outcome Assessment

2011 Lesotho: Impact Assessment of Hear Me Project

2011 Namibia: Break the Chain Campaign Namibia 2009 - 2011

2011 Ukraine: Repeat Evaluation of Youth Friendly Clinics in Ukraine

2012 Angola: Fazeres, Pensares y Sentires sobre a vacinação contra a Pólio e a doença.Estudo qualitativo com os responsáveis das crianças de 0 até 5 anos de idade não vacinadas contra a Pólio nos municípios de maior risco da Angola.

2012 Lesotho: Support to Lesotho HIV and AIDS Response: Empowerment of Orphans and other Vulnerable Children, Final Evaluation

2012 Zimbabwe: Evaluation of the Use of Point of Care PIMA CD4 Cell Count Machines for HIV Positive Women and their Families in Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (MNCH) Settings in Seven Districts in Zimbabwe

2013 Fiji (Pacific Islands): Evaluation of the Response Fund Supported Activities of the UNICEF Pacific HIV & AIDS Programme

2014 Indonesia: Education Sector Response to HIV & AIDS

2015 Pakistan: Evaluation of PPTCT program

2015 ROSA/EAPRO: IATT on YKP - joint evaluation of HIV-related capacity development initiatives on young key populations in Asia and the Pacific in the period 2010 – 2014

2016 Botswana: Assessment of the Orphan Care Programme Botswana

2016 Cote d'Ivoire: Formative Evaluation of the OHTA project

2017 Jamaica: Evaluation of the “I Am Alive” Programme for Adolescent Girls Living with HIV




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