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Evaluation database

Reports by theme


1997 Global: Cost and Financing of Primary Education

1998 Global: Education for All: Policy Lessons from High-Achieving Countries

1998 Jamaica: Report on Study of the Transition from Pre-School to Primary

1999 Cambodia: Student Repetition in Cambodia: Causes, Consequencs, and its Relationship to Learning

1999 Indonesia: Impact of the Economic Crisis in Basic Education: A Study in Ten Rural Districts in Indonesia

1999 Nigeria: Baseline Survey of Qur'anic Schools in Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto and Zamfara States

1999 Somalia: Survey of Primary Schools in Somalia, 1999

2000 CHN: UNICEF-Government of China Education Programme (1996-2000): End-Of-Cycle Evaluation

2000 GUY: Effecting A Smooth Transition from Nursery to Primary

2000 OPT: A Survey on the Students' Social, Family, and Academic Status through Student, A Parent, and Teacher Report

2000 ZAM: Baseline Survey and Needs Assessment for a Model Community School in the Kabwata Community

2001 PAK: Evaluation and Documentation of Universal Primary Education Project Sialkot

2001 Yemen: Textbook Distribution and Storage in the Republic of Yemen

2002 CAR: Rapport d'Evaluation de l'Impact des Ecoles Communautaires dans la Nana Grebizi (Evaluation of community-based non-formal schools)

2002 Global: A Review of Evaluations of UNICEF's Education Activities 1994 - 2000

2002 IDS: Evaluation Report Program Pendidikan Damai (Peace Education Program)

2002 MCD: Assessment of Irregular School Attendance and Dropout Among Refugee Children in Macedonia

2002 SER: Civic Education in Primary and Secondary Schools in the Republic of Serbia

2002 UGD: Technical Evaluation of Breakthrough to Literacy in Uganda

2003 Global: Education as a Preventive Strategy Against Child Labour: Evaluation of the Cornerstone Programme of UNICEF's Global Child Labour Programme

2003 Global: Local Solutions to Local Challenges: Towards Effective Partnership in Basic Education - Joint Evaluation of External Support to Basic Education in Developing Countries

2004 SCG: Evaluative Review of Active Learning Project in Primary in Serbia and Montenegro

2005 ESARO Regional [Eastern & Southern Africa]: Evaluation of the role of UNICEF in Education Sector Wide Approaches in Eastern and Southern Africa: Business as Usual or Making a Difference…?

2006 Algeria: Evaluation du projet « Ecoles amies des enfants de la wilaya de Boumerdes »

2006 CEE/CIS: Sub-Regional Formative Evaluation of the Global Education Project (2002-2005) in the CARK Region

2006 Nigeria: Evaluation of girls' education project

2007 Tajikistan: Evaluation MRE Pilot Project

2007 Turkey: Girls' Education Campaign

2008 Bolivia: Evaluation of the EIBAMAZ project for Intercultural Bilingual Education in the Andean

2008 Ecuador: Evaluation of the EIBAMAZ project for Intercultural Bilingual Education in the Andean

2008 Guatemala: Analysis of lessons learned of the Project -- Promotion of the Right to Education and Civic Education in a Multicultural Society in the Process of Building Peace and Democratic Transition

2008 India: Third Party Assessment of GOI-UNICEF Evaluation of the Quality Package for Primary Education

2008 Morocco: Evaluation du Guide d’Education Nutritionnelle

2008 Morocco: Rapport d’évaluation du projet éducation parentale 2002-2005

2008 Peru: Evaluation of the EIBAMAZ project for Intercultural Bilingual Education in the Andean

2008 Rep. of Turkmenistan: Assessment of Preschool and School Curriculum

2009 Armenia: An Assessment of Armenia’s Child-Friendly School Pilot Projects and CFS Standards for UNICEF Armenia

2009 Armenia: Evaluation of Inclusive Education Policies and Programmes in Armenia

2009 Armenia: Evaluation of Inclusive Education Policies and Programmes in Armenia

2009 Bosnia & Herzegovina: External Evaluation of the “Child-Friendly Schools” Project 2002-2007

2009 Cambodia: Impact Assessment of Basic Education Program (EBEP) Supported Training

2009 Chile: Evaluación del apoyo de UNICEF a la educación municipal en la comuna de Conchalí

2009 China: Special Report on Compulsory Education for Children Migrating with Parents and Left-behind Children

2009 Colombia: Evaluacion Manuales de Convivencia Escolar: Aplicacion de contendidos y Participacion Activa De Ninos, Ninas y Adolescented En Su Definicion - Magdalena Boyaca y Soacha - Colombia

2009 Colombia: Evaluación Del Programa "Escuela Busca al Niño"

2009 Global: Child Friendly Schools Programming -- Global Evaluation Report

2009 Global: UNICEF Child Friendly Schools Programming Evaluation

2009 Kosovo: Better Parenting Initiative Evaluation

2009 Nepal: Evaluation of the Partnership for Quality Education through Parental Participation (January – May 2009)

2009 Nepal: Joint Evaluation of Nepal´s Education for All 2004-2009 Sector Programme


2009 Paraguay Programa Kits Escolares – Miniterio de Educacion y Cultura

2009 Philippines: CHILD FRIENDLY SCHOOLS EVALUATION - Country Report

2009 Romania: Report From the Evaluation of Education Projects in Osterode

2009 Senegal: Mise en place du paquet de services integres -- Dans les ecoles elementaires des regions de Ziguinchor, Kolda et Tambacounda

2009 Serbia and Montenegro: Evaluation of Program – “School without Violence”

2009 South Africa: CHILD FRIENDLY SCHOOLS EVALUATION - Country Report

2009 Syria: Program of Support to Syrian Education in areas affected by a large influx of Iraqi Refugee Children

2009 Tanzania: Evaluation Report of the Primary School Leaving Examination Conduct

2009 Tanzania: Evaluation of the Current Status and Future Utility of Cobet as a Strategic Intervention to Ensure Access to Quality Education for all Primary School-Ages Children in Tanzania


2009 Timor-Leste: Evaluation of the UNICEF Education Programme in Timor-Leste (2003-2009)

2009 Uganda: Report on the Study on Alternative Delivery Models for Primary Schooling and Primary Teacher Training for Karamoja Region

2009 Uzbekistan: Summative Evaluation of the Child Friendly Schools Project (2006-208)

2009 Uzbekistan: Summative Evaluation of the Family Education Project for the period January 2005-July 2009

2009 Vietnam: Evaluation of Child-Friendly Primary Education

2010 Albania: Country Led Evaluation of Delivering as One Albania

2010 Albania: End of Project Evaluation of Child Led Environmental Education

2010 Bolivia: Evaluación del Yuyay Japina

2010 Cambodia: Evaluation of the Accelerated Learning and Multi-Grade Teaching Programmes

2010 Cameroon: Evaluation of the parental education for the development of the young child strategy in the Adamawa region

2010 Djibouti: Evaluation of Pre-school programme

2010 Egypt: Reaching the Unreached Forward looking assessment of the 'Community Schools Project' in Egypt

2010 Egypt: Reaching the Unreached. Forward looknig assessment of the Community Schools Project

2010 Global: Progress Evaluation of the UNICEF Education in Emergencies and Post-crisis Transition Programme (EEPCT)

2010 Global: Review of the Global Education Cluster Co-leadership Arrangement

2010 Indonesia: UNICEF School and Posyandu Construction Programme in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD) and Nias, Final Evaluation Report

2010 Madagascar: Evaluation on girl-to-girl mentorship strategy

2010 Madagascar: Evaluation on the implementation of technical regional staff (ATR)

2010 Mexico: Design and results evaluation of the education programme CREA Tu espacio

2010 Myanmar: Evaluation of UNICEF Education Programme - Improving Access to Quality Basic Education in Myanmar (2006-2010)

2010 Sri Lanka: Qualitative Evaluation of Child Friendly Schools (CFS) in Badulla & Batticaloa

2010 Sudan: Go To School Evaluation

2010 Syria: Evaluation of the Child-Friendly Schools Initiative

2010 Yemen: Evaluation of Getting ready for school : A Child-to-Child Approach

2010 Zambia: Evaluation of Sensitisation of Traditional Leaders on the Importance of Girls’ Education


2011 Bangladesh: Evaluation of UNICEF Bangladesh Education and Child Protection Programmes

2011 Burkina Faso: Evaluation de l'impact des innovations éducatives ((Centres d'Encadrement Intégré de la Petite Enfance (Bisongo), Ecole Satellite (ES), Centres d'Education de Base Non Formelle (CEBNF)) sur le développement du système éducatif au Burkin

2011 CEECIS and Baltic States: Evaluation of UNICEF-DIPECHO Programme Supporting Disaster Risk Reduction Amongst Vulnerable Communities and Institutions in Central Asia and South Caucasus

2011 DRC: Mi-term project of Basic Education in Eastern DRC (BEED)

2011 Global: The Role Of Education In Peacebuilding: A synthesis report of findings from Lebanon, Nepal and Sierra Leone [Research Study]

2011 Kyrgystan: Evaluation of the Welcome to School Initiative

2011 Lesotho: Impact Assessment of Hear Me Project

2011 Madagascar: Rapport d’évaluation, Méthode ASAMA (Asa Sekoly Avotra Malagasy, Action Scolaire d’Appoint pour Malgaches Adolescents)

2011 Mauritania: Evaluation de l'approche "projet d'école" (Ex ECPSV) en République Islamique de Mauritanie

2011 Somalia: Impact Evaluation of the Child to Child Clubs Project Somaliland, Puntland and South Central Zones

2011 Somalia: Impact Evaluation of the Community Education Committee (CEC) Mobiliser Programme in Somaliland, Puntland and South/Central Somalia

2011 Somalia: The Integrated Quranic Schools Pilot Project: The Strategic Partnership for Recovery and Development of Education in Somalia

2011 South Africa: Tracking Public Expenditure and Assessing Service Quality in Early Childhood Development in South Africa

2011 Uruguay: Learning with the XOs: The impact of the Ceibal Plan

2011 Viet Nam: Evaluation of Adolescent Friendly Lower Secondary Schools

2011 Viet Nam: Provincial Child Friendly Programme (2006-2011) Evaluation

2012 Benin: Evaluation finale du projet de formation diplômante des enseignants ex-communautaires reverses contractuels de l’état

2012 CEECIS and Baltic States: Evaluation of the Roma Good Start Initiative - An EU-UNICEF Joint Management Project on ECD as an Entry Point to the Social Inclusion of Roma Children

2012 Comoros: Assessment of the Comoros education system for a new Education for All (EPT) Policy [RESEN]

2012 Democratic Republic of Congo: Evaluation du Programme Education de base 2008-2012

2012 ESARO, Kenya: Building a culture of resilience

2012 Global: Global Evaluation of Life Skills Education Programmes

2012 Global: Global Evaluation of Life Skills Education Programmes

2012 Haiti: Evaluation of the Post-Earthquake Semi-Permanent School Reconstruction Project in Haiti

2012 Liberia: Evaluation of the Accelerated Learning Program in Liberia

2012 Macedonia: Enhancing Inter-Ethnic Community Dialogue and Collaboration

2012 Moldova: External Evaluation of the “Child-Friendly School” Initiative (2007-2011) in the Republic of Moldova

2012 Mozambique: End Cycle Evaluation of the Child Friendly Schools Programme, 2006-2011

2012 Philippines: UNICEF Evaluation on Alternatives Delivery Modes: MISOSA and e-Impact

2012 Sierra Leone: Evaluation of UNICEF role as a Lead Partner in Education

2012 Somalia: Developing a Local Model for The Delivery of Primary Education in Karkaar Region, Puntland

2012 State of Palestine: Evaluation of the Child-Friendly Schools

2012 Sudan: Evaluation of the Development of an Education Management Information System (EMIS) Project

2012 Tunisia: Revue rapide du programme de coopération de l’UNICEF dans le secteur de l’éducation des enfants en Tunisie

2012 Zambia: Summative Evaluation of the International Inspiration Project on HIV and AIDS and Life-skills through Sports

2012 Zimbabwe: Evaluation of the Basic Education Assistance Module Programme

2013 Azerbaijan: “Out of the Box”: A Formative Evaluation of Active Learning Policy and Practice

2013 El Salvador: Informe Final de Evaluación. Proyecto de Prevención y Atención de Violencia en Centros Educativos del Municipio de San Salvador

2013 Guinea Bissau: Evaluation of Education Summer Camp in Guinea Bissau

2013 Honduras: Escuela amiga de Los niños y Las niñas enann, informe final de evaluación externa

2013 Madagascar: End review of the government of Norway’s support to two UNICEF education programmes in Madagascar (2008-2011)

2013 Madagascar: Evaluation de l’appui à l’Education Pour Tous à Madagascar

2013 Mexico: Final evaluation of UN Joint Programme “Peace Window”

2013 Mexico: Informe final de la evaluación de impacto del programa construye - T

2013 Somalia: The Integrated Capacity Development for Somalia Education Administrations (ICDSEA), Final Evaluation Report

2013 South Africa: Formative evaluation of textbooks and workbooks in South Africa

2013 Sri Lanka: Support to the Education Sector in Conflict affected Northern Province in Sri Lanka: Summative Evaluation

2013 Turkmenistan: Evaluation of UNICEF Contribution to Promotion of Child Friendly Schools in Turkmenistan

2013 Zimbabwe: School Grants Pilot Baseline Evaluation

2014 Afghanistan: UNICEF's Upstream Work in Basic Education and Gender Equality 2003-2012: AFGHANISTAN Country Case Study

2014 Bangladesh: Final Evaluation of Basic Education for Hard to Reach Urban Working Children (BEHTRUWC) Project 2nd Phase 2004-2014

2014 Benin: Evaluation des Quatre Innovations EDUCOM au Bénin

2014 Brazil: UNICEF's Upstream Work in Basic Education and Gender Equality 2003-2012: BRAZIL Country Case Study

2014 CEE/CIS and Baltic States: Multi-Country Evaluation (MCE): Including All Children in Quality Learning in CEE/CIS (RKLA 4)

2014 Cambodia: UNICEF's Upstream Work in Basic Education and Gender Equality 2003-2012: CAMBODIA Country Case Study

2014 Global: UNICEF's Upstream Work in Basic Education and Gender Equality 2003-2012: SYNTHESIS REPORT

2014 Peru: Evaluacion de Medio Termino: Mejorando la Educación Básica de Niñas y Niños en la Amazonía y el Sur Andino del Perú, 2010-2017

2014 Zimbabwe: UNICEF's Upstream Work in Basic Education and Gender Equality 2003-2012: ZIMBABWE Country Case Study

2015 Belize: Process Evaluation Final Report - School Community Liaison & Security Programme

2015 Benin: Evaluation à Mi - Parcours du Programme de Cours Accélérés (PCA) au Bénin

2015 Burkina Faso: External Evaluation of Quality Child Friendly Schools in the provinces of Ganzourgou and Namentenga, Burkina Faso

2015 CAR: Évaluation du Projet de Soutien au Redemarrage et au Suivi des Activites Educatives en Republique Centrafricaine

2015 Cambodia: Evaluation of Cambodia Capacity Development Partnership Fund (CDPF) – Phase I

2015 Congo: Evaluation externe de la Stratégie sectorielle de l’éducation 2015-2025 de la République du Congo

2015 Ethiopia: Evaluation of Learning Achievement in Selected Woredas in Amhara and Addis Ababa Sub-Cities, Mid-term Review

2015 Fiji: End of term Evaluation of Solomon Islands Solar Power Pilot Project

2015 India: Evaluation of Activity-Based Learning as a means of Child-Friendly Education

2015 India: Evaluation of Meena Radio Programme

2015 Jordan: Evaluation of UNICEF’s Emergency Education Response for Syrian Refugee Children and Host Communities in Jordan

2015 Madagascar: Evaluation du Contrat Programme de Reussite Scolaire (CPRS)

2015 Madagascar: Evaluation du Programme d'Appui d'Urgence à l'Éducation Nationale Malgache (AUENM)

2015 Malaysia: Evaluation of the Equity Focus of Malaysia Country Programme

2015 Maldives: Review of the Life Skills Education Programme

2015 Montenegro: Evaluation of the project “Using textbooks in DAISY format - Primary school teacher training in using audio textbooks"

2015 Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka Child-Friendly Approach (CFA) Evaluation

2015 Timor-Leste: Evaluation of Child Friendly Schools (CFS) teacher training intervention under UNICEF-supported CFS initiative of ministry of education in Timor-Leste

2015 Vietnam: Evaluation of Mother-Tongue Based Bilingual Education in Viet Nam

2015 Zambia: Evaluation of the Early Childhood Education (ECE) Interactive Radio Instruction (IRI) pilot programme in Eastern Province of Zambia

2016 Argentina: Evaluation of the GEMA Programme School Management for Learning Improvement

2016 Argentina: Evaluation of the Programme ICTmediated secondary rural schools

2016 Bolivia: Evaluación de impacto de la estrategia de gestión educativa integral para el ámbito municipal

2016 Cambodia: Evaluation of Child-Friendly School Policy Implementation in Cambodia

2016 Cambodia: Evaluation of Community Preschool Modality in Cambodia

2016 Guinea Bissau: Evaluation of the UNICEF Supported Adult Literacy Programme in Guinea-Bissau

2016 Kenya: Evaluation of the Integrated Intervention within the CFS framework

2016 Myanmar: Evaluation of QBEP's School-based In-service Teacher Education Pilot Programme

2016 Myanmar: Evaluation of QBEPs Township Education Improvement Plan Activities

2016 Panama: Evaluación de los Programas de Premedia Multigrado y Telebásica en Panamá

2016 Rep. of Kyrgyzstan: Evaluation of the Multilingual Education Component of the Unity in Diversity Project in Kyrgyzstan

2016 Serbia: Formative evaluation of implementation of inclusive practices in the Education System in Serbia (2009 – 2014)

2016 South Africa: RUBRICATE: Independent Evaluation Final Report

2016 Togo: Évaluation École Amie Des enfants

2017 Ethiopia: An Impact Evaluation of Alternative Basic Education in Ethiopia

2017 Macedonia: Evaluation of the Early Literacy and Numeracy Programme

2017 Philippines: Evaluation of the UNICEF Philippine Country Office 'Early Childhood Care and Development' and 'Basic Education' components of the 7th GPH-UNICEF Country Programme 2012-2016




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