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Evaluation database

Reports by theme

Child Rights

1999 Tanzania: Promoting Children's Rights in Tanzania: Baseline Study on Knowledge, Attitude and Practice on Children Rights

2000 NMB: Herero and Owambo Collective Decision-Making Mechanisms and the Implications for Children's Rights Realization in Namibia

2000 TACRO: Supporting the Change of National Frameworks to Meet the Demands of the CRC: The Role of UNICEF: A Study of UNICEF Programming with a Rights-Based Approach - The Case of Brazil, Costa Rica and Venezuela

2001 IRN: CRC Quantitative Study in Iran

2002 CBD: Report on the Qualitative Assessment of Community Action for Child Rights (Seth Koma) Programme and an Assessment of the Collaboration between Seth Koma and Seila

2004 ROSA: Evaluation of the Meena Communication Initiative

2005 Global: Evaluation of the Innocenti Research Centre

2005 ZAM: Report on Child Justice in Zambia with reference to UNICEF supported projects

2005 ZAM: Report on the Evaluation of the Child Rights Clubs Project in Zambia

2009 Cambodia: An Evaluation of the Anti Trafficking and Reintegration Programme of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation, Cambodia

2009 Cambodia: Law Enforcement against Sexual Abuse, Sexual Exploitation & Trafficking of Children Project - Phase 3 Assessment

2009 Chad: Evaluation du système d’état civil (enregistrement des naissances au Tchad)

2009 Colombia: Evaluation of the ‘Return to Happiness’ methodology as a strategy for psychosocial recovery and as a component of the strategy for preventing the recruitment of children and adolescents by illegal armed groups

2009 Colombia: La Garantia y la Proteccion de Derechos de la Infancia, la Adolescencia y la Juventud en los Planes de Desarrollo de los Departamentos y los Municipios de Colombia, 2008-2011


2009 Philippines: CHILD FRIENDLY SCHOOLS EVALUATION - Country Report

2009 South Africa: CHILD FRIENDLY SCHOOLS EVALUATION - Country Report

2009 Syria: Program of Support to Syrian Education in areas affected by a large influx of Iraqi Refugee Children


2009 Uzbekistan: Evaluation of Family and Child Support Services Project

2010 Albania: The Evaluation Report on the National Children's Strategy and Action Plan (2005-2009)

2011 MENARO: Evaluation of Adolescents: Agents of Positive Change Programme (2005-2011): Phase 1 and 2

2011 Montenegro: Evaluation of the Implementation of the National Plan of Action for Children's Rights in Montenegro 2004-2010

2012 Democratic Republic of Congo: Evaluation du programme 2007-2011 pour les Enfants Associés aux Forces et aux Groupes Armés en RDC

2012 Global: Global Evaluation of Life Skills Education Programmes

2015 Philippines: Evaluation of the Intervention and Rehabilitation Program in Residential Facilities and Diversion Programs for Children in Conflict with the Law

2017 EO: Reducing Stunting in Children Under 5 Years of Age: A comprehensive evaluation of UNICEF’s strategies and programme performance – Global synthesis report




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