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Evaluation database

Reports by region

MENA - Middle East and North Africa

2019 Tanzania: Formative Evaluation of the Sara Radio Programme (SRP) in Iringa DC, Iringa MC, Kilolo DC and Mufindi DC

2019 South Sudan: Evaluation of the UNICEF Response to the Humanitarian Crisis in South Sudan

2018 Tunisia: Rapport final d'évaluation d'impact du projet d'Appui à la Justice Juvénile 2013-2017

2018 State of Palestine: Evaluation of Family Centres in Gaza

2018 SoP: Summative Evaluation Report: “Investing in Education and Building Resilience in Gaza”

2018 SoP: Evaluation of a Postnatal Home Visiting Program for mothers, neonates and their families in Gaza, State of Palestine, over the period 2011 – 2016

2018 Lebanon: Evaluation of Immunisation Programme (EPI) in Lebanon (2013-2017)

2018 Lebanon: "Min Illa" Cash Transfer Program for Displaced Syrian Children in Lebanon (UNICEF and WFP)

2018 Jordan: Evaluation of the UNICEF-supported specialized child protection case management response

2018 Djibouti: Evaluation du Programme de Compétences de vie courante (Lifeskills) 2013-2017

2017 Tunisia: Evaluation de la composante programme santé du programme de coopération Tunisie-UNICEF 2015-2019

2017 Sudan: Independent Gender Review of the Country Programme of Cooperation Sudan-UNICEF 2013-2017

2017 State of Palestine: Evaluation for Humanitarian Action for Children

2017 Lebanon: Evaluation of the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Programme within the UNICEF Country Programme in Lebanon (2013-2016)

2017 Lebanon: Evaluation of the UNICEF Child Protection Programme for Vulnerable Children and Women in Lebanon 2013-2016

2017 Jordan: Evaluation of the Ma’an (Together) towards a Safe School Environment Programme 2009-2016 - Jordan

2017 Iraq: Adolescent Development Program, Iraq: Participation of Adolescents and Youth for Social Cohesion

2017 Egypt: The Evaluation of Meshwary Project Phase II

2016 Yemen: Evaluation of Humanitarian Assistance (EHA)

2016 Sudan: Evaluation of Humanitarian Action: Child Survival in North Darfur

2016 Oman: Evaluation report on the Govt of Oman- UNICEF Child Friendly School Initiative

2016 Lebanon: Evaluation of the Winter Cash Programme for Lebanese Poor Children and their Families

2016 Algeria: Evaluation du projet sur la santé des mères et des nouveau-nés dans les camps de réfugiés sahraouis de Tindouf

2015 Sudan: End-Project Evaluation of the Youth Leadership, Empowerment, Advocacy and Development (LEAD) in Sudan

2015 State of Palestine: Water, Sanitation & Hygiene In Schools Programme

2015 State of Palestine: Improving Community-Based Psychosocial Protection Services For Children And Adolescents In East Jerusalem

2015 Morocco: Evaluation du Programme de Développement Local et Droits des Enfants et des Jeunes

2015 MENA: Evaluation of Phases III & IV of the Program Palestinian Adolescents: Agents of Positive Change -- Towards an Environment Promoting Peace & Reconciliation

2015 Jordan: UNICEF’S Emergency Psychosocial Support Response for Syrian Children in Jordan: An Evaluation

2015 Jordan: Evaluation of UNICEF’s Emergency Education Response for Syrian Refugee Children and Host Communities in Jordan

2015 Djibouti: Rapport sur l’évaluation de la mise en oeuvre de la Stratégie Nationale pour l’Abandon Total de Toute Forme d’Excision

2014 Sudan: Evaluation of UNICEF Sudan Country Office Field Delivery Structure

2014 Sudan: Child Friendly Community Initiative Evaluation

2014 Djibouti: Réhabilitation du quartier 4 de la ville de Djibouti, des systèmes d’approvisionnement en eau des villages ruraux et appui institutionnel pour la mise en oeuvre d’une politique sectorielle de l’eau

2014 Algeria: Evaluation du programme élargi de vaccination dans les camps de réfugiés sahraouis de Tindouf

2013 Tunisia: Evaluation de la Composante Protection de l’Enfant du Programme de Coopération UNICEF-Tunisie 2007-2013

2013 Sudan: Review of Community Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM), Republic of Sudan

2013 Sudan Case Study: Joint Evaluation of the UNFPA-UNICEF Joint Programme on Female Genital Mutilation / Cutting (FGM/C): Accelerating Change (2008 - 2012)

2013 State of Palestine: WASH Programme Evaluation

2013 Iraq: “Improve access to quality basic education in Iraq" - Mid-Term Evaluation

2013 Iran: Evaluation of the Impact of Juvenile Justice Workshops on the Practice of trained Police Officers between 2005-2011

2013 Egypt: Meshwary-My Journey Project - Final Evaluation Report

2013 Egypt: Country Programme Evaluation

2012 Tunisia: Revue rapide du programme de coopération de l’UNICEF dans le secteur de l’éducation des enfants en Tunisie

2012 Sudan: Programme Evaluation - UNICEF Assisted Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Programme In Sudan (2002-2010)

2012 Sudan: Evaluation of the Development of an Education Management Information System (EMIS) Project

2012 State of Palestine: Evaluation of the Child-Friendly Schools

2012 Lebanon: Evaluation of Child Friendly Community Initiative

2012 Iran: The Adolescent Friendly Services (AFS) project evaluation

2011 MENARO: Evaluation of Adolescents: Agents of Positive Change Programme (2005-2011): Phase 1 and 2

2011 Global: The Role Of Education In Peacebuilding: A synthesis report of findings from Lebanon, Nepal and Sierra Leone [Research Study]

2011 Egypt: Formative Evaluation of United Nations Girls Initiative

2011 Djibouti: Evaluation externe du Programme communautaire de promotion des droits humains (PCPD) à Djibouti

2010: Egypt: Post-Assessment and Evaluation of Avian Influenza Community Education Program in Rural Egypt: Summary Report

2010 Yemen: Real-Time Evaluation of UNICEF’s Response to the Sa’ada Conflict in Northern Yemen

2010 Yemen: Evaluation of Getting ready for school : A Child-to-Child Approach

2010 Tunisia: Tunisia Mid-Term Review, 2007-2010

2010 Syria: Evaluation of the Child-Friendly Schools Initiative

2010 Sudan: Go To School Evaluation

2010 Sudan: Evaluation of "Community Radio Listening Groups Project"

2010 Morocco: Evaluation du projet de lute contre le travail des enfants dans le secteur de l’artisanat à Marrakech

2010 Morocco: Evaluation du Projet Accès Equitable des Jeunes aux Nouvelles Technologies de l’Information – Grand Casablanca (Maroc)

2010 Iraq: Rehabilitation/Extension of Storm Water and Sewerage Networks In Select Locations in Kirkuk City E3-13d

2010 Iraq: Rehabilitation of Water Supply Systems In Select Locations in Wassit Governorate E3-13b

2010 Iraq: Rehabilitation of Sewerage Facilities In Select Facilities in Basrah City E3-13a

2010 Iraq: External Evaluation of joint WHO/UNICEF project “Diseases Eradication, Elimination and Introducing new vaccines (D2-16)”

2010 Iraq: Extension of Storm Water and Sewer Network in Select Locations in Kerbala Governorate E3-13c

2010 Iraq: Evaluation of Water Quality Control and Surveillance in Iraq

2010 Iraq: Emergency Water Supply to un-served/underserved/ Vulnerable Areas in Baghdad and the IDPs

2010 Egypt: Reaching the Unreached. Forward looknig assessment of the Community Schools Project

2010 Egypt: Reaching the Unreached Forward looking assessment of the 'Community Schools Project' in Egypt

2010 Djibouti: Evaluation of the YCSD programme

2010 Djibouti: Evaluation of hygiene promotion approaches used by the National Hygiene Committee

2010 Djibouti: Evaluation of Pre-school programme

2009 Syria: Program of Support to Syrian Education in areas affected by a large influx of Iraqi Refugee Children

2009 Sudan: Improvement of the Health and Livelihood of Rural Communities in Southern Sudan and the Three Transitional Areas – European Commission UNICEF Project

2009 Sudan: Evaluation of UNICEF-GOS 2002-2006 Country Health and Nutrition Programme

2009 OPT: Palestinian Adolescents: agents of positive change- Towards an environment promoting peace and reconciliation

2009 OPT: Evaluation of UNICEF-Supported Training Activities in Occupied Palestinian Territory

2009 Jordan: Evaluation of the Better Parenting Program

2009 Jordan: Evaluation Report of the Better Parenting Project

2009 Djibouti: Rapport De L’evaluation Externe De La Phase Pilote Du Projet De Prise En Charge Des Orphelins Et Autres Enfants Vulnerables En Republique De Djibouti

2008 Morocco: Rapport d’évaluation du projet éducation parentale 2002-2005

2008 Morocco: Evaluation du Guide d’Education Nutritionnelle

2008 MOR: Rapport relatif à l’Evaluation du renforcement des capacités et des formations dans le cadre du programme de Coopération Gouvernement/UNICEF 2002-2006

2008 MENA: Emergency Preparedness and Response Evaluations in MENA, 2003-2008

2008 Djibouti: Appreciation de l'institutionnalisation du genre dans les programmes du snu a Djibouti

2008 DJI: Assessment of Gender Institutionalization in United Nations Programmes in Djibouti

2007 EGY: Evaluation of the Female Genital Mutilation Abandonment Programme in Egypt

2006 Algeria: Evaluation du projet « Ecoles amies des enfants de la wilaya de Boumerdes »

2005 YEM: Assessment of the Child Development Project

2005 MCD: Evaluation of Young Poeple's Participation. Report from the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

2005 Global: Joint UNICEF-DFID Evaluation of UNICEF Preparedness and Early Response to the Darfur Emergency

2004 SUD: Situation Analysis for the Demobilisation and Reintegration of Children in Government Controlled Areas of South Sudan

2004 SUD: Mid-Term Evaluation of the Child-Friendly Community Initiative

2004 SUD: Evaluation of the Grassroots Peace-building Project

2004 MOR: Morocco-UNICEF Country Programme Evaluation

2004 IRQ: Evaluation of UNICEF Emergency Preparedness and Early Response in Iraq (September 2001-June 2003)

2004 EGY: The Capacity Building of Egyptian NGOs to Implement Beijing Platform of Action Project

2004 EGY: Mainstreaming and Sustaining the Community School Model in Egypt: A Formative Evaluation

2003 Sudan: The Evaluation of Nomadic Education Project in Kordufan States

2003 SUD: Analysis of Nine Conflicts in Sudan

2003 IRQ: Iraq Watching Briefs — Overview Report, July 2003

2003 IRQ: A Preliminary Study on the Impact of Sanctions and War on Iraqi Women's Health, Social, Cultural and Educational Life

2003 Egypt: Assessment Report on the Children at Risk Community Monitoring Mechanism

2003 EGY: Support to National Communication Polio Plan — Post Survey

2003 EGY: Attitudes and Values of Egyptian Opinion Leaders Towards FGM/C: A Qualitative Evaluation

2003 Algeria: Psychosocial Care for Children Traumatized by Terrorist Violence

2002 Iran: Evaluation of UNICEF Iran Country Office Performance from the Viewpoints of its Partners

2002 Iran: Assessment of Affectivity of Life Skills' Training Project Among Women & Children

2002 IRN: Report on Measures to Meet a Refugee Influx as a Result of Crisis Condition in Iraq

2002 IRN: Assessment of UNICEF-supported HMIS Software Programs in Health Sector in Iran

2002 IRN: Area-Based Development Project

2002 EGY: Support to National Communication Polio Plan: Baseline Survey

2002 EGY: Protection of the Girl Child and Eradication of Malpractices

2002 EGY: Impact Assessment Evaluation: Family Development Fund Program

2001 Yemen: Textbook Distribution and Storage in the Republic of Yemen

2001 YEM: Community Schools Project in Hodeidah, Ibb and Abyan Supervision Evaluation

2001 SUD: The ECHO/UNICEF Drought Emergency Response Project - Kordofan Region

2001 OPT: Evaluation of Psycho-social Interventions Supported by UNICEF in West Bank and Gaza October 2000 - October 2001

2001 Jordan: Media Habits & "The Say Yes Campaign" Evaluation

2001 JDN: Youth Centers Review: Promoting Life Opportunities for Adolescents in Jordan Project

2001 IRQ: Nutritional Status of Children Under Five, Northern Iraq

2001 IRN: Evaluation of the Client Oriented Monitoring Tool (Self-Evaluation Method) in Semnan Urban Health Centers

2001 IRN: CRC Quantitative Study in Iran

2001 EGY: Rapid Situation Assessment of Street Children in Cairo and Alexandria

2001 EGY: Evaluation Report of the UNICEF-NGO Coalition on the Rights of the Child: Institutional Building and Capacity Strengthening Project

2000 Turkey: Rapid Assessment of Turkey Country Programme (1997-2000)

2000 Oman: The Mortality and Health Transition in Oman: Patterns and Processes

2000 OPT: Vulnerability & Capacity Assessment: A Participatory Action Research Study of the Vulnerabilities and Capacities of the Palestinian Society in Disaster Preparedness

2000 OPT: A Survey on the Students' Social, Family, and Academic Status through Student, A Parent, and Teacher Report

2000 OMN: National Study on the Role of Care in the Nutritional Status of Children Under 2 Years Old in Oman

2000 JDN: Evaluation of the Better Parenting Project

2000 JDN: Assessment of Iodine Deficiency Status Among Jordanian Children After Introduction of Iodized Salt

2000 IRQ: Joint Government of Iraq-UNICEF Programme Review 1990-2000

2000 IRN: Evaluation of the Education of Rural Working Girls Project

2000 EGY: Gender Audit

1999 Oman: Voices from the Community in the Sultanate of Oman: Local Women's Perceptions of Community Support Group Volunteers

1999 Iran: The Nutritional Status of Children

1999 Iran: The Nutritional Status of Children

1998 Yemen: A Formative Assessment of the Area-Based Program in Abyan and Ibb Governorates

1998 Sudan: Girls' Education in Displaced Camps in Khartoum State

1998 EGY: Impact Assessment Study of the Family Development Fund, Egypt & Management Plan 1998-2000




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