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Evaluation database

Reports by region

ESAR - Eastern and Southern Africa Region

2020 Zimbabwe: Evaluation of the Small Towns WASH Programme (STWP) in Zimbabwe

2019 Zimbabwe: UNICEF Zimbabwe HIV and AIDS Programme mid-term evaluation

2019 Zambia: Outcome evaluation of the investment in institutional, community and individual capacity development

2019 Zambia: Final evaluation of the Zambia Sanitation and Hygiene Programme (2011-2018)

2019 Tanzania: Evaluation of training program for nutrition officers

2019 South Sudan: Evaluation of the Back to Learning Initiative (Education in emergencies)

2019 South Sudan: Evaluation of Community Based Reintegration Programme for children released from armed forces and groups

2019 South Africa: Evaluation of UNICEF's Contribution Towards the Isibindi Programme in Eastern Cape, South Africa: 2014 - 2018

2019 Somalia: Final Evaluation of SIDA-funded project “Improving Children’s Access to Water and Sanitation in Somalia”

2019 Malawi: Evaluation of the Community Led Total Sanitation and Hygiene Programme Phase I: (Qualitative and Secondary Quantitative Analysis)

2019 Lesotho: Evaluation of Child Friendly Schools Implementation in Lesotho

2019 Ethiopia: Formative evaluation of UNICEF Ethiopia Country Program Evaluation Report

2019 Eswatini: Country Programme Evaluation of Eswatini 2016-2020

2019 ESARO: Multi-Country Evaluation for Birth Registration for Maternal, Newborn, Child Health (BR4MNCH) Project in Ethiopia and South Sudan

2019 EO: UNICEF Response to the South Sudan Humanitarian Situation

2019 Comoros: Rapport d’évaluation du service d’écoute et de protection des enfants et des femmes victimes de violence de Ngazidja, Comores

2019 Comoros: Evaluation finale du projet ANJE

2019 Burundi: Evaluation des campagnes “BacK To School” 2016, 2017 et 2018 au Burundi

2019 Botswana: Evaluation of supplementary food for children under age 5 (Tsabana study)

2019 Botswana: Evaluation of national reception class programme

2019 Angola: Mid-Term Evaluation of the Child Friendly Schools project in Bie and Moxico

2018 Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe's Harmonised Social Cash Transfer Programme: Endline Impact Evaluation Report

2018 Zimbabwe: Summative Evaluation of UNICEF support for Education in Zimbabwe

2018 Zimbabwe: Independent evaluation of the Health Development Fund (HDF)

2018 Zimbabwe: End of project evaluation for a water sanitation ans hygiene project in satellite schools

2018 United Republic of Tanzania: Evaluation of the Bringing Nutrition to Scale Project in Iringa, Mbeya and Njombe regions (2013-2017)

2018 Tanzania: Tanzania Youth Study of the Productive Social Safety Net (PSSN) Impact Evaluation: Endline Report

2018 South Sudan: Evaluation of Global Partnership for Education Programme in South Sudan

2018 Republic of Mozambique: Mid-line Evaluation of the UNICEF Mozambique Accelerated School Readiness Pilot Programme

2018 Republic of Mozambique: Final evaluation of the project: “Rehabilitation of two piped water systems in Mozambique”

2018 Mozambique: Concepção e lançamento da gestão comunitária de casos

2018 Malawi: Evaluation of Malawi Child Protection Strategy 2012-2018

2018 Madagascar: Impact Evaluation of Fiavota Phase 1 Emergency and Recovery Cash Transfer in Madagascar

2018 Lesotho: Impact evaluation of Lesotho’s Child Grants Programme (CGP) and Sustainable Poverty Reduction through Income, Nutrition and access to Government Services (SPRINGS) project

2018 Kenya: Real Time Evaluation on Emergency Drought Situation Response in Kenya, 2017

2018 Kenya: Evaluation of NICHE in the first 1,000 days of a child’s life in Kitui and Machakos counties, Kenya

2018 Ethiopia: Summative Evaluation of the Nutrition Component of the EU-SHARE program in Ethiopia (2015-2018)

2018 Eswatini: Impact Evaluation of the Teen Club Program for Adolescents living with HIV in Eswatini

2018 Eritrea: Summative Evaluation of the Strategic Partnership Cooperation Framework (SPCF) between the Government of Eritrea and the United Nations 2013-2016 (“Driving towards MDGs”)

2018 ESARO: Evaluation of Expansion and Scale-Up of HIV-Sensitive Social Protection in Eastern and Southern Africa

2018 Burundi: Impact Evaluation of the Lumière Project

2017 Zambia: Mid-Term Evaluation of the Millennium Development Goal Initiative Accelerating Progress towards maternal, neonatal and child mortality reduction in Zambia

2017 Uganda: End of project Evaluation Enhanced Resilience Karamoja Program (ERKP)

2017 Somalia: Real time evaluation of UNICEF SCO humanitarian response to the pre-famine crisis

2017 Somalia: Evaluation of Social Mobilization Network (SMNet)

2017 Rwanda: Reducing Stunting in Children Under Five Years of Age: A Comprehensive Evaluation of UNICEF's Strategies and Programme Performance Rwanda Country Case Study

2017 Namibia: Evaluation of Namibia’s Community Health Extension Workers Programme

2017 Mozambique: Reducing Stunting in Children Under Five Years of Age: A Comprehensive Evaluation of UNICEF’s Strategies and Programme Performance - REPUBLIC OF MOZAMBIQUE COUNTRY CASE STUDY

2017 Malawi: Evaluation Report: UNICEF Malawi’s Child-Friendly Schools Construction Component

2017 Madagascar: Evaluation de la promotion des PFE - SFCG

2017 Ethiopia: An Impact Evaluation of Alternative Basic Education in Ethiopia


2017 ESARO- Evaluation of ESAR Institutional Strengthening Support Initiative on Decentralized Programme Monitoring and Response

2017 Burundi: Evaluation finale du projet de lutte contre la malnutrition dans la province de Ngozi au Burundi (mai 2013- décembre 2016)

2017 Angola: Formative Evaluation of Angola Country Programme (2015-2019)

2016 Zimbabwe: Mid Term Evaluation of the Joint Programme on Prevention of Gender Based Violence (JPGBV) Against Young Women and Adolescent Girls

2016 Zambia: Evaluation of the United Nations Joint Project ‘Protecting Migrant Children from Trafficking and Exploitation’

2016 South Sudan: Multi-Country Real Time Evaluation of UNICEF Gender-Based Violence in Emergencies Programmes: South Sudan Country Report

2016 South Africa: RUBRICATE: Independent Evaluation Final Report

2016 South Africa: Conducting a Rapid Assessment of MomConnect Project from September 2011 to date in eThekwini and Umgungundlovu districts, KwaZulu-Natal

2016 Somalia: Evaluation of the Youth Education Pack (YEP) Programme in Somalia

2016 Somalia: Evaluation of the Performance of Solar Powered Water Systems in Somalia

2016 Somalia: A Continuum of Care Approach to Sexual and Reproductive Health in Somalia

2016 Rwanda: Rwanda RapidSMS Impact Evaluation

2016 Rwanda: Comprehensive Evaluation of The Community Health Program in Rwanda

2016 Namibia: Evaluation of Namibia’s PMTCT Programme

2016 Malawi: Malawi Social Cash Transfer Programme Endline Impact Evaluation Report

2016 Malawi: Evaluation of the Water and Sanitation (WASH) Programme in Malawi (2007-2013)

2016 Malawi: Evaluation of Community Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) in Malawi

2016 Malawi: District Health Performance Improvement Evaluation

2016 Kenya: Evaluation of the Integrated Intervention within the CFS framework

2016 Kenya: End of Programme Evaluation - UNICEF Kenya WASH programme 2008- 2014

2016 Ethiopia: Outcome evaluation of community-led total sanitation and hygiene (CLTSH)

2016 Ethiopia: Evaluation of UNICEF’s C4D Capacity and Action: Ethiopia

2016 Ethiopia: Evaluation of Mobile health teams in Afar and Somali Regions

2016 ESARO: Multi-Country Independent Review OF Technological Innovations in ESAR

2016 ESARO/WCARO: Evaluation of the EU/UNICEF Partnership on Nutrition Security

2016 Comoros: Evaluation du système de protection de l’enfant dans l’Union des Comores : Rapport des principaux résultats

2016 Botswana: Assessment of the Orphan Care Programme Botswana

2015 Zambia: Measuring the Impact of SMS-Based Interventions on VMMC Uptake in Lusaka Province, Zambia

2015 Zambia: Evaluation of the Early Childhood Education (ECE) Interactive Radio Instruction (IRI) pilot programme in Eastern Province of Zambia

2015 Tanzania: Final Report. Evaluation of Tanzania UNDAP 2011-2016

2015 Tanzania: Evaluation of TUSEME Programme in Tanzania

2015 Tanzania: Evaluation of Integrated Post-Primary Education (IPPE) pilot project in Tanzania

2015 South Sudan: Final Evaluation Report YouthLead Initiative: Most Significant Change and Lessons Learnt

2015 South Africa: Evaluation report of the Technogirl programme in South Africa

2015 South Africa: Evaluation of the DFID-funded Safer South Africa Programme

2015 Rwanda: Early Childhood Development and Family Services: Baseline Evaluation in 20 Sites in Rwanda

2015 Rep. of Mozambique: Summative Evaluation of the CI IHSS in Mozambique

2015 Namibia: Impact Evaluation of the Namibia Football Association’s Galz & Goals Sports for Development S4D programme

2015 Malawi: Summative Evaluation of the CI IHSS Programme in Malawi

2015 Madagascar: Evaluation du Programme d'Appui d'Urgence à l'Éducation Nationale Malgache (AUENM)

2015 Madagascar: Evaluation du Contrat Programme de Reussite Scolaire (CPRS)

2015 Ethiopia: Summative Evaluation of the CI IHSS Programme in Ethiopia

2015 Ethiopia: Evaluation of the Social Cash Transfer Pilot Programme

2015 Ethiopia: Evaluation of Learning Achievement in Selected Woredas in Amhara and Addis Ababa Sub-Cities, Mid-term Review

2014 Zimbabwe: UNICEF's Upstream Work in Basic Education and Gender Equality 2003-2012: ZIMBABWE Country Case Study

2014 Uganda: UNICEF – Ugandan Ministry of Education and Sports BRMS Mentorship Project Evaluation

2014 Tanzania: Formative Evaluation of the Children's Agenda

2014 Somalia: Regional Supply Hub Mechanism as a Strategy for WASH Emergency Response in Somalia

2014 Rwanda: Emergency Preparedness for the Influx of Refugees into Rwanda

2014 Namibia: School Based HIV Testing and Counselling Pilot Programme Evaluation

2014 Malawi: Malawi Impact Evaluation of the National Plan of Action for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children

2014 Malawi: Evaluation of the Primary Health Care Project

2014 Malawi: Evaluation of Primary Health Care (PHC) Essential Medicines Project

2014 Malawi: Catalytic Initiative Evaluation of ICCM

2014 Madagascar: Evaluation de l’approche "Assainissement Total Piloté par la Communauté" (ATPC)

2014 Lesotho: Child Grand Impact Evaluation

2014 Lesotho: Assessment of MBP in Lesotho

2014 Ethiopia: An Evaluation of the Child-to-Child School Readiness Programme in Ethiopia

2014 Eswatini: Evaluation of Lihlombe Lekukhalela

2014 ESARO, Kenya: Africa's Nutrition Security Partnership (ANSP) Mid-term Evaluation

2014 Comoros: Rapport de l’évaluation finale du cadre des Nations Unies pour l’Aide au Développement (UNDAF) et de son rôle d’appui à la stratégie de croissance et de réduction de la pauvreté (SCRP) (2008 - 2014)

2013 Zimbabwe: School Grants Pilot Baseline Evaluation

2013 United Rep. of Tanzania: Evaluation of Mobile Decision Support Applications in Tanzania

2013 United Rep. of Tanzania: Assessment of Planning, Budgeting, Monitoring and Reporting (PBMR) process and tools in LGAs

2013 South Sudan: Evaluation of UNICEF Programmes to Protect Children in Emergencies: South Sudan Country Case Study

2013 South Africa: Formative evaluation of textbooks and workbooks in South Africa

2013 Somalia: The Integrated Capacity Development for Somalia Education Administrations (ICDSEA), Final Evaluation Report

2013 Somalia: Final Evaluation of the Unconditional Cash and Voucher Response to the 2011–12 Crisis in Southern and Central Somalia

2013 Mozambique: Evaluation of the WASH Sector Strategy “Community Approaches to Total Sanitation” (CATS)

2013 Madagascar: Evaluation de l’appui à l’Education Pour Tous à Madagascar

2013 Madagascar: End review of the government of Norway’s support to two UNICEF education programmes in Madagascar (2008-2011)

2013 Kenya: Nutrition Support Officer Operational approach evaluation

2013 Kenya Case Study: Joint Evaluation of the UNFPA-UNICEF Joint Programme on Female Genital Mutilation / Cutting (FGM/C): Accelerating Change (2008 - 2012)

2013 Ethiopia: Final project Evaluation of the Joint Programme (UNICEF & UNFPA). A Rights-Based Approach to Adolescent and Youth Development in Ethiopia

2013 Ethiopia: Evaluation of Spanish MDG Joint Programme for Improved Nutrition

2013 Ethiopia: Assessing the impact on child nutrition of the Ethiopia Community-based Nutrition Program

2013 Eswatini: Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the National Prevention of Mother To Child Transmission of HIV (PMTCT) Programme at 6-8 weeks Post-partum in Swaziland

2013 Burundi: Evaluation of the WaSH project in the integrated rural villages of Rutana

2013 Botswana: Post Introduction Evaluation of Pneumococcal and Rotarix Vaccines in Botswana

2013 Angola: Programa De Promoção Das Competências Familiares - Pesquisa qualitativa rápida sobre o impacto das actividades do programa

2012 Zimbabwe: Evaluation of the Use of Point of Care PIMA CD4 Cell Count Machines for HIV Positive Women and their Families in Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (MNCH) Settings in Seven Districts in Zimbabwe

2012 Zimbabwe: Evaluation of the Basic Education Assistance Module Programme

2012 Zambia: Summative Evaluation of the International Inspiration Project on HIV and AIDS and Life-skills through Sports

2012 Zambia: Evaluation of the UN Joint Programme on Human Trafficking

2012 Uganda: WASH Initiative for the Rural Poor in 21 Districts in Uganda: End of Term Evaluation

2012 Tanzania: Evaluation of Government of Tanzania/UNICEF 7 Learning Districts Strategy (2007-2011)

2012 South Africa: The South African Child Support Grant Impact Assessment

2012 Somalia: TOSTAN Pilot Project on “Ending FGM/C” in Northwest and Northeast Zone in Somalia

2012 Somalia: Final Evaluation of UNICEF’s Programme “Making PPP Work for Rural Water Supply in Somalia”

2012 Somalia: Developing a Local Model for The Delivery of Primary Education in Karkaar Region, Puntland

2012 Mozambique: End Cycle Evaluation of the Child Friendly Schools Programme, 2006-2011

2012 Lesotho: Support to Lesotho HIV and AIDS Response: Empowerment of Orphans and other Vulnerable Children, Final Evaluation

2012 Kenya: Evaluation of Integrated Management of Acute Malnutrition (IMAM): Kenya Country Case Study

2012 Ethiopia: Evaluation on the Progress in Abandoning FGM/C and Child Marriage in Self-Declared Woredas

2012 Ethiopia: Evaluation of Women's Economic Empowerment Programme

2012 Ethiopia: Evaluation of Community Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM): Ehiopia Country Case Study

2012 Ethiopia: Evaluation of Adolescent Development Programme

2012 Ethiopia: End Term Evaluation of Capacity Building Strategy in remote zones in SNNPR with teams of NUNV experts

2012 ESARO, Kenya: Building a culture of resilience

2012 Comoros: Effective vaccine Managmenet (EVM) in Comoros [Evaluation de la Gestion Efficace Des Vaccins (GEV) aux Comores]

2012 Comoros: Assessment of the Comoros education system for a new Education for All (EPT) Policy [RESEN]

2012 Botswana: Iplegeng Evaluation

2012 Angola: Fazeres, Pensares y Sentires sobre a vacinação contra a Pólio e a doença.Estudo qualitativo com os responsáveis das crianças de 0 até 5 anos de idade não vacinadas contra a Pólio nos municípios de maior risco da Angola.

2011 Zimbabwe: ZIMWASH Project End- Term Evaluation Report: ACP EU Water Facility Project - 2006-2011 - Addressing water and sanitation needs of the rural poor in the context of HIV and AIDS in Zimbabwe

2011 Zambia: Community Led Total Sanitation in Zambia: An Evaluation of Experiences and Approaches to Date


2011 Tanzania: Strengthening National Disaster Preparedness and Response Capacity -End of Programme Evaluation

2011 Tanzania: Evaluation of the UNICEF Early Childhood Development Programme with Focus on the Government of Netherlands Funding (2008-2010): United Republic of Tanzania Country Case Study Report

2011 Tanzania: Evaluation of UNICEF's Early Childhood Development Programme with Focus on Government of Netherlands Funding (2008-2010) - Tanzania Country Case Study Report

2011 South Sudan: Improvement of the Health and Livelihood of Rural Communities in Southern Sudan and the Three Transitional Areas of Abyei, Blue Nile State and South Kordofan

2011 South Sudan: Improvement of the Health and Livelihood of Rural Communities in Southern Sudan and the Three Transitional Areas of Abyei, Blue Nile State and South Kordofan

2011 South Africa: UNICEF OVC Programme Component Evaluation

2011 South Africa: Tracking Public Expenditure and Assessing Service Quality in Early Childhood Development in South Africa

2011 South Africa: Evaluation of the Safe and Caring Child-Friendly Schools Programme

2011 Somalia: The Integrated Quranic Schools Pilot Project: The Strategic Partnership for Recovery and Development of Education in Somalia

2011 Somalia: Impact Evaluation of the Community Education Committee (CEC) Mobiliser Programme in Somaliland, Puntland and South/Central Somalia

2011 Somalia: Impact Evaluation of the Child to Child Clubs Project Somaliland, Puntland and South Central Zones

2011 Rwanda: Baseline survey on the implementation of TUSEME process in the Child Friendly Schools in Rwanda

2011 Namibia: Break the Chain Campaign Namibia 2009 - 2011

2011 Mozambique: Impact evaluation of drinking water supply and sanitation interventions in rural Mozambique: More than Water

2011 Mozambique: Evaluation of Child and Youth Participation Initiatives in UNICEF Mozambique

2011 Madagascar: Rapport d’évaluation, Méthode ASAMA (Asa Sekoly Avotra Malagasy, Action Scolaire d’Appoint pour Malgaches Adolescents)

2011 Madagascar: Evaluation des campagnes de supplémentation en Vitamine A et de déparasitage (2002 à 2006) et des Semaines de la Santé de la Mère et de l’Enfant (2006 à 2011) à Madagascar

2011 Lesotho: Impact Assessment of Hear Me Project

2011 Global: Impact Evaluation of Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Interventions in Mozambique

2011 Eritrea: Evaluation Report on the Donkey for School Project in Eritrea July 2009 - December 2010

2011 ESARO Regional: Monitoring & Evaluation of Child Health Days in Madagascar and Ethiopia

2011 ESARO Regional: Children and AIDS Regional Initiative Programme Completion Report


2010 Zimbabwe: Summative evaluation on HIV/AIDS Lifeskills Programme

2010 Zimbabwe: Mid-term evaluation of the EU water facility funded project

2010 Zimbabwe: Evaluation of Programme of Support for National Action Plan for Orphans and Vulnerable Children Impact/ Outcome Assessment

2010 Zambia: Evaluation of the Community Life Skills Programme in Central Province for the Period 2007-2009

2010 Zambia: Evaluation of Sensitisation of Traditional Leaders on the Importance of Girls’ Education

2010 Tanzania: Evaluation of Impact of Community Justice Methodology and tools

2010 Tanzania: A Report on Evaluation of Community Justice Facilitation Project

2010 Somalia: “Moving Goal Posts” Final evaluation report of Support to Health Sector Development in Somalia

2010 Rwanda: Review of the family package project

2010 Rwanda: Post-Introduction Evaluation of 7-valent Conjugate Pneumococcal

2010 Mozambique: Evaluation of the EU Water Facility Programme (EC-UNICEF Partnership)

2010 Mozambique: Assessment of UNICEF NGO -- Government Partnership Programme

2010 Madagascar: Evaluation on the implementation of technical regional staff (ATR)

2010 Madagascar: Evaluation on girl-to-girl mentorship strategy

2010 Kenya: Evaluation of the Emergency Blanket Supplementary Feeding Programme (BSFP) in Five Districts of Northern Kenya

2010 Kenya: Evaluation & Review of WESCOORD Structures

2010 Kenya: Community Strategy Evaluation

2010 Kenya: Cash Transfer Programme for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (CT-OVC), Kenya: Operational and Impact Evaluation, 2007-2009

2010 Ethiopia: Mid-Term Evaluation of EU/UNICEF Supported WASH Programme

2010 Ethiopia: Evaluation of Netherlands-UNICEF Water Initiative (NUWI)

2010 Burundi: Assistance to populations expelled from Tanzania and support to reintegration of repatriated, expelled and displaced populations


2009 Zambia: Evaluation of the Community Based Orphan Support Programm3e & OVC Training: Chikankata Model

2009 Uganda: Report on the Study on Alternative Delivery Models for Primary Schooling and Primary Teacher Training for Karamoja Region

2009 Uganda: Final Review of UNICEF-supported Programmes for Children Affected by Conflict in Kitgum, Northern Uganda

2009 Tanzania: Evaluation of the Current Status and Future Utility of Cobet as a Strategic Intervention to Ensure Access to Quality Education for all Primary School-Ages Children in Tanzania

2009 Tanzania: Evaluation of PMTCT Program in Refugee Camps in North Western Tanzania, 2003 - 2007

2009 Tanzania: Evaluation Report of the Primary School Leaving Examination Conduct

2009 Tanzania: An Assessment of the Impact of Village/MTAA Resource Teams (BRTs) on the Activation of the Systems and Process in the Community within the Local Government Set-Up.

2009 South Africa: Tree/UNICEF Kusaselihle Integrated Early Childhood Development Intervention (2004-2008)

2009 South Africa: CHILD FRIENDLY SCHOOLS EVALUATION - Country Report

2009 Namibia: My Future is My Choice

2009 Mozambique: Preliminary Documentation and Evaluation of the Sanitation Component of the “One Million Initiative” Mozambique

2009 Madagascar: Évaluation De La Mise En Oeuvre Et Proposition Des Orientations Pour Le Passage A L’echelle Du Programme Eka Y Compris L’informatisation De L’état Civil

2009 Lesotho: The Evaluation of the Home Gardens

2009 Kenya: Supporting Sustainable water management and governance for the poor in drought and flood prone areas in Kenya

2009 Kenya: Evaluation of PHAST tool for the promotion hygiene Sanitation in the GOK/UNICEF Programme of cooperation

2009 Ethiopia: Evaluation of EthioInfo Utilization in Ethiopia

2009 Eswatini: Evaluation of Tinkhundla Fit for Children (TFFC) Project

2008 Tanzania: 2008 Tanzania: Evaluability Assessment of Delivering as One UN

2008 Mozambique: Joint civil society and child rights programme data collection exercise

2008 MOZ: Evaluation of the “Accelerating Birth Registration” programme in Mozambique

2008 MLW: An evaluation of diarrheal disease prevention efforts through the perinatal care system

2007 UGD: Evaluation of the Joint United Nations Emergency Health, Nutrition and HIV/AIDS Programme in North and North Eastern Uganda

2007 Tanzania: Joint Review of the National HIV Response in Zanzibar 2004-2007

2007 MOZ: Inter-agency Real Time Evaluation of the response to the February 2007 floods and cyclone in Mozambique

2007 ETH: Improvement of Household Food Security and Woreda Integrated Basic Services Project in Oromiya and Tigray Regions - Ethiopia

2006 Kenya: Final report on the evaluation of Sida support to the UNICEF Country Programme in Kenya

2005 ZAM: Report on the Evaluation of the Child Rights Clubs Project in Zambia

2005 ZAM: Report on Child Justice in Zambia with reference to UNICEF supported projects

2005 ZAM: Promotion of Water, Sanitation and Hygenie Education Choma, Namwala, Gwembe and Siavonga Districts

2005 TNZ: Evaluation of Tahea Supported 'Mama Makubwa' Initiative in Makete and Iringa Regions

2005 Kenya: End of Project Evaluation on the ECHO funded GOK/UNICEF Response to the Kenya Drought Emergency 2004-2005

2005 KEN: End of Project Evaluation on the ECHO funded GOK/UNICEF Response to the Kenya Drought Emergency 2004-2005

2005 Eswatini: Ngoba Likusasa Ngelami' Youth Campaign, 'Noma Kunje Litsemba lisekhona' radio programme And Super Buddies Magazine: Evaluation report 2005

2005 ETH: Evaluation of the Mine Risk Education Programme in Ethiopia

2005 ESARO Regional [Eastern & Southern Africa]: Evaluation of the role of UNICEF in Education Sector Wide Approaches in Eastern and Southern Africa: Business as Usual or Making a Difference…?

2005 Comoros: Evaluation des Services d'Ecoute et de Prise en Charge des Enfants Victimes d'Abus de Ngazidja et d'Anjouan

2005 BTW: A Report of the Evaluation of "RINGING THE BELL: A RE TSOGENG” Project

2004 ZIM: Situation Assessment of Children Living and/or Working on the Streets in Harare and Chitungwiza

2004 ZIM: Report on the Zimbabwe Country Programme End of Cycle Review 2000-2004

2004 ZIM: Comprehensive Review of Gender Issues in the Education Sector

2004 ZIM: Community Perspectives on Infant Feeding and HIV in the Context of PMTCT in Zimbabwe

2004 ZAM: Evaluation of the SPARK Curriculum in Community Schools in Zambia, 2000–2004

2004 TNZ: Impact Assessment of the Most Vulnerable Children Community Based Care, Support and Protection in Musoma Rural

2004 TNZ: Evaluation of Education Programme in Refugee Camps in Western Tanzania

2004 TNZ: Country Programme Funding and Fundraising

2004 MOZ: Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV in Manica and Sofala Provinces: A Quantitative and Qualitative Project Evaluation

2004 MOZ: Mid Term Evaluation of the Application of the Human Rights Based Approach to Programming in the HIV/AIDS Priority of the Mozambique

2004 MOZ: Evaluation of the Integrated Supplementary Feeding Programme (ISFP)

2004 MOZ: Evaluation of the Care and Support of Orphaned Children by the Elderly project in Tete Province

2004 MOZ: Added Value and Long Term Viability of Community Councils in Zambézia Province, Mozambique

2004 MLW: Mid-Term Evaluation of Girl Child Education Interventions

2004 MLW: Evaluation of Strategic Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion in School Pilot Projects in Nkhata Bay and Kasungu

2004 ETH: Evaluation of the response to the 2002-03 emergency in Ehtiopia

2003 ZAM: Link Association for the Relief of Children Communication Action Support Project Evaluation

2003 UGD: Mid-Term Review Study on School Sanitation, Hygiene and Water in Primary Schools in Uganda

2002 ZIM: Evaluation of the National Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV Pilot Project of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

2002 ZAM: Report on the Rapid Assessment of the UN-Supported PMTCT Pilot Program in Zambia

2002 ZAM: Report on the Evaluation of UNICEF-Supported Chikankata CBOSP & OVC Training Projects

2002 ZAM: Mid-Year Review of School Sanitation and Hygiene Education Project

2002 UGD: Technical Evaluation of Breakthrough to Literacy in Uganda

2002 TNZ: Evaluation of the UNICEF-sponsored Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission (PMTCT) Pilot Project in Tanzania

2002 SOM: Evaluation of UNICEF's Country Programme in Somalia

2002 RWA: Baseline Study of Basic Education for Girls and Other Vulnerable Groups in Rwanda

2002 RWA: A Profile of Children in Rwanda's Unaccompanied Children Centres: A Report Based on Statistical Indicators for 24 UAC Centres in 2000

2002 NMB: Youth Health and Development Program "My Future is My Choice" Life Skills Intervention Implementation Assessment

2002 NMB: Girls' Education in Rundu Educational Region

2002 NMB: AGEI/Namibia Mid-Term Evaluation: Kavango Girls' Education Project and Omaheke San Education Project

2002 NAM: Youth Health and Development Program "My Future is My Choice" Life Skills Intervention Assessment

2002 MTS: Summative Evaluation of the Certificate in Proficiency in Early Childhood Education -- Pre-primary - (CPECE)

2002 MTS: Evaluation of 1996-2000 GOM/ UNICEF Country Programme of Cooperation

2001 Zambia: Report on the Assessment of the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative

2001 ZIM: Study on Socio-Economic Status of Children and Women on Commercial Farms, Mining and Peri-Urban Areas

2001 ZIM: Report on the Evaluation of Child Supplementary Feeding Programme Implemented from October 1999 to June 2000 in Three Districts in Zimbabwe

2001 ZIM: Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children and Adolescents in Zimbabwe

2001 ZIM: A Study on Street Children in Zimbabwe

2001 ZIM: A Study on Children and Adolescents with Disabilities in Zimbabwe

2001 ZIM: A Study on Children Affected by AIDS in Zimbabwe

2001 ZAM: Report on Local Salt Iodation Activites in Kasempa and Kaputa Districts of Zambia

2001 ZAM: Report on Essential Obstetric Care Needs Assessment 2001 in Chadiza, Katete and Lundazi Districts

2001 ZAM: Rapid Assessment of the Incidence of Child Abuse in Zambia

2001 ZAM: Rapid Assessment of Street Children in Lusaka

2001 ZAM: Evaluation of the Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS and STDs in Women Through the Integration of STD/HIV/AIDS Services into Maternal Child Health/Family Planning Facilities in 5 Urban Districts

2001 ZAM: Educating Children Out of the System: The Community Schools Movement in Zambia

2001 ZAM: A Review of UNICEF's Borehole Drilling Programme from 1995-2000

2001 UGD: Evaluation of CBMIS and Behavioral Change Initiatives Under Component One of Coordination, Communication and Advocacy Programme

2001 UGD: Assessing the Capacity-Building Process in Uganda

2001 TNZ: Half Way Through the First COBET Cycle: The Progress of COBET in Masasi and Kisarawe Districts

2001 TNZ: Evaluating the Efficacy of Foster Parenting Practice in Refugee Camps at Kigoma and Kagera Regions

2001 TNZ: Equality: Girls' and Boys' Basic Education in Masasi and Kisarawe Districts

2001 TNZ: A Rapid Assessment of Child Rearing Practices Likely to Affect Child's Emotional, Psychosocial and Psychomotor Development: A Case Study of Kibaha District, Coast Region - Tanzania

2001 SOM: UNICEF Health and Nutrition Programmes in Somalia

2001 SAF: The Cost-effectiveness of Six Models of Care for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children in South Africa

2001 SAF: Approaches to Caring for Children Orphaned by AIDS and Other Vulnerable Children: Essential Elements of Quality Service

2001 RWA: Struggling to Survive: Orphans and Community Dependent Children in Rwanda

2001 NMB: Report on Rapid Assessment Related to HIV/AIDS and Condom Use

2001 NMB: Evaluation of Early Childhood Development Projects in Namibia

2001 MOZ: The Gender and Education in Mozambique: Analysis of Results, Lessons and Recommendations

2001 MOZ: Cost-Benefit Analysis of a Programme to Prevent Mother-To-Child HIV Transmission in Mozambique

2001 MLW: The Role of Health Surveillance Assistants (HSAs) in the Delivery of Health Services and Immunization in Malawi

2001 MLW: Review of the Functions and Purposes of the Reformatory Schools in Malawi

2001 ETH: Study on Factors Affecting Accessibility and Acceptabilty of Voluntary Counseling and Testing Services for HIV/AIDS in Bahir Dar Town, Northwest Ethiopia

2001 ETH: An Assessment of HIV/AIDS Youth Participation

2001 BTW: The Sexual Behavior of Young People in Botswana

2001 BTW: Botswana MTCT Pilot Project

2000 ZIM: The Chitungwiza HIV/AIDS Peer Education Project Evaluation

2000 ZIM: Gwanda Integrated Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project Evaluation

2000 ZIM: An Evaluation of the Managerial Skills Training Programme for Primary School Heads in Zimbabwe

2000 ZAM: Review of UNICEF Support to Malaria Control in Zambia

2000 ZAM: Review of UNICEF Support to Malaria Control in Zambia

2000 ZAM: Report on Malaria Consultancy: Support to the Zambian National Roll Back Malaria Campaign

2000 ZAM: Report on Conducted Surveys to Establish WASHE Behaviours in 15 Districts of Eastern and Southern Provinces

2000 ZAM: Report of the Summative Evaluation of the Essential Obstetric Care Project in Mpongwe, Masaiti and Lufwanyama

2000 ZAM: Child Domestic Labour in Lusaka, A Gender Perspective: The Case of Kamwala, Kabwata, Libala, Chilenje, Woodlands Extension, Nyumba-Yanga

2000 ZAM: Baseline Survey and Needs Assessment for a Model Community School in the Kabwata Community

2000 Uganda: School Sanitation, Hygiene Promotion in Uganda: The Challenge

2000 Uganda: Documentation of the Community Capacity Building Experience in Uganda

2000 Uganda: An Economic Analysis of the COPE Program in Uganda: Current Costs and Recommendations for Meeting the Educational Needs of Disadvantaged Children

2000 UGD: Primary School Sanitation Research

2000 UGD: Armed Conflict, HIV/AIDS and Child Labour in Uganda

2000 UGD: An Economic Analysis of the COPE Program in Uganda: Current Costs and Recommendations for Meeting the Educational Needs of Disadvantaged Children

2000 TNZ: The Review of UNICEF-supported Women Economic Activities (WEA) Project

2000 TNZ: Evaluation of COBET Materials and Learners' Achievement in Masasi and Kisarawe COBET Centres

2000 SOM: Report of Qualitative Research on the Communication Channels in Use in Somalia

2000 SOM: Landmines and UXO in Somaliland, Puntland and Central & Southern Somalia: A Feasibility Study

2000 SOM: A Situation Analysis on HIV/AIDS Program in Somalia

2000 RWA: Evaluation of the Government of Rwanda - UNICEF Water and Environmental Sanitation Programme

2000 NMB: The Impact of HIV/AIDS on Education in Namibia

2000 NMB: Inception Report: A Situation Analysis of Orphan Children in Namibia

2000 NMB: Herero and Owambo Collective Decision-Making Mechanisms and the Implications for Children's Rights Realization in Namibia

2000 MTS: Early Childhood Care and Development Programme in Mauritius (A Summative Evaluation)

2000 MOZ: Mozambique Flood Relief

2000 MOZ: Community Capacity Development: Formative Research on Identification of Mobilisers, Facilitators and Local Level Administrative Systems

2000 MOZ: Assessment of the Impact of HIV/AIDS on the Education Sector in Mozambique

2000 MLW: UNICEF Malawi End Review Report: Norwegian Agency For Development Aid Supported Vonder Shallow Wells Borehole Project

2000 MLW: Going to Scale: Sustained Risk Reduction Behaviour for Youth Evaluation Report

2000 MLW: Community IMCI Baseline Survey - Household Baseline Survey on Key Community Child Care Practices in Selected Districts of Malawi

2000 MLW: Classroom, School and Home Factors that Negatively Affect Girls' Education in Malawi

2000 MAD: Qualitative Evaluation of the Impact of Partner's Activities on the UNICEF Project for the Prevention of HIV/AIDS/STIs Among Youth

2000 KEN: The Impact of HIV/AIDS on Education in Kenya and the Potential for Using Education in the Widest Sense for the Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS

2000 KEN: Summative Evaluation of the 1994-1998 GOK/UNICEF Programme

2000 ETH: Children Working on the Streets of Ethiopia

2000 ESARO: UNICEF's Education Response to Emergencies in Four African Countries

2000 ESARO: Evaluation of the Financial Implications of HIV/AIDS for Africa

2000 ERT: Eritrea EPI Review

2000 BTW: A Consultancy Report on the Analysis of the Provision and Impact of Five Non-Formal Basic Education Programs in Botswana

1999 Zimbabwe: Impact Evaluation of Student Teacher Training in HIV/AIDS Education in Zimbabwe

1999 Zambia: The Mother-to-Child Transmission Intervention: A Report on the Formative Research Conducted in Chipata Health Centre and Its Catchment Area

1999 Zambia: Formative Research on Mother to Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS in Zambia

1999 Tanzania: Study on Local Women's Perception of Refugees and Improving the Status and Conditions of Women Within CSPD Programme in Kibondo

1999 Tanzania: Report on The Assessment of Training Programmes Supported Through the Government of Tanzania/UNICEF Country Programme of Cooperation 1997-2001

1999 Tanzania: Promoting Children's Rights in Tanzania: Baseline Study on Knowledge, Attitude and Practice on Children Rights

1999 Tanzania: Participatory Action Research on HIV/AIDS Through Popular Theatre Approach

1999 South Africa: The Self-Managing Schools Project: A Review of Implementation in N7 District

1999 Somalia: Survey of Primary Schools in Somalia, 1999

1999 Mozambique: Social Mobilization and Communication Support for Immunization in Mozambique: A Joint Lessons Learned Study by UNICEF, WHO/AFRO, and USAID

1999 Mozambique: Evaluation of National Programme of Landmine Education and Awareness (Evaluation of Programa de Educacao papa a Prevencao de Acidentes por Mines [PEPAM])

1999 Malawi: Mid-Term Review of the UNICEF HIV/AIDS Programme, UNICEF Malawi

1999 Kenya: Baseline KAP Survey of Health Workers and Communities Regarding Mother to Child Transmission of HIV in Homa Bay and Nyeri

1998 Zambia: Evaluation of HIV/AIDS Peer Education Programs

1998 Zambia: Advancing Girls' Education in Zambia: A Report on the Pilot Phase of the Programme for the Advancement of Girls' Education (PAGE)

1998 Rwanda: Follow-up Survey of Rwandan Children’s Reactions to War Related Violence from the 1994 Genocide




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