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Evaluation database

Reports by country


2018 Vietnam: External After Action Review of the Government of Viet Nam and UNICEF emergency response supporting children and women in 10 provinces in Viet Nam affected by drought and salt water intrusion crisis (2016-2017)

2018 Vietnam: Evaluation of the Project on "Strengthening Capacity for Child-sensitive Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation of Socio-Economic Development Plans"

2018 Vietnam: Evaluation of UNICEF Viet Nam Rural Sanitation and Hygiene Programme (RSHP) 2012 – 2016

2016 Evaluation Office: C4D Evaluation - Viet Nam Case Study

2015 Vietnam: Evaluation of Mother-Tongue Based Bilingual Education in Viet Nam

2011 Viet Nam: Provincial Child Friendly Programme (2006-2011) Evaluation

2011 Viet Nam: Evaluation of Child injury Prevention interventions in Viet Nam

2011 Viet Nam: Evaluation of Adolescent Friendly Lower Secondary Schools

2009 Vietnam: Evaluation of the Water Safety Model in IN THỪA THIÊN HUẾ

2009 Vietnam: Evaluation of the Pilot Project on Non-custodial Measures, Reintegration and Support Services to Juveniles in Conflict with the Law in Haiphong, Vietnam

2009 Vietnam: Evaluation of Child-Friendly Primary Education

2003 VTN: Mid-Term Review of UNICEF Emergency Programme 2001-2003

2001 VTN: Report on Investigated Results for Arsenic Groundwater Level in Ha Noi City

2000 VTN: Vietnam Child Disability Survey 1998

2000 VTN: Report on IDD Control Activities 2000

2000 VTN: Report on Baseline Survey on Trachoma Situation in Endemic Districts

2000 VTN: KAP Survey on ARI/CDD Care for Children at Household Level

2000 VTN: Final Report on Evaluation of Small Piping System and Rain Water Jar as Rural Water Supply Solutions in the Provinces of Lai Chau, Phu Tho, Khanh Hoa and Vinh Long

2000 VTN: Evaluation of the Linking Bank Credit Model Implemented by the Vietnam Bank for the Poor and Women’s Union in Lai Chau Province

2000 VTN: Early Childhood Care Project Assessment Report: i) Phieng Luong Commune, Moc Chau District, Son La Province; ii) Suoi Giang Commune, Van Chan District, Yen Bai Province

1999 Vietnam: Women's and Children's Rights: How Rights and Gender Sensitive Is the UNICEF Area Focused Approach

1999 Vietnam: The Evaluation on the Effectiveness of the Impact of Programs Kaleidoscope - VTV2 on the Awareness, Attitude and Behavior of Children Aged Between 13-15 in Implementing the Rights of the Child

1999 Vietnam: Summary Report on Real Situation and Solutions to Promote Traditional Works Specialised Villages with Majority Female Workers

1999 Vietnam: Prospects for Viet Nam's Rural Children: A Study on Early Childhood Care (The Voices of Major Stakeholders)

1999 Vietnam: KAP Study on School Sanitation and Control of Worm Infection

1998 Vietnam: Study on the Possible Pollution Caused by Water Seal Latrine to Ground Soil and Water After 10 Years of Operation

1998 Vietnam: A Study on Child Labour in Vietnam 1992-1998




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