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2019 Zambia: Final evaluation of the Zambia Sanitation and Hygiene Programme (2011-2018)

Executive summary


To undertake the end of programme (summative) evaluation of the DFID funded, Government of the Republic of Zambia Sanitation and Hygiene Programme (ZSHP).


The purpose of this evaluation is to identify the successes and challenges of the ZSHP programme and to improve future implementation of rural sanitation and hygiene programmes in Zambia and in sub-Saharan Africa. Specifically, this evaluation is framed to address the following:

  1. Analyze the extent to which the ZSHP has realized its planned results
  2. Assess the relevance/pertinence of the program interventions to the government’s priorities and the actual needs of the target population
  3. Assess the extent to which the programme is pertinent, aligned with government policy and technical standards and guidelines
  4. Investigate the extent to which the programme is sustainable
  5. Conduct Value for Money analysis to understand the efficiency of programme implementation
  6. Assess the extent to which the program is equity sensible: has targeted the poor, hard to reach communities, including marginalized groups
  7. Assess the effects of the cholera outbreak on the programme, and whether the response to the cholera contributed by the programme was timely and coherent

In summary, this evaluation will examine whether the ZSHP:

  1. contributed to the reduction of morbidity from WASH related diseases among children under the age of 5
  2. increased sustained access to improved sanitation facilities with a functional handwashing facility
  3. improved nutritional outcomes among children (stunting and wasting)
  4. had value for money.

In addition, the evaluation will also assess the appropriateness and effectiveness of the real time monitoring system (RTM) and the programme sustainability.

Full report in PDF

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Report information

Year: 2019

Country/Office: Zambia

Region: ESAR

Type: Evaluation

Theme: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Language: English

Sequence #: Zambia/63/2019/8936

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